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Nord Stream suspected sabotage: Russia issues emergency call to UN Security Council

Moscow will request a meeting over suspected “sabotage” against the Nord Stream pipeline.

Moscow wishes to call an emergency UN Security Council session over the “provocations” at the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday in a Telegram post. Both pipelines were severely damaged earlier this week in what many suspect was a deliberate attack. Danish authorities confirmed gas leaks from the pipelines not far from the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea on Monday after the operator reported a loss of pressure in both Nord Stream 1 and 2. Swedish and Danish authorities later confirmed a series of undersea explosions had been detected before the leaks were confirmed. Russian, American, and Swedish officials all said that the damage might have been the result of a targeted attack on pipeline infrastructure. No suspects behind the incident have officially been named, although in a tweet former Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski “thanked” Washington for destroying the pipeline. Moscow, which called the incident a “terrorist attack,” also named the US as a potential suspect. Several high-ranking German MPs have pointed the finger at Russia, accusing it of attempts to “stir up uncertainty among the European population….


Roman emperor


Will you eat engineered insects and synthetic meat - to save the planet?

The World Economic Forum wants to force humanity to eat genetically engineered, factory bred insects, and synthetic, lab grown "plastic" meat. This will "save the planet", they say. One of the "sustainability goals" of the WEF is "Zero Hunger". They aim to feed all the people of the world, with new “sustainable" food solutions. This plan involves destroying the natural, healthy grass fed beef industry, and replacing wholesome meat with genetically modified and heavily sprayed plant protein, artificial lab grown "plastic" meat, and genetically modified insects that are bred in huge bug factories. By doing this, we will "save the planet", they say...  Bill Gates - who works closely with the WEF - is buying up all farmland in America, while constructing factories where synthetic meat will be grown. Yes, you read that right.... synthetic meat, grown in labs. Did you think cancer is already a severe plague on earth, killing millions every year? Wait until the populations start consuming synthetic meat en masse. Beef from industrial food lots is already proven to be highly carcinogenic, compared to grass fed beef. Cancer rates have gone through the roof, since the rise of the criminalized meat industry...



Nord Stream Sabotage:

Mr. Sikorski and Mrs. Applebaum - the declaration of war on Germany

One is particularly happy about the obvious demolition of Nord Stream 1&2. Polish ex-foreign minister and MEP Radoslaw “Radek” Sikorski. A gas pipeline from Norway to Poland has just been completed. It is scheduled to officially open on October 1st. Former Polish Foreign Minister and Sejm Marshal Radoslaw "Radek" Sikorski is married to Ms. Anne Applebaum. Ms. Applebaum has both Polish and American citizenship. She has lived in Poland since 2006. Anne Applebaum is a member of the private think tank Council on Foreign Relations. There is a memorable speech by ex-STRATFOR boss George Friedman at the "Council on Foreign Relations" in Chicago in 2015, in which he frankly explained the US geostrategy. George Friedman has been running Geopolitical Futures since 2015. Applebaum, in turn, is also a member of the “Center for European Policy Analysis”, another of those notorious “think tanks” in the USA. The CEPA is based in Washington and has been dealing with "transatlantic cooperation" since 2006. Ms. Applebaum is also a professor of practice at the London School of Economics and a senior fellow at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, from whose medical school all the alarmist data came at the beginning of the pandemic. .



New Zealand Prime Minister Calls for a Global Censorship System

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the latest liberal leader to call for an international alliance to censor speech. Unsatisfied with the unprecedented corporate censorship of social media companies, leaders like Hillary Clinton have turned from private censorship to good old-fashioned state censorship. Speech regulation has become an article of faith on the left. Ardern used her speech this week to the United Nations General Assembly to call for censorship on a global scale.


Ardern lashed out at “disinformation” and called for a global coalition to control speech. After nodding toward free speech, she proceeded to lay out a plan for its demise through government regulation:


But what if that lie, told repeatedly, and across many platforms, prompts, inspires, or motivates others to take up arms. To threaten the security of others. To turn a blind eye to atrocities, or worse, to become complicit in them. What then?


This is no longer a hypothetical. The weapons of war have changed, they are upon us and require the same level of action and activity that we put into the weapons of old.


We recognized the threats that the old weapons created. We came together as communities to minimize these threats. We created international rules, norms and expectations. We never saw that as a threat to our individual liberties – rather, it was a preservation of them. The same must apply now as we take on these new challenges.


Ardern noted how extremists use speech to spread lies without noting that non-extremists use the same free speech to counter such views.  To answer her question on “how do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists” is that you convince people using the same free speech. Instead, Ardern appears to want to silence those who have doubts.


While referring to a global censorship coalition as a “light-touch approach to disinformation,” Ardern revealed how sweeping such a system would likely be. She defended the need for such global censorship on having to combat those who question climate change and the need to stop “hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology.”


    'After all, how do you successfully end a war if people are led to believe the reason for its existence is not only legal but noble? How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists? How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld, when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?'


That is the same rationale used by authoritarian countries like China, Iran, and Russia to censor dissidents, minority groups, and political rivals. What is “hateful” and “dangerous” is a fluid concept that government have historically used to silence critics or dissenters.


Ardern is the smiling face of the new generation of censors. At least the old generation of censors like the Iranians do not pretend to support free speech and openly admit that they are crushing dissent. The point is that we need to be equally on guard when censorship is pushed from the left with the best of motivations and the worst of means.


As the great civil libertarian Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”



German environmental terrorists or US secret services???

‘Unprecedented’ Gas Leaks in Russian Pipelines to Europe Stoke Sabotage Fears

Europe was investigating leaks in two Russian gas pipelines that churned up the Baltic Sea with bubbles on Tuesday and raised concerns from Copenhagen to Moscow about sabotage on infrastructure at the heart of a European energy standoff. But it remained far from clear who might be behind any foul play, if proven, on the Nord Stream pipelines that Russia with European partners spent billions of dollars building. Poland’s prime minister blamed sabotage, without citing evidence, and the Danish premier said it could not be ruled out...



Sabotage? Kremlin on possible causes of damage to the Nord Stream pipelines

According to Moscow, nothing can be ruled out and it is possible that the pipelines were intentionally damaged. Seismic activity detected in Sweden appears to coincide with the timing of the explosions. The Nord Stream pipelines could have been damaged by an act of sabotage, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked about the possible reasons for the sudden loss of pressure in three pipelines of the Baltic Sea gas network. Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Peskow commented on a statement from Nord Stream AG, the operator of the network, saying that three offshore lines of the Nord Stream pipeline system suffered "unprecedented" damage in just one day. "At the moment, no option can be ruled out," said Peskow when asked whether the damage was due to sabotage. He added that Moscow is very concerned about the situation and called for an immediate and thorough investigation into the incident, which has implications for energy security across the "entire continent"...



A beacon for humanity enslaved by the Great Reset globalists??

Italians reclaimed their country: clear victory for centre-right block

After Sweden, Italy is also saying goodbye to the left-wing zeitgeist, to which the ÖVP has also committed itself in Austria (keyword “climate bonus for asylum seekers”). The center-right bloc led by Giorgia Meloni won around 44.1 percent in the general election, according to figures published by RAI News. That is a sufficient majority to rule in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. “Night of Redemption” In the “Night of Redemption” (Meloni quote) the Italians took back their country. Giorgia Meloni's Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy, FdI) party with around 26.4 percent, Matteo Salvini's Lega with around 9.2 percent and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia with around 8.2 percent were all clear the number one. The Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who was extremely popular at the time and who – like the then Interior Minister Herbert Kickl in Austria – pursued a strict asylum policy, could now celebrate an acclaimed comeback in this function...



EU threatens Italian voters ahead of right-wing sweep

The election is two days away, and the right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni’sBrother’s of Italy’ is expected to win. This shift to the right would be the first time in decades for the country. Von der Leyen’s threat of having “tools” relate in part to the EU’s ability to withhold funds away from countries that prioritize domestic preferences over the EU’s agenda. With Poland, the EU recently threatened to withhold funding unless they revamp their judiciary. Tensions between Poland and the EU exist over social and immigration policies.  Two members of the EU scolded von der Leyen for her threats that came just days before the election. “Italy is a free, sovereign country with a strong democratic tradition. Italian citizens deserve respect and Brussels should just get it,” said Marco Zanni and Marco Campomenosi in a letter...



New documentary exposes the COVID ‘scamdemic

The documentary uploaded to independent video platform Rumble has attracted a large audience. The documentary, entitled ‘The Big Reset: The Truth of the Pandemic’, produced by a user known only as ‘W’ examines in detail how the COVID pandemic was used by state-subsidised legacy media to create fear, with the resultant rush by the population to take untried and unproven mRNA vaccines – the first time ever such medications had been used on humans. The two hour and sixteen minute documentary focuses in particular on the use by the WHO and governments of the PCR Test – a technology invented by Professor Kary Mullis (Nobel Prize), which Mullis said was never intended to be used for diagnostic purposes. Nevertheless, using results and numbers obtained from the PCR tests, governments and the legacy media were able to inflate the threat and danger of COVID-19 virus to hitherto unseen levels. Some of the greatest living medical and scientific minds were interviewed for the documentary, making it what many believe to be a ‘must watch’...



Wave of Mainly Heart Deaths Tops 17,800...

The wave of excess non-Covid deaths continues. The latest Government figures from the ONS, published this morning, take the tally of excess deaths from causes other than COVID-19 to 17,839 since April 23rd, when the recent surge began. This is 9.5% more deaths than expected, based on an average of the previous five years. Overall excess deaths, including Covid deaths, have been 13% higher than expected during the period. In the week ending September 9th, the most recent week for which data are available, 10,753 deaths were registered in England and Wales, which is 938 (9.6%) above the five-year average for the week. Of these, 365 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate as a contributory cause and 223 mentioned COVID-19 as underlying cause, leaving 715 deaths from a different underlying cause...



Human Composting

Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of California…

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Legalizing Human Composting in California. Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill this week legalizing human composting. The bill was introduced by Democrat assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens). Starting in 2027, human composting will be available as a new burial method in California. Garcia actually argued that cremation is bad for the environment because there is a lot of carbon emissions. “When we have a coffin and we put that into the ground, there’s a lot of chemicals that get leaked into the ground and often times it ends up in our water,” Cristina Garcia told KABC. “When we do cremation there’s a lot of carbon emissions...



Tested sick?

Liquid in antigen tests: laboratory results show high toxicity

In Austria, rapid antigen tests have been used in many areas, especially schools, since 2020. The federal government originally banned the responsible authority BASG by law from examining these tests for ingredients and functionality. Well it has happened and the results are shocking. This refusal to guarantee the safety of the Austrians led to intense civil society and journalistic investigations. Now it can be proven on the basis of privately financed laboratory tests that the rapid tests contain extremely toxic substances that are already effective when they come into contact with the skin. The corporate alliance "We-EMUs - To promote society and well-being" had the tests examined in independent laboratories and is now presenting the shocking results. The respective aspects such as toxicity and legal issues are explained by experts. People abroad have known about it for a long time...



Whoever works for the devils should pay the bill as well!

Zuckerberg has lost $71 billion this year – Bloomberg

Experts say the pivot into the Metaverse has cost the tech magnate dearly. The fortune of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has dropped by $71 billion so far this year, Bloomberg reported on Monday. It noted that the decline was the biggest among the world’s wealthiest individuals tracked by the agency’s Billionaires Index. The drop is also greater than the GDP of 120 countries. Zuckerberg’s current net worth of $55.9 billion makes him 20th among the richest people around the globe, his lowest spot since 2014. Less than two years ago, the tech tycoon was worth $106 billion, and was ranked third after Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. The 38-year-old’s wealth reached a peak of $142 billion in September 2021, but shortly after he changed the company’s name from Facebook to Meta, it took a predominantly downward trajectory. In February, Facebook revealed no growth in monthly users, causing a record decline in its stock price and washing $31 billion out of Zuckerberg’s fortune. Additionally, Instagram’s bet on Reels, launched as a potential rival to TikTok’s short-form video platform, is bringing in less advertising revenue than expected. Meta’s stock is also being dragged down by the company’s investment in the Metaverse, according to Laura Martin, senior internet analyst at Needham, as cited by the agency...



Catastrophes Unfolding — Marathons, Poisons, and License To Kill

Across the world, we are seeing catastrophes unfolding, and so today a collection of videos. Take for example the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. I had many friends that ran the race in the 70s and 80s. It is a grueling ultra-marathon with a very long history — the route between Pietermaritzburg and Durban. In the last 40 years, there have been only 8 deaths. This year there have been 2 (abnormal) deaths and at least 74 athletes had to be transferred to different hospitals around Durban after struggling during the marathon...



Fire breaks out on Royal Carribean cruise ship

An engine room fire broke out on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas on Friday as the ship was sailing towards Juneau, Alaska. The fire was contained and quickly extinguished, which did not impact the voyage… …Costa Luminosa sailed it’s last voyage with Costa Cruises and will now undergo a transformation in dry dock to convert the vessel to Carnival Luminosa. The ship will debut from Brisbane this fall, and then sail Alaska from Seattle next May. Carnival Cruise Line modified its kids policy stating that anyone unsupervised must be in the stateroom by 1:00 am or face being debarked in the next port of call and banned from the cruise line…



A Climate of Authoritarianism

Dr Muriel Newman established the New Zealand Centre for Political Research as a public policy think tank in 2005 after nine years as a Member of Parliament. A former Chamber of Commerce President, her background is in business and education.


The pandemic traffic light system has gone.


Masks have gone.


Mandates have gone.


Life is going back to normal.


Or so we have been led to believe.


But that’s not the whole truth.


By Government decree, you are still required to isolate for 7 days if you contract Covid-19 – but not if you catch the flu.


Masks must still be worn in some places including medical establishments and rest homes.


And mandates can still be applied under ‘health and safety’ guidelines, so the professional bodies regulating doctors, dentists, and nurses, for example, can still exclude the unvaccinated.


In Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand, if you stood against her Government’s coercion, you may never be able to practice your profession again.


Nor will we ever be free of the threat of authoritarianism. It not only hangs over us as a precedent, but sinister new levels of surveillance are now in place. It’s the norm for the ‘misinformation’ police to monitor what we say, and who we associate with. And anyone daring to challenge Labour’s agenda – by speaking out against co-governance and He Puapua or the mantra that climate change is a man-made crisis – risks public vilification.


If we look back to the Prime Minister’s Speech from the Throne following her 2020 election victory, radical change was signalled: “The scale and pace of the recovery offers an opportunity to reshape the way things are done in New Zealand, to innovate and improve our position and our economy.”


She promised to build back ‘better’: “New Zealand’s response to COVID would be insufficient if it were to simply return us to the way we were before the virus. Recovering and rebuilding entails determined and connected action by government. That action can, and will, be used to reshape the economy to be more productive, more sustainable, and more equitable… We can be better than we were. This government’s mission is to make it so.”


Jacinda Ardern identified the ‘global climate crisis’ as a priority: “The Government is committed to the shift away from fossil fuels in order to build a new low-carbon future.”


Like the pandemic strategy, her Net Zero climate change response is being driven on a global scale – not only by the United Nations, and a myriad of environmental groups, but also powerful lobby groups like the World Economic Forum.


In fact a sophisticated campaign for radical action is being orchestrated by a world-wide ‘army’ of climate activists. Many have been trained by former US Vice President and World Economic Forum Trustee Al Gore – the architect of the alarmist film “An Inconvenient Truth”.


That 2006 masterclass in climate propaganda, claimed that by now there would a 20-foot sea level rise and 100 million climate refugees.


The passage of time has not only confirmed how absurd those predictions were, but also how wrong all of the alarmist projections over the last 30 years have been. 


Jacinda Ardern is, of course, no stranger to the World Economic Forum. In 2014, six years after entering our New Zealand Parliament as the President of the communist movement the International Union of Socialist Youth – a position she continued to hold for a further 15 months after becoming an MP – she was selected as a WEF Young Global Leader.


As she explained to the world’s elite attending the 2019 WEF annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, she’s using her time in office to entrench their agenda into our legislative and regulatory framework in such a way that it will lead to permanent change: “This needs to be something that we embed in our national cycles, in our political cycles, and in our actions and it needs to endure beyond us as individuals.”


One such WEF initiative is the use of “wellbeing” to replace GDP as a measure of economic progress. Another, of course, is the campaign for Net Zero.


Just as fear was used by the Prime Minister to convince the population of the need to comply with unprecedented Covid restrictions, so too she’s using fear of a man-made climate ‘crisis’, to create the urgency and justification for massive government intervention.


On 2 December 2020 Jacinda Ardern moved a ‘Declaration of Climate Emergency’ motion in Parliament, alleging New Zealand is in the grip of a climate emergency: “In order to avoid a disastrous 1.5 degree Celsius rise in global temperatures and beyond—a rise that would see increased risk to human health and livelihood, civil unrest, mass drought, disease, loss of lands and homes, increased fires, increased tropical storms, mass human displacement, and globally exhausted resources—we must act with urgency to ensure global emissions fall to net zero by 2050.”


Her motion passed by 76 votes to 43, with Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party voting in support, while National and ACT were opposed.


The Prime Minister’s fearmongering appears to be working.


With the media promoting an endless doomsday narrative, most New Zealanders appear either indifferent or accepting of climate regulations – even those that will undermine our economy and cause living standards to fall.


Nor do they seem concerned that the apocalyptic predictions are fabricated.


Looking back through history, the truth about the climate is plain to see. Planet Earth has been on its current warming path since it emerged from the peak of the Little Ice Age around 1700, when ice pageants were held on the River Thames. Before that, around 1000 AD during the Medieval Warm period, Vikings farmed Greenland. Earlier still were the Dark Ages, a cool period around 500 AD, and before that, the Roman Warm period – and so it goes on.


During its more than 4-billion-year history, the planet has been far warmer and far cooler than it is today. And carbon dioxide, the gas the activists claim is ‘pollution’ and responsible for the planet heating up, has, for much of that time, been present in the atmosphere in far greater concentrations than today.


The reality is that warming and cooling are part of the natural cycle of planet Earth. These cycles are driven by the sun, winds, clouds, ocean currents, and a myriad of other complex factors – but not carbon dioxide, which is known as a ‘trace gas’ because it is present in the atmosphere in such minute quantities.


Yet climate activists have captured the narrative and are scaring the public into thinking the world is going to end – unless the government takes control of the economy and imposes regulations that will cripple our productive sector.


It’s a truly bizarre situation – especially when China, Russia, and India, which are responsible for most of the world’s carbon emissions, are only paying lip service to the West’s obsession with climate change, while continuing to build coal fired power stations at pace to satisfy their energy needs.


By adopting the United Nations’ radical Net Zero goal, Jacinda Ardern plans to make New Zealand ever more reliant on “green energy” – energy that is, in fact, neither ‘green’ nor reliable.


Not only does the construction of wind and solar farms use vast amounts of fossil fuels for mining, transportation, and construction, but some parts of the supply chain – including cobalt mining for solar panels and the batteries that power electric cars – use child labour. Yet the politicians – and the environmental movement – continue to laud such products, conveniently turning a blind eye to the inconvenient truth of their manufacture.


Brushing aside the fearmongering rhetoric, Net Zero is a totalitarian plan to enforce UN mandates onto New Zealand that will destroy the viability of farming – along with many other industries that rely on the fossil fuels.


This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former National Party Minister Barry Brill, the Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, has analysed the situation we are in and points out some glaring anomalies:


“The 2022 Budget took more taxes from working New Zealanders than any before in history, and at a time when real wages were plummeting at record rates.




“So that Labour Ministers could spend billions of extra dollars on their vanity project – the quest to lead the world in Climate Change spending; so as to realise the advertised ‘nuclear-free moment of the Prime Minister’s generation’.”


Unfortunately for New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern’s climate policy is all about profile – being seen as a world leader in climate change.


And sadly, the huge economic sacrifice she wants New Zealanders to make will achieve nothing – as Barry points out: “Our greenhouse gas emissions are less than one-fifth of 1% of the global total. They are a fraction of a drop in a bucket. They can make no conceivable difference to future global average temperatures.”


He highlights how harsh the PM’s restrictions actually are: “Our current emissions-reduction pledge is FIVE (5) times greater than the global average. The mean 2030 figure for 193 countries is 9%, while New Zealand’s figure is 50%.”


Barry also points out, that if our politicians were honest, they would admit that because New Zealand is a rural country with vast areas of forests and grasslands, all of our so-called ‘human induced’ carbon emissions would be completely absorbed many times over by our plant life, leaving no excess emissions at all: “New Zealand has already over-achieved the Net Zero target. Right now, our country is a net carbon sink, and the vegetation in our National Parks alone absorbs more than four times our annual human-related emissions… Alas, as a result of artificial, poorly-negotiated rules, our pre-1990 native forests are ignored in counting our National Inventory for UN purposes. But the scientific fact remains that, while politics sees us as a net emitter, science sees us as a net sink.”


In his article Barry outlines 20 reasons why New Zealanders should no longer tolerate the PM spending precious taxpayer dollars on her vanity project – “to lead the world in climate policy”.


Isn’t it time we collectively pushed back against this dangerous obsession – one that is wasting precious taxpayer funding that should be invested in health, education, and other policies to build a better future?


In light of the fearmongering that Kiwis are being continually bombarded with, there are two simple facts that need to be understood.


The first is that anyone calling carbon dioxide a “pollutant” is either a climate activist or is totally uninformed about science.


Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. It is essential for photosynthesis, which allows plants to trap the sun’s energy and convert it into the food that all living things need to survive.


And the second fact is that throughout most of the Earth’s history, the planet has had carbon dioxide levels significantly higher than they are today – up to 20 times higher – and since it did not cause catastrophic warming back then, it’s not going to do so now.


The reality is that nature controls the climate, not politicians. The most sensible thing we can do is learn to adapt – as humans have always done throughout history.


In fact, a new paper from the INFN, an Italian national research institute, has analysed extreme weather events from around the world, including floods, droughts, and cyclones. The scientists found that in spite of all the hype and predictions of a climate Armageddon, there has been no appreciable change in the intensity or frequency of extreme weather events: “None of these response indicators show a clear positive trend of extreme events… On the basis of observational data, the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we are experiencing today, is not evident yet.”


The reality is that for politicians, like Jacinda Ardern, the ‘climate crisis’ is a convenient vehicle to manipulate the public into accepting revolutionary change towards a more controlled society.


Surely, it’s time for the public and opposition politicians to call out the climate crisis as a political device that’s being used by socialist politicians to exert more control over the lives of others.



Hurricane Fiona gains strength after devastating Puerto Rico l GMA

The major storm, which is now a Category 3 hurricane, has left more than 90% of people without power and 60% without running water...



Damen to Develop Floating Offshore Wind Installation Ships

Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards is working on a new class of ships that will be capable of supporting the installation of floating offshore wind turbines as the use of the nascent technology is expected to gain pace in the coming years. Forecasts indicate that by 2050, over 200 gigawatts (GW) of new floating offshore wind turbines will be deployed globally, equating to about 13,500 individual turbine units. Here in the United States, President Biden last week announced an ambitious target of deploying 15 GW of floating offshore wind capacity by 2035 and committing nearly $50 million into research and development of the technology. Given the size of the turbines and the depths of the water in which they will be positioned, these floating offshore wind turbines, or FWOTs for short, will require chains and anchors of unprecedented sizes—considering just one installation dragging anchor could result in serious impacts to the entire wind farm...




Expectations of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset are many and have various time frames, some of these expectations include the purported Beast System virtually here and now, while others such as the 2030 vision presented by the WEF itself, revolve more around the convenience of money and include variations on a Green New Deal which appeals to most urbanites these days.


To better appreciate the future Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) intended to replace all national currencies, and its effects on careers, wages, prices, debt and ownership, it is worth going through a brief-as-possible history of money showing how the “rich get richer while the poor get poorer” actually works.


The lower classes in places like ancient Egypt couldn’t afford to save and could barely count. Slaves etc., were paid in food and board but rough treatment was also available; labour exploitation and enforcement by variations on whipping has of course been continuous throughout history.


With the Roman Empire coinage came of age, the silver denarius lasted about 400 years until counterfeits (alloys) defeated it. But in the meantime it had the desired effect, people no longer needed slow and complicated bartering, so shops, rent, and taxes could take the place of expensive paramilitary enforcement.


With the so-styled dark or middle ages, coinage fragmented into multiple local currencies, the most reliable international currencies of course being gold and silver.


Later, the Spanish empire had a variation on money creation, they simply seized gold from the Americas, until the English privateers began pirating it from them, under Elizabeth I. Various systems of gold traded for slaves prevailed along the west coast of Africa. Melbourne itself generated free gold for a period in the late 1800’s and was briefly one of the biggest and richest cities in the world; perhaps surprisingly, Melbourne hasn’t disappeared quite yet. Free gold is even better than enforcement by whipping but eventually, it runs out. As is well known in Melbourne, the gold-diggers were excluded from getting very rich by the King’s soldiers.


The English excelled at money printing and the paper pound note was convertible for a pound of silver supposedly until 1717. The pound was backed by a system of enforcement that included everyone from the local pawnshop up to the entire Royal Navy. The pound note could be created by the King from nothing and expanded until it was over-printed, at which time it would simply be revalued.


In 1947 at Bretton-Woods, the pound surrendered to the US so-called petro-dollar, to be used like a GST (VAT) for international oil deals and this global regulation to be enforced by the dominant US Armed Forces, ultimately backed by nuclear weapons. Rebel states such as Iraq and Libya were destroyed by the US military for non-conformity and others such as Venezuela and Russia are currently being undermined. Notice these four countries are all very rich in oil reserves, the equivalent of printed money if you can market it.


So to the question of the business case for the convenient but ultimately worthless WEF Global digital money, CBDC.


The various national governments’ sovereignty ended during the 20th century when they came under the international Reserve Banking System, headed by the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. From then on, they were borrowing money on the global market, money created by private banks as well as reserve banks, so that actual gold became just another commodity.


In all cases we see the use of a currency is ultimately enforced by military and para-military (police etc.), with actual human labour being the main component of enforcement. Now with the proposed CBDC system, the para-military becomes redundant, because the currency can simply be turned off if the individual owner of the currency becomes non-compliant. The beauty of this system is that it relies simply on a relatively small number of technical administrators.


The public, who have become increasingly conditioned to producing nothing of value while consuming to their heart’s content, will see this as a natural progression. Historically, the progression is from hand-to-mouth through various coin and note systems, back to a virtual hand-to-mouth. Most young people live hand-to-mouth until about 30 years anyway, so they only notice the convenience of e-credit. Their e-credit is accessible but safe because their iPhone is e-locked.


With the power of money creation given over to Globalists, organisations such as the US army, navy and airforce are to be effectively cut off from hegemony (the created US dollar). They may therefore spiral into decline, forcing a policy of “America First”. We have seen this pattern already in states like Lebanon, where the army is not national but maintained by private vested interests.


The national governments who supposedly issue orders to military personnel are well and truly infiltrated by agents of Globalists. A good example is Tony Blair, former PM of the UK, who provided a “dodgy dossier” to instigate the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It’s a simple matter to, for example, put an agent on a senate ticket for a major party to ensure they get a seat in parliament. From there they can hand out career favours on behalf of Globalists, and securely advance their own position, for example, to Minister for Finance and Leader of the House in the Senate, and the largesse they distribute is then characterised as skillful consensus building. Certain individuals may even rise to PM. When their allocated tasks are completed they simply flit back to Brussels, New York or wherever they came from, leaving the public to guess who the new plant is.


Military and paramilitary which may be called upon to enforce the transition to CBDCs and other devices of the Globalists should consider their future under the emerging Beast System. They will become more expendable than ever, with their lives not even accountable to local politicians, but instead wholly to some financiers on the other side of the planet, through various agents such as Blair, and all the while, their funding will be slowly melting away from under them.


The current senseless struggle around Crimea, organised through the European Commission and NATO, could be just a foretaste of the future. The term “cannon fodder” has been as apt there as ever. Future military and paramilitary will be downsized as they put themselves out of business by fulfilling their original purpose, to serve unknown masters until they too “own nothing and are happy”, or just as likely, lying dead somewhere in a foreign landscape.



Best in Show?

By Professor John Gibson - An underlying element in local elite discussion of New Zealand’s COVID-19 experience is along the lines of “didn’t we do well?” We can see this theme in blogs by the public health academics at the University of Otago, Wellington (such as here or here) but also in official government press releases. Central to this theme is the claim that New Zealand had no excess mortality since lockdowns were imposed in March 2020. As the press release from Chris Hipkins put it “there was not a higher-than-normal death rate in New Zealand over the first two years of the pandemic.” These claims are incomplete and could distract New Zealanders from an unfolding disaster. The following chart shows excess deaths per week...



‘Idiot’ Greens made EU dependent on Russian energy – Le Pen

Paris also made a “geopolitical mistake” when it supported EU sanctions against Russia, the politician believes. Marine Le Pen, the leader of the right-wing National Rally parliamentary group, has harshly criticized France’s support of anti-Russia sanctions, branding such a stance a major “geopolitical mistake.” She also called out “idiots” supporting a green agenda, naming them the real culprits behind the EU’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels. “The European Union sees its promises of prosperity and peace sinking in its economic, energy and geopolitical mistakes,” Le Pen said on Sunday at the party’s meeting in the southern French town of Adge. Paris has been “swept along by the European Union crazed by the war in Ukraine into adopting inappropriate and thoughtless sanctions,” she added. The opposition politician, who scored second in the recent presidential race, accused green politicians in general, singling out German ones in particular, of leading the whole EU into the ongoing energy crisis with their agenda. The energy crisis is largely a result of abandoning other sources of energy, namely nuclear power for the sake of ‘green’ ideas, Le Pen suggested. ‘If anyone is responsible for our dependence on Russia, it is the idiots and the naive who bet on wind and solar power...



Jan De Nul’s Next-Generation Jack-Up Breaks Loose at Shipyard During Typhoon Muifa

The world’s tallest jack-up installation vessel under construction in China has sustained some damage after breaking loose during Typhoon Muifa, Jan De Nul confirmed in a statement. The vessel, named Voltaire, is under construction at COSCO Shipping Shipyard in Nantong, China and is planned for delivery later this year. Jan De Nul said the shipyard took a direct hit from Typhoon Muifa overnight on September 14 to 15, with the eye of the storm passing directly over the shipyard and causing the vessel to come loose from its moorings. No injuries were reported and Voltaire is now safely moored back in the shipyard. Initial assessments show limited damage to certain parts of the vessel’s crane and helideck, while additional assessments are on-going. No word yet whether the event will delay the vessel’s delivery. Voltaire was launched back in January. The vessel will be largest jack-up vessel in Jan De Nul’s fleet, with a main crane capacity of over 3,000 metric tons and four giant legs measuring 130 meters. The vessel will be used for the installation of generation offshore wind components as well as offshore oil and gas decommissioning. Voltaire was ordered in 2019 along with the Les Alizés, an equally capable floating installation vessel also due for the delivery later this year from the CMHI shipyard Haimen, China, adjacent to Nantong. Typhoon Muifa made landfall twice as Category 2 storm in Eastern China’s Yangtze River Delta, the country’s most populated metropolitan area and home to some of the world’s biggest shipping ports. The typhoon first crossed over land at Zhoushan Island before passing over Hangzhou Bay and eventually coming ashore in Shanghai. Upon delivery, Voltaire has been contracted to transport and install 277 14 megawatt-capacity GE Haliade-X turbines at the Dogger Bank wind farm in the UK, which at 3.6 gigawatt capacity will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm...



Fiona strengthens to hurricane while blasting Puerto Rico

Over 300,000 power outages have already been reported and more than a foot of rain could bring serious flooding. Tropical Storm Fiona intensified into a hurricane on Sunday as it battered Puerto Rico. Conditions rapidly deteriorated in the morning as the storm drew close and strengthened, and a slew of serious impacts — damaging winds to hurricane force, extreme rainfall, life-threatening mudslides and coastal rip currents — are expected as the worst arrives Sunday afternoon. As the wind and rain escalated Sunday morning, over 300,000 power outages had already been reported, according to A hurricane warning is in effect for the entire U.S. territory, including Vieques and Culebra, and has been expanded to include the eastern Dominican Republic as well. Tropical storm warnings cover the U.S. Virgin Islands and the north coast of the Dominican Republic west to Puerto Plata, regions which are also under a hurricane watch to account for Fiona’s possible intensification...



MSC Cruise Ship Cancels Port of Call Due to Tropical Storm Fiona

MSC cruise ship cancels a port of call as Tropical Storm Fiona impacts the eastern Caribbean, and the Coast Guard sets Port Condition Yankee. Ahead of the arrival of Tropical Storm Fiona, the Coast Guard has issued Port Condition Yankee for San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. This means the ports will be closed for all inbound ships, and all vessels over 500 gross tons must leave the area. The closure means that several cruise ships cannot make their intended calls while Condition Yankee is in effect. MSC Cruises has already canceled the scheduled call for MSC Seashore this week to San Juan. Several more cruise ships will likely cancel their call to the US Virgin Islands in the coming days...



Cruel summer for container, dry bulk stocks as sun shines on tankers

Stocks of container and dry bulk shipowners took a beating this summer. Tanker stocks continued their ascent, with many U.S.-listed tanker owners hitting fresh 52-week highs on Tuesday. The consensus on tanker earnings: They’ve moved past their trough and are headed up from here. “The tanker sector can be characterized now as officially firing on all cylinders,” said Jefferies analyst Omar Nokta in a report this week. The consensus on container shipping and dry bulk earnings: They’ve moved past their peak. Many of these shipowners still earn exceptional profits. Container-ship lessors have locked up enormous sums of charter revenue for years ahead. Even so, equities are following the negative trend in spot freight rates...



AMPS – the new Australian medical union aiming

to ‘reclaim medicine’ from government bureaucrats

The Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) was established recently as an alternative to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF). The AMPS was founded in 2021 ‘to give a choice in representation. Doctors, not the government nor your employer can now choose who represents and protects them.’ The AMPS is run by doctors and not ‘union officials’, and supports...



Gulf Superyacht Summit programme announced

SuperYacht Times is pleased to announce the programme for the Gulf Superyacht Summit. The two-day event will be held on the 9 and 10 November in Dubai onboard the Queen Elizabeth 2, under the patronage of P&O Marinas. A limited amount of early bird tickets are still available. The Gulf Superyacht Summit will be held during the two days proceeding the first ever SailGP Championship to take place in Dubai’s Mina Rashid. Some of the key sponsors already signed up include Patron P&O Marinas, Event Partner Lürssen and Platinum Sponsors Al Seer Marine, Abu Dhabi Ports and Camper & Nicholsons International...



Deputies are fed up! –

Big Pharma under cross-examination!

Dear fellow citizens, A few days ago I already announced it: Big Pharma's attempts to evade our questions in the official EU COVID investigation committee with empty phrases and excuses have now come to an end. This time, when the top manager of AstraZeneca tries the same trick, she gets quite a nasty surprise. Some colleagues from different European countries and different factions support me in putting the screws on her. Witness in my latest video how AstraZeneca's Executive Vice-President for Europe and Canada simply can't get out of stuttering! Kind regards, Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)



The Wounded and Killed by the Enemy’s Death Jab

40-something Tulsa, Oklahoma NBC News affiliate anchor Julie Chin suffered a stroke on live TV last Saturday morning. Her story is currently making international headlines. Though mum’s the MSM word on whether Julie received death jabs that likely caused it, those who are half aware … are undoubtedly concluding that Julie Chin is more than likely another death jab victim. Yet you’ll never learn this watching CNN or reading the New York Times. With so much at stake, the corporate media has only doubled down on its false narrative lies. Bottom line, young extremely healthy athletes, all in the prime of their lives, have been keeling over on and off the playing field all around the world for more than a year and a half now, dead or permanently injured after having received the so-called Covid-19 vaccines. According to the latest update on a website called, “1249 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Injuries, 847 Dead, After COVID Injection.” Six corporate news outlets, all reading off the same false script, monopolizing virtually all news and information outflow to the public…  are in the genocidal business of purposely withholding lifesaving information from the global masses. Instead, the mainstream liars have taken to calling the rarely reported uptick in “strange” sudden deaths Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)...



Bill Gates arrives at climate change conference by helicopter, SUV

Katie Daviscourt went down to the Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA to get the full story on politicians and oligarchs lecturing attendees about reducing carbon emissions. Canadian and American West Coast politicians and oligarchs gathered in Blaine, Washington on Monday to attend the Cascadia Innovation Corridor Climate Change conference at the Semiahmoo Resort and Spa. Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA), Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA), Governor Kate Brown (D-OR), B.C. Premier John Horgan, Bill Gates, and other leaders in the transportation and tech industry discussed how they plan to build the world’s first sustainable mega-region. This is essentially a pact between West Coast states and Canada to implement climate policies that would get the region on track to reduce emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050, which is in accordance with the Paris Agreement. They plan to achieve this goal under three pillars: transportation, affordable housing, and environmental stewardship, according to ConnectCascadia. As politicians and oligarchs lectured attendees about reducing carbon emissions, Rebel News reporter Katie Daviscourt went down to the Semiahmoo Resort to get the full story...



Eastern China Ports Brace for Typhoon Muifa

BEIJING, Sept 13 (Reuters) – Authorities in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang ordered ships to return to port, told schools to close and evacuated tourists from nearby islands, as one of this year’s strongest typhoons is set to make landfall on Wednesday. Typhoon Muifa intensified on Tuesday as it barrelled towards the twin port cities of Ningbo and Zhoushan, which share the ranking of second-busiest port in China, in terms of cargo handled. State media said China’s 12th cyclone of the year was expected to make landfall between the cities of Wenling and Zhoushan, bringing torrential rains on its sweep through eastern and southern coastal areas. That includes the commercial hub of Shanghai, just north of Ningbo and Zhoushan, the official Xinhua news agency said...



For a sustainable future?  But for whom??

Monaco Yacht Show 2022 superyachts: Tatoosh, Laurel and Solo confirmed  

Monaco Yacht Show has announced the first superyachts that’ll be attending this year’s event. As we reported in the Monaco Yacht Market Report 2021, last year, the quays of Port Hercule were filled with 100 superyachts, with a combined value of €3.6 billion. The largest superyacht on display this year will be the 115.1-metre Lürssen-built superyacht Ahpo. Her builder will be presenting her, and has announced that she’ll be the “queen of the show”. Ahpo is striking, and her design came from the Italy-based studio Nuvolari Lenard. As she recently joined the charter fleet, her interior spaces were unveiled only a few months ago...



Message to a relieved but grieving nation

Covid restrictions are largely coming to an end in New Zealand. Thank you for some sanity. Never before have novel medical concepts been so intertwined with naive political allegiances and never before have careerist medical professionals been able to exercise total control over politicians. Good riddance. Does this draw the curtains on the pandemic and have we learnt the right lessons? Not yet. Boosters and excess deaths - When Jacinda Ardern announced the end of restrictions yesterday at a press briefing she was asked about our record high rates of excess deaths, but she ducked the question and changed the subject. Mainstream media needs to push harder on this line of questioning and Jacinda is not the only person they should be asking. She was also asked by some worried and fawning journalist when we would all be able to get our next booster. Her lightning reply showed just how much the truth is beginning to dawn...


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Since 2020/21 largest donor to the WHO:

Germany financed the global plandemic

For the most part, Bill Gates' Foundation is still considered the most important donor to the WHO - after all, he and his peers use it to secure influence on the policies of the member countries, which flushes billions into the coffers of investors through their direct or indirect prescribing of pharmaceutical treatments or "vaccinations". In the course of the plandemic, however, it was not Gates who mainly financed the global fraud surrounding Covid-19 by the WHO: it was the German taxpayers. Germany more than tripled its WHO contributions in 2020/21...



US embalmer - 'Definitely something has changed in human blood since...

A shocking report claims embalmers are finding disturbing clots in human blood, which many are claiming is the result of the COVID-19 mRNA spike protein. Embalmers are used to finding clots in corpses, but the ones they’re finding now are unlike anything they have seen before. The issue was highlighted in a recent report by NTD News. ‘Mysterious fibrous clots are showing up in people who’ve recently died. Some embalmers say the clots are found in most corpses these days, and they say they’ve never seen anything like it before.’ According to the report, the phenomenon started either in 2020 or 2021. They say the clots stand out because they’re exceptionally big – at a maximum, as long as a human leg, and as thick as a pinky finger. ‘Many of the embalmers say from what they’ve found, it seems like the clots are connected to the vaccine...



Greetings from Klaus Schwab’s WEF

David Attenborough’s Scaremongering About Arctic Sea Ice in

His New BBC Series is Bordering on Misinformation

The Arctic has been a happy hunting ground for the climate scaremonger Sir David Attenborough. Two years ago he made the fanciful claim that polar bears could die out in the 2030s. It is now generally accepted that polar bears have been thriving and increasing in numbers, and in his latest BBC documentary Frozen Planet II, Attenborough makes no mention of his previous claim. But he does make the astonishing suggestion that all the summer sea ice in the Arctic could be gone within 12 years. Unfortunately, such predictions are now out of date. Summer sea ice hit a low in 2012 and has been steadily recovering ever since. According to the latest data from the US-based National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) for the end August, “Sea ice extent is likely to remain higher than in recent years.” The evidence is shown in the graph below...



The Canadian Politician Who Says

He’ll Sack Ministers Who Attend Davos and Will Consign Justin Trudeau to Electoral Oblivion

Yesterday, Pierre Poilievre was elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada – and for the first time since he become Prime Minister in 2015 and Stephen Harper stepped down as leader of the Conservatives, Justin Trudeau has a truly formidable political opponent. The 43 year-old populist firebrand, who supported the freedom convoy and opposed vaccine mandates, is a political wunderkind, having first been elected to the Canadian Parliament in 2004, aged 25. Since then he has been re-elected at every subsequent election. The liberal Canadian media likes to describe him as a “conspiracy theorist”, largely because he accused Trudeau of wanting to impose a ‘Great Reset’ on Canada in 2020. In August 29th of this year, he held a leadership rally in which he said “I will ban all my ministers from getting involved in the World Economic Forum”. Just in case that wasn’t clear enough, he added: “If any of my ministers want to go to that big, fancy conference of billionaires with the World Economic Forum in Davos… they better make it a one-way ticket because they won’t be back in the Cabinet...



1st LNG Tanker Docks At New Dutch Floating Terminal

Two FSRUs (Floating Storage Regasification Units) arrived this week at the Dutch port of Eemshaven’s new terminal and has already starting unloading it’s first LNG Tanker, the operator Eemshaven LNG said today. The FSRUs will help replace capacity cuts on Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The LNG tanker Murex berthed alongside the regasification unit at the new EemsEnergyTerminal. The Terminal can handle 8 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year, a Gasunie spokesperson said. The terminal’s gas should start entering the Dutch grid next week, but the station won’t operate at full capacity until November or December. The terminal, near Groningen, has two Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs) that Gasunie leased at the request of the Dutch government. Until this year, the Netherlands only had an LNG terminal in the port of Rotterdam. The expansion in the Eemshaven and the optimization of the terminal in Rotterdam will double the import capacity for LNG. The LNG terminal in the port of Eemshaven will operate floating FSRUs (floating storage and regasification units), the Exmar S188 and the Golar Igloo. Together, the two FSRUs have a throughput capacity of approximately 8 bcm per year, which can contribute significantly to ensuring the security of supply and reducing dependence on Russian gas...



‘World’s largest’ cruise ship worth £1.2billion will be SCRAPPED before first voyage

The Global Dream II cost a whopping £1.2billion to build and was made to carry 9,000 passengers, but is now due to be scrapped with parts auctioned off before its first ever voyage. The Global Dream II is a massive 20-deck, 342m long vessel and includes a massive outdoor waterpark and cinema. But the humongous ship is now set to be turned to scrap metal before its maiden voyage. It was built by German-Hong Kong firm MV Werften and its construction had nearly finished when the company filed for bankruptcy at the start of the year. The ship cost a whopping £1.2billion to build - which was still £200million short of its budget - and has long been looking for a buyer to splash £900million on it to save it from the scrap heap...




133m superyacht Al Mirqab in Beaulieu-sur-Mer

Spotted last month anchored off Beaulieu-sur-Mer in the South of France, is the 133-metre superyacht Al Mirqab. Characterised by her sleek blue hull and discreet white superstructure, Al Mirqab was built by the German shipyard Peters Werft in 2008. Tim Heywood was responsible for her exterior design while her highly secretive interior comes from the drawing boards of Winch Design. The 9,604 GT Qatari-flagged superyacht was built for a high-profile owner and offers a grand swimming pool on the lower deck which can be opened up to the sea by side hatches to create the ultimate play area...



No, Liz Truss Was Not Always Anti-Lockdown

Liz Truss has won the race to become the new leader of the U.K. Conservative Party, and will take office as Britain’s next Prime Minister on Tuesday, replacing current PM Boris Johnson. During leadership hustings, when asked whether she “would ever authorise another lockdown,” Truss ruled them out: “No, I wouldn’t.” When asked whether she regretted any of her support for lockdowns during her time in government, Truss claimed she’d always been against them: “Every single time I was given the chance to express a view I was on the side of doing less.” But that’s a stretch. Truss repeatedly urged her constituents to comply with lockdown measures. And in fact, on BBC as late as October 2020, Truss defended the Government’s lockdown measures and chided critics who, as she put it, claimed they “don’t like” the measures without “proposing alternative measures”.  We’ve expanded test and trace and we are working to find a vaccine, but until we have a vaccine we do have to live with this disease, and the measures that we’ve put in place, whilst not measures that we’d want to have to do in normal times, are the best way of dealing with it that we have now. And I notice that none of the critics are proposing alternative measures, they’re simply saying they don’t like the current measures, and what I’m saying to you, Nick, is there’s a group of people saying the measures are too lax...



Super Typhon Disrupts Asian Shipping and Closes Korean Shipyards

A massive super typhoon is moving north along the Asian coast disrupting shipping, air travel, and businesses. South Korea is preparing for a direct hit from Typhoon Hinnamnor after it disrupted operations in China’s major seaports and the storm is then forecast to continue north impacting Japan and Russia. Being called by methodologists this year’s strongest global storm, the typhoon formed north of the Philippines and over the weekend skirted east past Taiwan and the Coast of China. While only a category three storm, weather services are noting the large diameter of the storm. The latest reports place Hinnamnor approximately 200 nautical miles southwest of Busan, South Korea moving at a speed of upwards of 20 mph. The storm has continued to move north-northwest with wave heights on the ocean currently being reported at 41 feet. Winds are currently reaching 115 mph which is down slightly from a top wind speed of 125 mph reported on Sunday. Rains have already spread across most of the southern part of the Korean peninsular with reports of flooding and a few evacuations. Forecasters now warning of very strong winds and heavy rains for South Korea. They are also warning of high waves and a possible tsunami surge as the storm is expected to reach Jeju Island Monday night and make landfall within approximately 50 miles of the port city of Busan early on Tuesday. Officials have already closed the port of Busan...



The geo-engineering KILL SWITCH has been activated for the entire planet...

The entire planet is being deliberately plunged into a global starvation nightmare engineered by world governments' geoengineering programs to achieve global depopulation. That is the warning from Dane Wigington of, a website dedicated to scientific investigation of the global "kill switch" portfolio of technologies being deployed to control the weather and predict the collapse of the world's life-supporting biosphere cause. The simultaneous droughts, floods and unpredictable weather we are currently seeing around the world are not natural weather events, Wigington warns. They are "engineered" weapons used against humanity under the guise of "climate change." In today's edition of the Situation Update podcast, we bring an hour-long interview with Dane Wigington, in which we explore the various vectors of the global attack on the food supply, the biosphere, phytoplankton in aquatic ecosystems, and life as we live it get to know planet earth, deal with it. This is a rare conversation between two scientifically trained individuals who know the truth about global depopulation and engineered starvation, weather weaponry, chemtrails, terraforming and the war on life. Other topics covered in today's podcast include...



New globalist draft horse in the stable?

Liz Truss has been appointed new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following an announcement by the Conservative Party in London...



Sunseeker 28m Black Diamond yacht destroyed in fire

On Thursday evening a fire broke out aboard the 28.15-metre Sunseeker yacht Black Diamond. The event occurred in the IMS yacht maintenance and repair shipyard in Saint-Mandrier, France. The yacht fire, the cause of which is unknown, completely engulfed the yacht, which has been marked as a total loss by authorities. The French media outlet reported that an explosion happened aboard the yacht at around 1am on Friday morning, and firefighters were quickly called to the scene. It took the team of 40 firefighters until the following morning to tackle the blaze, with concerns of the fire spreading to neighbouring yachts in the shipyard...



India Inducts Second Aircraft Carrier As Seas Get Militarized

India inducted a second domestically made aircraft carrier and the largest warship it has ever built into its naval fleet Friday, giving the South Asian nation a boost as the Indian Ocean gets more militarized. Protecting the sea lanes of trade in the Indo-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions are a priority today and this will boost trade and the global economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a ceremony in the southern city of Kochi. Modi inducted the 45,000-ton Indian Naval Ship Vikrant, which was twenty years in the making. The vessel will carry 30 aircraft and 1,700 sailors. New Delhi is also considering plans to commission a third carrier to add to its naval capabilities. “Carriers give countries the ability to exert influence by being present at faraway places continuously,” said retired Commodore Srikanth Kesnur, who teaches at the India’s Naval College in Goa. “It’s a much needed shot in the arm when Indo-Pacific is militarizing...



Super yacht sank in Kolona Bay, Kythnos island, Greece

Super yacht 007 with 5 passengers on board sank in Kolona Bay, Kythnos island, Greece, Aegean sea, on Sep 2. Yacht rested portside on bottom with half of hull remaining above waterline. What happened and why yacht sank, is yet unknown. 5 people on board were rescued. Super yacht 007, GT 400, length 49 meters, built 2006, flag UK, guests 10, crew 5...


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