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Russia, Southeast Asia Conclude First Joint Naval Exercise

Russia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have concluded their first joint naval exercise, Indonesia’s navy said on Saturday, as the region faces rising tensions with China. The three-day exercise off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island aimed at increasing interoperability between the ASEAN member states and the Russian navy in the strategic maritime area. It comes amid rising tensions between major powers in the South China Sea, a resource-rich waterway of geopolitical significance. “The exercise has a strategic impact because it was designed to cultivate friendships between the Indonesian government, ASEAN countries and Russia,” the navy said. The two-stage drills involved eight warships and four aircraft from Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Brunei...


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America wants a stronger navy to face China. Can it build one?

Its shipyards are emerging from a long decline

WIND WHIPS the unfinished flight deck of the USS John F. Kennedy, scaffolding swaying as workers scramble to their stations. Derek Murphy, the ship’s construction manager at Newport News Shipyard, gazes proudly at the electromagnetic aircraft-catapult running along the ship’s length, one of 23 new technologies on board. “At launch, she’ll be the most powerful warship in the world,” he says. The vessel, the second aircraft-carrier in a new class named after President Gerald Ford, is due to be completed in 2024, after years of delays and at a cost of $11.9bn. The Kennedy is hardly the only concern for Huntington-Ingalls Industries, the shipyard’s operator. Across 550 packed acres, engineers race to assemble nuclear-powered carriers and submarines. In Washington, meanwhile, nervous planners hope that the shipyard will find room to build more...



Happy birthday, shipping container. You changed the world

The shipping container was patented 65 years ago this month. The 'wheel ' of its day, it gave rise to globalisation as we know it today. Today (December 12) is the 65th birthday of an invention that has transformed trade from being regional, to global: the shipping container. It was on this day in 1956 that a patent was granted to US logistics businessman, Malcolm McLean for his ‘intermodal shipping container’.McLean’s invention would go on to revolutionize transport and international trade in the second half of the twentieth century. Containerization led to massive savings on freight transport, by removing the need for multi-staged handling of individual cargo items, and cut inventory costs by shortening transit time. Containers also improved reliability and cargo security. Today, there’s around 17 million shipping containers in use globally. The number of containers at sea at any one time is said to be roughly 5 million, while 200 million container trips are made every year...

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Boat general overhaul in Whangarei

A warm welcome awaits you in Whangarei, where yacht owners can find a full range of marine services and supplies, boatbuilding and repairs and a chance to explore our famous New Zealand landscape and coast.


Yacht Refit, Repair and Build

Soren Nielsen Boat Builder

Certified boatbuilder

Marine cabinet maker

Build, refit,repair, modifications and restorations of wood and composite yachts.

30000 nm offshore experience.


Kurt Ostermeyer @ Dockland 5

Boat Builder, Cabinetmaker, Professional Skipper, Free Quotes,

Timber Boat Specialists, Refits, Repairs & New Projects. Drop into

Dockland 5 and chat to Kurt.


Harbourside Boat Works

Harbourside Boat Works formerly South

Pacific Gateway Marina has a long and

proud tradition in boat building. We still

have the same great Staff.

We specialise in refits and repairs, yacht

joinery, marine painting, conversion

projects and insurance work.

Our boatyard and sealed hardstand facilities is located downstream of the new harbour bridge in Whangarei.

Catering for catamarans, yachts and launches and with space for 15-25 boats, we are ideally situated for


Mike Lyon - The Woodshed

We are a team of boatbuilders and joiners who specialise in wooden boat repair, restoration and joinery work. Mike has 20 years of experience in wooden boat building and is happy to tackle anything on your boat, big or small.

Come and visit us at the workshop, have a look at our work and chat to Mike about what you need done.


Immaculate Marine

Trade Certified Boat builder with over 30 years’ experience.

Specialising in wood and composite construction. Repairs, modifications, and all maintenance requirements. Boat Velour service.

Keeping an eye on the Detail. For a Professional service call Glenn Maconaghie.


Edlin Marine Ltd

We are independent boat builders and designers of custom

vessels based at Matakohe. 28 years experience in design and

build of timber, composite and exotic construction methods. We

cater for new builds, refits and alterations. Our facility can take

vessels of up to 60 feet and can be transported via road in most

cases. Repaints and exterior re-finishing can be achieved in our

shed space, with our designated drying bay for components and

smaller projects. We have on-site accommodation for owners


Heron Ship Repair Ltd NZ T/A Ship Repair

Heron Ship Repair Ltd. t/a Ship Repair NZ is a New Zealand

owned company that operates in the sheltered waters of

Whangarei harbour.

Ship Repair customers benefit from the large slipway which

caters for vessels up to 1800 tonne and often accommodates

two ships simultaneously.

The team at Ship Repair have a multitude of experience

and a wealth of knowledge in the marine sector, exclusively

in project management, slipping, general and specialised

engineering, heavy fabrication, blasting and painting, marine


Rudolphs Limited - All Abrasive Blasting and Painting Services

Rudolph’s - Whangarei’s leading marine abrasive blasting and

coating specialists since 1971.

We offer full abrasive blasting and painting services from our Whangarei

Yard . Our experienced and friendly team work on all types of marine

vessels including sail yachts up to 70 Tonne.

Rudolphs offers full preparation, fairing and application of specified

coatings to your Underwater Hull, Topsides, Decks, Chain Lockers,

Masts etc. Rudolphs are approved applicators by leading paint


Riverside Drive Marina

Roberts and the team will make your stay at Riverside Drive Riverside Drive Marina, Haulout and Hardstand.

Marina an enjoyable experience. Riverside Drive Marina have

been in the marine business for over 40 years and there have been

many fine yachts for overseas and local clients built in this yard.

The yard has 24 hardstand sites and 30 finger marina berths. We

also have two 17mtr boat sheds available for hire, for any deck

replacements, repairs and refits. The floating berths have wireless


Norsand Boatyard

Norsand Boatyard incorporating Multihull NZ has

hardstand provision for up to 100 vessels. Their concrete

slipway has a capacity for mono and multi hulls of up to

100 tons in weight and 12m beam.Norsand is a one stop

service centre having all services available on site. Boat

builders, composite and traditional, painters, rigging

shop, abrasive blasting, labourers, mechanics, marine

engineers, fibreglass and osmosis repairs (hull peeling).

Marine shop on site stocking Hempel, Jotun and


and many more companies…




2 Cargo Vessels Collide In Gulf Of Kutch Of Gujarat, India

A collision between two cargo vessels was reported during the night hours on Friday, 26th November (2021). The incident took place mid-sea about 10 miles away from Okha in Gujarat’s Dwarka district. A team of Coast Guards with a helicopter and patrol ship were sent to rescue. The collision had taken place on 26 November night between the MVs Aviator carrying the flag of Marshall Islands and Atlantic Grace sailing under Hong Kong’s flag. The incident site was the Gulf of Kutch. No casualties, marine pollution, or oil slick, however, has been received yet...


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Russian Navy test-fires hypersonic missile in the White Sea

The Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov launches a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile in the White Sea. MOSCOW — Russia’s Navy has successfully test-fired a prospective hypersonic missile, the military said Monday. The Defence Ministry said the frigate Admiral Gorshkov launched the Zircon cruise missile while in the White Sea, hitting a practice target 400 kilometers (215 nautical miles) away. The launch was the latest in a series of tests of Zircon, which is set to enter service next year. President Vladimir Putin has said Zircon would be capable of flying at nine times the speed of sound and have a range of 1,000 kilometers (620 miles). Putin has emphasized that its deployment will significantly boost the capability of Russia’s military. Zircon is intended to arm Russian cruisers, frigates and submarines. It is one of several hypersonic missiles under development in Russia...



DEME Offshore, Prysmian Win

Largest Ever U.S. Offshore Wind Installation Deal

Offshore installation contractor DEME Offshore has said it has secured a +$1.1 billion Balance of Plant (BoP) contract for the construction of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project in a consortium with Prysmian. The contract, with a total value amounting to +$1.9 Billion, has been awarded by Dominion Energy Virginia, a subsidiary of Dominion Energy Inc., to a consortium, made up of DEME Group and Prysmian. According to DEME Offshore, the agreement is the largest offshore wind installation contract ever awarded in the U.S. Upon expected completion in 2026, the CVOW will be the largest wind farm in the U.S., and one of the largest in the world. The CVOW project is located at approximately 27 miles (43 km) off the coast of Virginia Beach, VA, US.  The 2.6GW offshore wind farm will be capable of supplying electricity to as many as 660,000 households, while reducing carbon emissions by over 2 million tons per year...



Fiji to Lombok, Indonesia: A 3800NM Non-Stop Journey

On August 20, 2021 Jörg Domann and his crew member Jakub set sail from Fiji on a near 4000NM non-stop journey to the island of Lombok in Indonesia. Along the way they encountered heavy seas, strong winds, drift nets and the most turquoise coloured sea they had seen in their travels. Here is an extract from their story. On August 30th,  2021, I set off for Lombok, Indonesia with my crew member Jakub. It was unclear whether we would be allowed to make a stop on the route. We also didn’t have visas for Indonesia, but the cyclone season clock was ticking relentlessly and it was time to leave Port Denarau and Fiji. Route planning - There are almost 4,000 nautical miles ahead of us without going ashore. If Indonesia does not open within the four weeks and does not approve our visa applications, we will go straight to the Maldives. This extends the total distance of our voyage to over 6,500 NM. In contrast to my first Pacific crossing from Costa Rica to Nuku Hiva, we will pass several countries and groups of islands. Route planning is therefore one of our most important preparations...


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No more rock ‘n’ roll: Revolutionary Martini catamaran concepts

Servo Yachts in California has teamed up with UK-based Shuttleworth Design to develop an innovative series of catamaran designs with a unique marine stabilisation system. Pitching or vertical acceleration has been proven to be the main cause of seasickness, but most stabilisation systems are designed to deal primarily with roll. Shuttleworth Design, the designers of the radical 42.5-metre trimaran Adastra, has worked closely with Servo Yachts on developing alternative technology for over eight years. During this time several designs and mechanical arrangements have been explored and tested. The Martini 6.0 is a fast, 45-metre catamaran concept with an electro-pneumatic suspension system connecting the superstructure to two dynamic hulls that can adjust over 3.5 metres to the height and angle of the waves, effectively eliminating pitch, roll and heave. In addition, the design creates less drag than conventional fins, resulting in a more efficient and faster vessel in less than perfect conditions...



ABS: Nuclear Propulsion Could Be "Transformative" for U.S. Shipping

The U.S. Department of Energy is investing $8.5 million in research on small, modular nuclear reactors - including reactor technology for marine propulsion.  DOE has awarded ABS nearly $800,000 to address challenges to the adoption of new reactor technology in commercial maritime applications. Conventional pressurized-water reactors have been in use in military propulsion for decades, and they are in civilian government use in Russia, but they have had few commercial applications in the maritime industry. As the sector looks for new zero-carbon alternatives to traditional bunker fuel, nuclear power has re-emerged as a possible solution. It has very high power density, long range and an achievable cost structure. In addition, new "nuclear battery" microreactor designs promise simpler operation and higher inherent safety compared to the legacy pressurized-water reactors of yesteryear. "Advanced nuclear technology is positioned to be one of the strongest tools available to the industry for achieving the aggressive decarbonization goals that are fundamentally changing the shipping and offshore industry’s assets and infrastructure," ABS wrote in its prospectus. "This project will improve drastically the timeline for advanced reactor technology deployment for commercial maritime applications." The objectives include laying out business cases and demonstration project...


Duce France - has already left New Zealand, Senses & Sea Eagle as well…


Marine sector worried

Superyachts moored in New Zealand will leave

The marine industry is in talks with government officials to set up a trans-Tasman sea bubble for cruising and superyachts to bring much-needed business to the struggling sector. It is worried the 20 superyachts moored here will sail to Australia, which lets vessels in from New Zealand without quarantine. This comes after 10 superyachts linked to global rich listers, including the media and casino tycoon James Packer, were given permission to enter New Zealand but never arrived in time for the America's Cup. Whangārei-based company Oceania Marine is one of the bigger superyacht refit specialists in the country and it is doing it tough. The Marine Industry Association is in talks with government officials to set up a trans-Tasman sea travel bubble...


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New Zealand - Marine Industry worried

The marine industry is in talks with government officials to set up a trans-Tasman sea bubble for cruising and superyachts to bring much-needed business to the struggling sector. It is worried the 20 superyachts moored here will sail to Australia, which lets vessels in from New Zealand without quarantine. This comes after 10 superyachts linked to global rich listers, including the media and casino tycoon James Packer, were given permission to enter New Zealand but never arrived in time for the...


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UAE’s EDGE and Israel’s IAI Team Up for USV Development

On 18 November 2021, EDGE, an advanced technology company for defense and beyond, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel's leading aerospace and defense manufacturer, to jointly design a first-in-class series of 17m unmanned surface vessels (USV) for the entire range of military and commercial applications. Autonomous systems, robotics, and artificial intelligence algorithms to enable distributed maritime applications and advanced operational capabilities. EDGE is leveraging its entity, ADSB, the regional leader in the design, new build, repair, maintenance, refit and conversion of naval and commercial vessels, to collaborate with the Israeli defense company to develop the state-of-the-art USVs. While ADSB will design the platform, integrate the control systems and payload, and develop the concept of operations (CONOPS), IAI will develop the autonomous control system and integrate various mission payloads to the control system units according to the mission requirements...



Yara Debuts Yara Birkeland,

the World’s First “Autonomous and Emission-Free Containership”

Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara has debuted its long-awaited Yara Birkeland, the world’s first electric and autonomous container ship for emission-free shipping. The ship departed for its maiden voyage Friday in the Oslo fjord. Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, along with Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy Bjørnar Skjæran, were on hand to tour the ship following its arrival in Oslo. “We are proud to be able to showcase the world’s first fully electric and self-propelled container ship. It will cut 1,000 tonnes of CO2 and replace 40,000 trips by diesel-powered trucks a year, says Svein Tore Holsether, CEO of Yara. Yara has been working with maritime technology company Kongsberg on the development of the vessel since 2017 – a pioneering project leading the maritime shipping industry’s journey towards autonomous operations and zero-emission shipping...


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New Zealand’s Island Escape to be delivered in April

An impression of Island Escape, currently under construction at Vard’s shipyard in Vietnam. Island Escape Cruises (NZ) Limited unveiled details of its 32-passenger 995gt yacht, Island Escape, under construction at Vard Vung Tau Ltd Shipbuilding Vietnam. Interior designs are by Tillberg of Sweden. The 53.5mtr yacht’s suites will all have ocean views. There will be a helipad, two tenders and two Zodiacs, as well as fishing gear and water toys. Peter Bissett launched Island Escape Cruises in New Zealand in 2006 and its original 24-passenger catamaran, Island Passage, was sold to Canada’s Maple Leaf Adventures in 2018. Bissett, who said Island Escape Cruises (NZ) Limited is a new company, is due to take delivery of Island Escape in April and bookings for its 2021/22 season are now open...