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From October 12, 2022 to April 15, 2023, Meridian will appear as a reduced summer edition

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Navies of Tanzania, Mozambique, and India

India participates in first-ever trilateral military exercise with African nations: Details

The military drill takes place against the backdrop of the statement of the head of the Indian Navy, Admiral R Hari Kumar, who recently said that “China remains a formidable challenge and has increased its presence, not only along our land borders but also in the maritime domain by leveraging anti-piracy operations to normalize its naval presence," in the IOR. New Delhi: In an effort to strengthen its defence ties with Africa, India recently hosted its first-ever trilateral Navy exercise. This week saw the trilateral drill between the Navies of Tanzania, Mozambique, and India, The Economic Times reported. The Gandhinagar Declaration, which was adopted at the recently concluded India Africa Defence Dialogue in Gandhinagar, on the margins of Defexpo 2022, was followed immediately by this exercise. While their force is currently conducting its first trilateral exercise with Tanzania and Mozambique off the east African coast, top Navy commanders will review India's maritime security and operational preparedness the following week, particularly in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) where there is expanding China-Pakistan collusion...



"Unwanted Russian Oil” Fills Singapore Anchorage

A fleet of tankers filled with Russian fuel oil have anchored near Singapore and Malaysia as more flows are directed toward Asia ahead of European Union sanctions that take effect early next year. About 1.1 million tons of high-sulfur fuel oil were being stored on vessels in the week through Oct. 24, according to Vortexa. While the volume has eased slightly from a record, it’s still more than double the level a year ago. HSFO is used in power generation and to fuel ships fitted with pollution-reducing kits. Singapore is the world’s biggest ship-refueling hub and a key oil distribution center in Asia. Waters around the city-state, including near Malaysia’s Tanjung Pelepas port or the Johor Strait, can be used for ship-to-ship transfers of oil products or crude. The practice is often used to mask the origin of a cargo. Russian fuel oil has sometimes been carried on multiple vessels before ending up in floating storage in the region. The Sagar Violet loaded fuel oil from Ust-Luga in Russia before unloading some of its cargo into another tanker called Parosea near Malaysia, according to Vortexa. Parosea then transferred some fuel to Fortune Star, which is currently anchored near Tanjung Pelepas...



USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide

As seen on Tucker Carlson Tonight! The inside story of the laptop that exposed the president’s dirtiest secret. When a drug-addled Hunter Biden abandoned his waterlogged computer at a Mac repair shop in Delaware in the spring of 2019, just six days before his father announced his candidacy for the United States presidency, it became the ticking time bomb in the shadows of Joe Biden’s campaign. The dirty secrets contained in Hunter’s laptop almost derailed his father’s presidential campaign and ignited one of the greatest media coverups in American history. This is the unvarnished story of what’s really inside the laptop and what China knows about the Bidens, by the New York Post journalist who brought it into the open. It exposes the coordinated censorship operation by Big Tech, the media establishment, and former intelligence operatives to stifle the New York Post’s coverage, in a chilling exercise of raw political power three weeks before the 2020 election. A treasure trove of corporate documents, emails, text messages, photographs, and voice recordings, spanning a decade, the laptop provided the first evidence that President Joe Biden was involved in his son’s ventures in China, Ukraine, and beyond, despite his repeated denials. This intimate insight into Hunter’s dissolute lifestyle shows he was incapable of holding down a job, let alone being paid tens of millions of dollars in high-powered international business deals by foreign interests, unless he had something else of value to sell—which of course he did. He was the son of the vice president who would go on to become the leader of the free world...



South Africa Welcomes Sanctioned Russian Yacht

South Africa’s government said it has “no reason” to apply sanctions brought against Russian tycoon Alexey Mordashov and that his $500 million megayacht is free to dock at its ports. Mordashov is the biggest shareholder in steelmaker Severstal PJSC and was sanctioned by the European Union, the UK and US after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The mogul’s 465-foot (142-meter) Nord passed north of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, on Tuesday and is expected to arrive in Cape Town on Nov. 9, ship-tracking data compiled by Bloomberg shows. Geordin Hill-Lewis, Cape Town’s mayor and a member of the main opposition Democratic Alliance, on Monday called for the vessel to be denied entry. But the government, which in March abstained from a United Nations vote condemning the invasion, rejected the plea. “South Africa has no legal obligation to abide by sanctions imposed by the US and EU,” Vincent Magwenya, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s spokesman, told reporters Tuesday in Pretoria, the capital. “We have no reason to prevent their entry into South Africa.” Mordashov, Russia’s third-richest person, has been in Moscow since the Nord’s earlier arrival in Hong Kong, a spokesperson for the billionaire said last week. The spokesperson declined to comment on the vessel’s movements...



Journalists Film Nord Stream Blast Damage

A section measuring at least 50 meters (164 feet) is missing from the ruptured Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea, Swedish daily Expressen reported on Tuesday after filming what it said were the first publicly released images of the damage. Swedish police and prosecutors suspect the leaks that emerged on Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 on Sept. 26 were caused by deliberate subsea blasts, and are investigating the case as an act of gross sabotage. Expressen’s video, captured with a small remotely operated underwater vehicle, or subsea drone, showed bent metal and a wide-open pipeline in murky waters at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Parts of the pipeline appeared to have straight, sharp edges while others were deformed, showed the footage recorded at a depth of roughly 80 meters (262 feet). The video was filmed on Monday, Expressen said. Reuters could not independently verify that the images published by the newspaper were of Nord Stream 1. Sweden’s security services said this month they had seized material on site after concluding their investigation...



For an environmentally friendly and sustainable future

Ritz-Carlton Launches Its First Yacht in the Ultra-Luxury Cruise Segment

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection's first yacht, the "Evrima" departed on her maiden voyage on October 15th. The ship’s first voyage is from Barcelona in Spain to Nice in France. The most recent ship to enter into the ultra-luxury category, Evrima was announced in June 2017. Unfortunately, the launch was delayed 8 times because of problems at the shipyard and problems in the supply chain due to Covid-19. There are 149 suites to accommodate the guests, each complete with a private balcony. The suites range from 300 to 1091 square feet. The Evrima also features 12 two-story loft suites. The ship boasts luxuries such as a three Michelin Starred Chef, dedicated personal assistants, a champagne bar, four pools, a humidor, and a nightclub among others. There will also be special child-friendly amenities and features for kids aged between 4 and 12...



The largest yachts attending Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2022

With the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show quickly approaching, SuperYacht Times takes a look at some of the largest yachts attending this year’s event. Built by the German shipyard Lürssen in 1994 as one of the yard’s largest projects at the time, she featured original exterior and interior design by Jon Bannenberg while her builder was responsible for the naval architecture. Originally known as Coral Island, Coral Ocean recently received a €35 million extensive refit at STP shipyard in Mallorca. She has been entirely redesigned by the Ahoy Club team, the company who now own and charter the vessel. Take a look onboard and learn more about one of the most iconic  Lürssen superyachts ever built here...



Indian SSBN INS Arihant Fires Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile

The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced in a statement: “The missile was tested to a predetermined range and impacted the target area in the Bay of Bengal with very high accuracy. All operational and technological parameters of the weapon system have been validated”. The Indian MoD added that the successful user training launch of the SLBM by INS Arihant is significant to prove crew competency and validate the SSBN program, a key element of India’s nuclear deterrence capability. A robust, survivable and assured retaliatory capability is in keeping with India’s policy to have ‘Credible Minimum Deterrence‘ that underpins its ‘No First Use’ commitment. The exact type of SLBM used in the test was not disclosed. These could be K-15 ‘Sagarika’ or K-4 missiles. K-15 can deliver a 1,000 kg warhead about 400 nautical miles. Twelve of them can be deployed by Arihant. However this missile is seen as an interim solution.  The newer K-4 is a full-size SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile). This is expected to have a range of around 1,900 nautical miles, almost 4 times that of the K-15...



Dozens of LNG Carriers Back Up Off European Ports Waiting to Unload

Dozens of ships carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) are circling off the coasts of Spain and other European countries unable to secure slots to unload because plants that convert the seaborne fuel back to gas are full. Europe is facing an energy supply squeeze as Russia has progressively cut gas flows after the West imposed sanctions in response to the Ukraine war. The region has had to find alternative supplies, including LNG, but the arrival of multiple cargoes of the superchilled fuel has exposed Europe’s lack of “regasification” capacity.  There are more than 35 LNG-laden vessels drifting off Spain and around the Mediterranean, with at least eight vessels anchored off the Bay of Cadiz alone, traders, analysts and sources at LNG terminals familiar with the situation said on Monday...



Gotlandsbolaget Unveils Hydrogen-powered Catamaran Ferry

Swedish company Gotlandsbolaget has unveiled the Gotland Hydrocat concept vessel, said to be the world's first large-scale, high-speed catamaran with fossil-free hydrogen propulsion. Slated to enter service in 2030, the high-speed vessel will operate between Gotland and the Swedish mainland, reducing crossing times to under three hours. The vessel is the second vessel in Gotlandsbolaget's Horizon series of high-speed passenger and cargo vessels, launched as a concept model in 2021 with the Gotland Horizon. Both Gotland Hydrocat and Gotland Horizon are being developed to minimize emissions from shipping. The two ship models will be able to offer even faster, more flexible and more sustainable trips to and from Gotland. "We don't think Gotland should have to choose between crossing time and climate benefits. That is why we are now developing the next generation of ships - the Horizon series - which, through new technology, will enable an even better service and capacity while reducing emissions significantly," said Håkan Johansson, CEO of Gotlandsbolaget...



Green hydrogen prices have nearly tripled as energy costs climb: S&P

The cost of electrolytic hydrogen from renewable energy spiked as high as $16.80/kg in late July, three times recent price norms, according to S&P Global Commodity Insights. Because hydrogen must be derived from inputs such as natural gas or renewable electricity, the cost of hydrogen rises alongside these resources, according to Alan Hayes, head of energy transition pricing for S&P Global Commodity Insights. Surging energy costs in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas market have driven the largest hydrogen price hikes, Hayes said...



Russian Navy Wants Permission To Inspect Nord Stream Leaks

Russia needs permission for its vessels to conduct investigations into explosions that damaged Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Friday. He did not specify who should grant the permission but Nord Stream AG, the operator of the older Nord Stream 1 pipeline, said last week that the owner of a survey vessel it chartered did not have the greenlight from the Norwegian foreign ministry to depart and start assessing ruptures to the pipelines. “The whole question is in the access for our vessels, which should have rights of passage (to the area of the incidents),” Novak told reporters, commenting on Moscow’s efforts to investigate the damage to the pipelines. Russia said on Thursday it had summoned diplomats from Germany, Denmark and Sweden to complain that representatives from Moscow and Gazprom had not been invited to join an investigation into the leaks in the gas pipelines that run from Russia to Europe. Sweden has previously rejected calls from Russian authorities to be part of the investigation or to share any findings before it is complicated...



Launch ceremony of Jingei Submarine

Japan's newest submarine “Jingei” (515) was launched today at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) shipyard in Kobe. It is the third boat of the new Taigei-class, the latest class of advanced diesel electric submarines (SSK) for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). Jingei means “fast swimming whale” in Japanese and was once used as the name of a submarine tender of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Taigei-class submarines are named after whales or large fishes. The first submarine of the class, Taigei (meaning “Great Whale”) was launched by MHI in October 2020 and commissioned with the JMSDF in March 2022. Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) launched the second one, Hakugei, in October 2021. Jingei is set to be delivered to the JMSDF in 2023...



New Alberta premier says unvaccinated 'most discriminated against group' after swearing-in

Danielle Smith says she plans to replace Dr. Deena Hinshaw and recruit new advisers. After being sworn in, Alberta’s new Premier Danielle Smith said her proposed sovereignty act would adhere to Supreme Court rulings, even as Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says he plans to push back on what he calls federal intrusion. Alberta's new premier says outgoing premier Jason Kenney hasn't responded to her invitation for a meeting. "I think the premier needs a little bit of time," newly minted Premier Danielle Smith said at her first news conference after being sworn in Tuesday morning. In a tweet last week, Kenney congratulated Smith for defeating six competitors to win the UCP leadership race, and said there would be an "orderly transition" as she takes the helm of government. "I think it was pretty clear he had a preferred candidate in this race, and it wasn't me," Smith said. Smith also said Albertans should expect rapid changes to who is managing health care in the province. She will replace Alberta's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, and recruit a new team of advisers in public health that consider COVID-19 to be an endemic disease...



Shofu Maru, World’s First Cargo Vessel Equipped With ‘Wind Challenger’ Hard Sail Delivered

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) and Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. (President: Kojiro Higuchi; Headquarters: Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture) announced that a coal carrier equipped with Wind Challenger (a hard sail wind power propulsion system)*1 was delivered and started operation on October 7, 2022. At the completion of the vessel, a naming and handover ceremony was held at Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (President: Eiichi Hiraga; Headquarters: Saikai-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture) and the vessel was named SHOFU MARU*2. The SHOFU MARU is the world’s first vessel equipped with Wind Challenger, and will transport coal*3 mainly from Australia, Indonesia, and North America as a dedicated vessel for Tohoku Electric Power Co. The introduction of the Wind Challenger is expected to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions about 5% on a Japan-Australia voyage and about 8% on a Japan-North America West Coast voyage, compared to a conventional vessel of the same type, and contribute to curbing GHG emissions during fuel transportation...



It is Time The Media Told The Truth About The War in Ukraine

One of the classic symptoms that a side is losing a war is that it gets more and more desperate, both in its statements and in its actions. That was never more clearly demonstrated than in the war currently being waged in Ukraine. In the past two weeks, explosives have been used to damage both Nord Stream 1 and 2, and also the bridge linking the Russian mainland to Crimea. There is little doubt that both sets of attacks were carried out with the knowledge and consent of the Americans, though the actual damage has been done by other parties. In the case of the two Nord Stream pipelines, the current favourites for actually carrying out the attacks are the Poles. The intensity of Poland’s dislike of the Russians is in no doubt. The congratulations to the Americans for the attacks by the former Polish minister (and current European parliamentarian) was unjustly an exercise in deflecting blame from his own country. What is without doubt that the attacks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, and on the bridge linking Crimea with the Russian mainland would have been carried out with the knowledge and consent of the Americans. Both sets of attacks mark a new upbeat in the intensity of the war against Russia. As such they are both incredibly dangerous. Have no doubt, this is a war against Russia, and although the Americans lack the courage to openly declare it as such, make no mistake, this is what they are doing. The object, as is often the case with United States operations against foreign parties, is regime change...



WEF has been ‘upfront’ about ‘Great Reset’ agenda

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says the WEF has been “upfront” about its “agenda” for the public. “WEF founder Klaus Schwab even wrote about it in a book entitled the Great Reset - that's where you'll own nothing and be happy,” Mr Bernardi said. “These same leaders celebrate movements that rely on deceit, destruction and chaos to divide society while a largely compliant media mostly report only the official interpretation of events. He said “agents of political change” are now so emboldened they will “happily lie and seem to have no fear of being exposed”. “They will misrepresent everything, from war to science, from economics to biology, in order to condition you to endorse what is unacceptable," Mr Bernardi said. “These things are being done before our very eyes, and yet, most people refuse to see...



The world is under attack!

Multibillionaire criminals are setting up a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny.

Since the beginning of time, power hungry madmen have attempted to seize control over the entire world. Egyptian pharaohs, Asian emperors, European warlords, Roman emperors, Russian tsars, and British kings waged relentless wars, trying to gain absolute power over the rest of humanity. One world empire succeeded the other: the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Roman, Chinese, Spanish, British empires all had one goal: conquer the nations, and if possible… rule the entire world. The age old desire for world domination is one of the most basic realities in the history of humanity. Many people in our time, however, have been led to believe that the dark desire to rule the world has somehow miraculously disappeared. Nothing could be further from the truth. This diabolical lust is more alive and dangerous today, than ever before. New technologies and the all-encompassing mind control by the omnipresent news media is creating unprecedented opportunities to enslave the entire human race, without most people even realizing it...



National Guard Lost 7,500 Service Members in Past Year,

Could Lose More Amid COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: Service Officials

The National Guard lost about 7,500 members over the past year, and membership could dwindle even more due to potential future discharges of up to 14,000 soldiers amid the U.S. military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to reports. The total annual loss of some 7,500 members is due to higher numbers of soldiers retiring or leaving the National Guard compared to those coming in, officials told The Associated Press. They have cited challenges in recruiting, as well as how more soldiers are deciding not to reenlist when their tour concludes. Army National Guard chief of staff Maj. Gen. Rich Baldwin told AP that the current staffing challenges are the worst he has witnessed in the past 20 years...



Florida health official stops mRNA jab for men aged 18-36, cites...

Florida State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo has announced new guidance regarding mRNA vaccines. The Florida Department of Health (Department) conducted an analysis through a self-controlled case series, which is a technique originally developed to evaluate vaccine safety. This analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination. With a high level of global immunity to COVID-19, the benefit of vaccination is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiac-related death among men in this age group. Non-mRNA vaccines were not found to have these increased risks. As such, the State Surgeon General recommends against males aged 18 to 39 from receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Those with preexisting cardiac conditions, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, should take particular caution when making this decision. “Studying the safety and efficacy of any medications, including vaccines, is an important component of public health,” said Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. “Far less attention has been paid to safety and the concerns of many individuals have been dismissed – these are important findings that should be communicated to Floridians...



Twitter Censors Florida Surgeon General for Tweeting His Recommendation Against mRNA Vaccination Due to Heart Death Risk

Yesterday I wrote about the new decision by Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo to recommend against mRNA vaccines for 18-39 year old men due to risk of death from heart problems. I predicted social media would now try to censor the Surgeon General. Twitter has now censored him for this tweet...



RV - Hatch Left Open Nearly Sunk a $3 Billion Dollar Indian Nuclear Submarine

The modern submarine is not a simple machine. A loss of propulsion, unexpected flooding, or trouble with reactors or weapons can doom a sub crew to a watery grave. Also, it’s a good idea to, like, close the hatches before you dive. Call it a lesson learned for the Indian navy, which managed to put the country’s first nuclear-missile submarine, the $2.9 billion INS Arihant, out of commission in the most boneheaded way possible.The Hindu reported yesterday that the Arihant has been out of commission since suffering “major damage” some 10 months ago, due to what a navy source characterized as a “human error” — to wit: allowing water to flood to sub’s propulsion compartment after failing to secure one of the vessel’s external hatches...



Feadship’s 118m flagship superyacht 1010 on sea trials

The 118-metre Feadship 1010 superyacht has just undertaken her first sea trials. She was launched a few weeks ago, which gave us the first look at her Espen Øino exterior design. The superyacht has a dark blue hull and a red line across her waterline. Our in-house Content Creator, Ruben Griffioen booked a helicopter and followed her across the North Sea . Feadship 1010 superyacht has long, flowing and natural lines, and features a glass observational lounge up top. Very little is known about her, aside from that she has a spacious beach club, and that her interior spaces were curated by the French studio Zuretti Interior Design. It is believed that Feadship 1010 yacht has around 5,000 GT of interior volume, making her one of the largest superyachts to be launched in the Netherlands, to date...



Norwegian Cruise Line To Drop Covid-19 Vaccination, Masking, And Testing Mandates

Norwegian Cruise Line reported Monday that it had started easing its COVID-19 safety measures on its vessels by dropping the need for testing, masking, and vaccination, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic loosens its grip over the world. The decisions made by the cruise line come after several nations lifted testing needs for international air travellers as individuals return to their pre-pandemic lifestyles across the globe. The cruise line, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, said even with the easing of health and safety protocols, which will be effective on 4 October, it’d continue to abide by travel guidelines as mandated by the destinations it visits...



Gazprom: One Nord Stream Pipe String May Still Be Usable

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline system is still half operable, according to owner Gazprom, and could be used to supply Russian natural gas to Germany - with political permission. A suspected sabotage attack blew at least three and potentially four holes in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines last week. An investigation under the aegis of the Swedish, Danish and German governments is currently under way. Industry experts say that the damage would take six to 18 months to repair, assuming that the interested parties wish to or are allowed to fix the infrastructure; Gazprom was sanctioned by the United States after the invasion of Ukraine, making business deals difficult for contractors. Though widely misreported as single pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2 each have two parallel pipes or "strings," and all four are of roughly equal capacity. Gazprom says that both of the strings in the Nord Stream 1 system were damaged, but one Nord Stream 2 string remains pressurized and potentially intact...



Pedogate Morality Can Go Two Ways,

Part 2: Rampant Pedophilia in UK Elites

In Part 1, I used the work of Tiger and Fox to emphasize the fact — which is seldom mentioned — that our social arrangements are largely predicted by our species’ biology. Tiger is the major theorist of male bonding, as I discussed in my series on Eusociality. Perhaps “political correctness” is the reason why this all-male subject gets overlooked. An important point is that males at the top are subconsciously trying to impress others whose approval is needed for them to stay in the upper circle. It may be a stretch to say that that’s why such a large number of high-level persons engage in pedophilia — to please their bosses. But it is worth considering. Here in Part 2, we will look at pedo’s of high rank in the UK.  Joachim Hagopian’s book Pedophilia and Empire, Volume 2, is my source for this material. His book is well-footnoted, though mostly referencing newspaper reports over the years. First, I will sketch Hagopian’s data about major British figures, and then talk about the abuse of boys in care homes and other UK scandals of the last 40 years. The main crime is the pedophilia — sex with minors.  But in many cases, there is also torture and/or murder of the victim...



As Gates Doubles Down on Digital IDs, Critic Warns of ‘Gravest Technological Threat’ to Liberty

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this month announced $200 million in new funding — part of an overall $1.27 billion commitment in support of “global health and development projects” that include creating a global digital ID system. The $200 million in new funding — part of an overall $1.27 billion commitment by the BMGF in support of “global health and development projects,” is closely tied to Goal 16.9 of the SDGs, for which “digital identity programs are supposedly needed,” Reclaim the Net reported. The funding adds to several existing BMFG-supported global digital ID initiatives, even as such initiatives come under fire for violating people’s right to privacy...



Forecasters are Predicting a Cold Winter in Europe

Yesterday, Gazprom announced that one of the two lines comprising the Nord Stream 2 pipeline may still be operational. (Which, incidentally, slightly raises the probability that Russia was behind the sabotage.) Although Line B’s capacity is only a quarter of the total, turning it on could make a tangible difference to European energy prices. However, this doesn’t seem very likely to happen. Europe has been planning more sanctions on Russia, not fewer – since the latter formally annexed four regions of Ukraine last week. So even if Gazprom can get Line B up and running this winter, Europeans will probably just have to take the pain. How much pain? For months, analysts have been saying that it all depends on weather. Gas consumption is closely related to temperature because gas is the main source of fuel for domestic heating. Here’s a chart showing the relationship in France, taken from a recent academic paper. The relationship between temperature and gas consumption in France...



Nordic Countries’ Response to Nord Stream Sabotage

The aftermath of the sabotage against the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea on 26 September has seen heightened readiness among several countries in both the Baltic and the North Sea. The explosions took place in the Swedish and Danish exclusive economic zones, and the Danish Navy was quick to send both naval and airborne units to investigate, while on the Swedish side the Coast Guard is responsible with the Navy standing by to provide assistance if needed. The Swedish Armed Forces in a statement released on 1 October note that the earlier heightened level of alert is kept up and they cooperate closely with other government agencies. The submarine rescue vessel HMS Belos was dispatched to the Nord Stream leaks sites. The Danish vessels deployed to the site of the leakages include environmental protection ship HDMS Gunnar Thorson as well as the frigate HDMS Absalon. Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen has also discussed with a number of European leaders as well as NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg regarding cooperation on securing critical infrastructure...



Are The Jabbed Now A New Human Species: Homo Borg Genesis?

COVID-style mRNA vaccine work is underway for foot and mouth disease. Farmers are urging the development of an mRNA vaccine for foot and mouth disease, as Australia intensifies the screening of people arriving from Indonesia through boosted biosecurity powers. It seems “they” are coming to get you one way or another. Today, an interview with attorney, Todd Callender on the Dr Jane Ruby Show. According to Our World in Data, 64% of the world’s population has taken the mRNA modifications. They discuss genetically modified human beings; who owns a human being if they take a gene-changing product that gives them a different genetic structure, and are the jabbed now homo borg genesis, a new human species...


Map of the Nord-Stream pipeline leak


Who’s To Blame For The Nord-Stream Gas Pipeline Leak?

Major leaks that suddenly erupted in the Nord Stream gas pipelines that run from Russia to Europe under the Baltic Sea have generated plenty of theories but few clear answers about who or what caused the damage...



Why Won’t the Canadian Medical Association Comment

on the 32 Deaths of Vaccinated Doctors Since the Rollout Began?

Dr. William Makis, a doctor in Canada, has written to the Presidents of the Canadian Medical Association to draw their attention to what appears to be an extraordinarily high death rate among doctors in Canada, 32 of whom died “suddenly and unexpectedly” in the past 16 months. Dr. Makis points out that all of them were double, triple or quadruple COVID‐19 vaccinated, and argues each death is “highly suspicious for COVID‐19 vaccine injury, as these previously healthy doctors died suddenly while engaging in regular physical activity, died unexpectedly in their sleep, suffered heart attacks, strokes, unusual accidents, or developed sudden onset aggressive cancers”. Steve Kirsch reports that Dr. Makis has received no response to his letter sent four weeks ago. While the letter’s sample lacks a control group to compare how many such deaths would be expected among the cohort during the period, the figure does seem to be extremely high given the age of the doctors, and the circumstances of the deaths are indeed consistent with vaccine injury. It’s certainly not proof of causation, but it’s something that warrants urgent investigation, and the CMA’s silence is disturbing.



Climate Bombshell: Greenland Ice Sheet Recovers as Scientists Say

Earlier Loss was Due to Natural Warming Not CO2 Emissions

A popular scare story running in the media is that the Greenland ice sheet is about to slip its moorings under ferocious and unprecedented Arctic heat and arrive in the reader’s front room any day now (I exaggerate, but not much). Meanwhile back in the scientific world, scientists are scrambling to understand what natural causes lie behind the sudden slow-down in Greenland’s summer warming and ice loss dating back to 2010. The recovery of Arctic summer sea ice has been spectacular of late, with the U.S.-based National Snow and Ice Data Center reporting that this year’s September minimum was 1.28 million square kilometres  higher than the 2012 low point of 3.39 million square kilometres. Three Japanese climatologists have recently published a paper noting that “frequent occurrence of central Pacific El Niño events has played a key role in the [abrupt] slow-down of Greenland warming and possibly Arctic sea ice loss”. Of course such findings play havoc with the simplistic ‘settled’ science notion that carbon dioxide produced by humans burning fossil fuel is the main, if not only, driver of global temperature warming or cooling – a notion that leads many green activists to claim that the climate will stop changing if society signs on to a ‘Net Zero’ CO2 emissions agenda.



‘The cheating and naked deception’ of the West is coming to an end:

Full text of Putin speech

Putin Moscow speech news - On Friday (Moscow Time), a ceremony for the signing of treaties of succession of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson took place at the Kremlin. Following the ceremony President Putin delivered a speech in which he outlined the state of the world today, with a particular focus on the historical context of current events, and on the inevitable end of the western unipolar system – a system which has been based on centuries of the oppression, deception and exploitation of countless millions of innocent people around the world. DTNZ reproduces the speech in English in full below. English text of Putin’s speech:


Citizens of Russia, citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, residents of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, deputies of the State Duma, senators of the Russian Federation,


As you know, referendums have been held in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. The ballots have been counted and the results have been announced. The people have made their unequivocal choice.


Today we will sign treaties on the accession of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Lugansk People’s Republic, Zaporozhye Region and Kherson Region to the Russian Federation. I have no doubt that the Federal Assembly will support the constitutional laws on the accession to Russia and the establishment of four new regions, our new constituent entities of the Russian Federation, because this is the will of millions of people. (Applause.)


It is undoubtedly their right, an inherent right sealed in Article 1 of the UN Charter, which directly states the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.


I repeat, it is an inherent right of the people. It is based on our historical affinity, and it is that right that led generations of our predecessors, those who built and defended Russia for centuries since the period of Ancient Rus, to victory.


Here in Novorossiya, [Pyotr] Rumyantsev, [Alexander] Suvorov and [Fyodor] Ushakov fought their battles, and Catherine the Great and [Grigory] Potyomkin founded new cities. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought here to the bitter end during the Great Patriotic War.


We will always remember the heroes of the Russian Spring, those who refused to accept the neo-Nazi coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014, all those who died for the right to speak their native language, to preserve their culture, traditions and religion, and for the very right to live. We remember the soldiers of Donbass, the martyrs of the “Odessa Khatyn,” the victims of inhuman terrorist attacks carried out by the Kiev regime. We commemorate volunteers and militiamen, civilians, children, women, senior citizens, Russians, Ukrainians, people of various nationalities; popular leader of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko; military commanders Arsen Pavlov and Vladimir Zhoga, Olga Kochura and Alexei Mozgovoy; prosecutor of the Lugansk Republic Sergei Gorenko; paratrooper Nurmagomed Gadzhimagomedov and all our soldiers and officers who died a hero’s death during the special military operation. They are heroes. (Applause.) Heroes of great Russia. Please join me in a minute of silence to honour their memory.


(Minute of silence.)


Thank you.


Behind the choice of millions of residents in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, is our common destiny and thousand-year history. People have passed this spiritual connection on to their children and grandchildren. Despite all the trials they endured, they carried the love for Russia through the years. This is something no one can destroy. That is why both older generations and young people – those who were born after the tragic collapse of the Soviet Union – have voted for our unity, for our common future.


In 1991 in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, representatives of the party elite of that time made a decision to terminate the Soviet Union, without asking ordinary citizens what they wanted, and people suddenly found themselves cut off from their homeland. This tore apart and dismembered our national community and triggered a national catastrophe. Just like the government quietly demarcated the borders of Soviet republics, acting behind the scenes after the 1917 revolution, the last leaders of the Soviet Union, contrary to the direct expression of the will of the majority of people in the referendum of 1991, destroyed our great country, and simply made the people in the former republics face this as an accomplished fact.


I can admit that they didn’t even know what they were doing and what consequences their actions would have in the end. But it doesn’t matter now. There is no Soviet Union anymore; we cannot return to the past. Actually, Russia no longer needs it today; this isn’t our ambition. But there is nothing stronger than the determination of millions of people who, by their culture, religion, traditions, and language, consider themselves part of Russia, whose ancestors lived in a single country for centuries. There is nothing stronger than their determination to return to their true historical homeland.


For eight long years, people in Donbass were subjected to genocide, shelling and blockades; in Kherson and Zaporozhye, a criminal policy was pursued to cultivate hatred for Russia, for everything Russian. Now too, during the referendums, the Kiev regime threatened schoolteachers, women who worked in election commissions with reprisals and death. Kiev threatened millions of people who came to express their will with repression. But the people of Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson weren’t broken, and they had their say.


I want the Kiev authorities and their true handlers in the West to hear me now, and I want everyone to remember this: the people living in Lugansk and Donetsk, in Kherson and Zaporozhye have become our citizens, forever. (Applause.)


We call on the Kiev regime to immediately cease fire and all hostilities; to end the war it unleashed back in 2014 and return to the negotiating table. We are ready for this, as we have said more than once. But the choice of the people in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson will not be discussed. The decision has been made, and Russia will not betray it. (Applause.) Kiev’s current authorities should respect this free expression of the people’s will; there is no other way. This is the only way to peace.


We will defend our land with all the forces and resources we have, and we will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our people. This is the great liberating mission of our nation.


We will definitely rebuild the destroyed cities and towns, the residential buildings, schools, hospitals, theatres and museums. We will restore and develop industrial enterprises, factories, infrastructure, as well as the social security, pension, healthcare and education systems.


We will certainly work to improve the level of security. Together we will make sure that citizens in the new regions can feel the support of all the people of Russia, of the entire nation, all the republics, territories and regions of our vast Motherland. (Applause.)


Friends, colleagues,


Today I would like to address our soldiers and officers who are taking part in the special military operation, the fighters of Donbass and Novorossiya, those who went to military recruitment offices after receiving a call-up paper under the executive order on partial mobilisation, and those who did this voluntarily, answering the call of their hearts. I would like to address their parents, wives and children, to tell them what our people are fighting for, what kind of enemy we are up against, and who is pushing the world into new wars and crises and deriving blood-stained benefits from this tragedy.


Our compatriots, our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are part of our united people have seen with their own eyes what the ruling class of the so-called West have prepared for humanity as a whole. They have dropped their masks and shown what they are really made of.


When the Soviet Union collapsed, the West decided that the world and all of us would permanently accede to its dictates. In 1991, the West thought that Russia would never rise after such shocks and would fall to pieces on its own. This almost happened. We remember the horrible 1990s, hungry, cold and hopeless. But Russia remained standing, came alive, grew stronger and occupied its rightful place in the world.


Meanwhile, the West continued and continues looking for another chance to strike a blow at us, to weaken and break up Russia, which they have always dreamed about, to divide our state and set our peoples against each other, and to condemn them to poverty and extinction. They cannot rest easy knowing that there is such a great country with this huge territory in the world, with its natural wealth, resources and people who cannot and will not do someone else’s bidding.


The West is ready to cross every line to preserve the neo-colonial system which allows it to live off the world, to plunder it thanks to the domination of the dollar and technology, to collect an actual tribute from humanity, to extract its primary source of unearned prosperity, the rent paid to the hegemon. The preservation of this annuity is their main, real and absolutely self-serving motivation. This is why total de-sovereignisation is in their interest. This explains their aggression towards independent states, traditional values and authentic cultures, their attempts to undermine international and integration processes, new global currencies and technological development centres they cannot control. It is critically important for them to force all countries to surrender their sovereignty to the United States.


In certain countries, the ruling elites voluntarily agree to do this, voluntarily agree to become vassals; others are bribed or intimidated. And if this does not work, they destroy entire states, leaving behind humanitarian disasters, devastation, ruins, millions of wrecked and mangled human lives, terrorist enclaves, social disaster zones, protectorates, colonies and semi-colonies. They don’t care. All they care about is their own benefit.


I want to underscore again that their insatiability and determination to preserve their unfettered dominance are the real causes of the hybrid war that the collective West is waging against Russia. They do not want us to be free; they want us to be a colony. They do not want equal cooperation; they want to loot. They do not want to see us a free society, but a mass of soulless slaves.


They see our thought and our philosophy as a direct threat. That is why they target our philosophers for assassination. Our culture and art present a danger to them, so they are trying to ban them. Our development and prosperity are also a threat to them because competition is growing. They do not want or need Russia, but we do. (Applause.)


I would like to remind you that in the past, ambitions of world domination have repeatedly shattered against the courage and resilience of our people. Russia will always be Russia. We will continue to defend our values and our Motherland.


The West is counting on impunity, on being able to get away with anything. As a matter of fact, this was actually the case until recently. Strategic security agreements have been trashed; agreements reached at the highest political level have been declared tall tales; firm promises not to expand NATO to the east gave way to dirty deception as soon as our former leaders bought into them; missile defence, intermediate-range and shorter-range missile treaties have been unilaterally dismantled under far-fetched pretexts.


And all we hear is, the West is insisting on a rules-based order. Where did that come from anyway? Who has ever seen these rules? Who agreed or approved them? Listen, this is just a lot of nonsense, utter deceit, double standards, or even triple standards! They must think we’re stupid.


Russia is a great thousand-year-old power, a whole civilisation, and it is not going to live by such makeshift, false rules. (Applause.)


It was the so-called West that trampled on the principle of the inviolability of borders, and now it is deciding, at its own discretion, who has the right to self-determination and who does not, who is unworthy of it. It is unclear what their decisions are based on or who gave them the right to decide in the first place. They just assumed it.


That is why the choice of the people in Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson makes them so furiously angry. The West does not have any moral right to weigh in, or even utter a word about freedom of democracy. It does not and it never did.


Western elites not only deny national sovereignty and international law. Their hegemony has pronounced features of totalitarianism, despotism and apartheid. They brazenly divide the world into their vassals – the so-called civilised countries – and all the rest, who, according to the designs of today’s Western racists, should be added to the list of barbarians and savages. False labels like “rogue country” or “authoritarian regime” are already available, and are used to stigmatise entire nations and states, which is nothing new. There is nothing new in this: deep down, the Western elites have remained the same colonisers. They discriminate and divide peoples into the top tier and the rest.


We have never agreed to and will never agree to such political nationalism and racism. What else, if not racism, is the Russophobia being spread around the world? What, if not racism, is the West’s dogmatic conviction that its civilisation and neoliberal culture is an indisputable model for the entire world to follow? “You’re either with us or against us.” It even sounds strange.


Western elites are even shifting repentance for their own historical crimes on everyone else, demanding that the citizens of their countries and other peoples confess to things they have nothing to do with at all, for example, the period of colonial conquests.


It is worth reminding the West that it began its colonial policy back in the Middle Ages, followed by the worldwide slave trade, the genocide of Indian tribes in America, the plunder of India and Africa, the wars of England and France against China, as a result of which it was forced to open its ports to the opium trade. What they did was get entire nations hooked on drugs and purposefully exterminated entire ethnic groups for the sake of grabbing land and resources, hunting people like animals. This is contrary to human nature, truth, freedom and justice.


While we – we are proud that in the 20th century our country led the anti-colonial movement, which opened up opportunities for many peoples around the world to make progress, reduce poverty and inequality, and defeat hunger and disease.


To emphasise, one of the reasons for the centuries-old Russophobia, the Western elites’ unconcealed animosity toward Russia is precisely the fact that we did not allow them to rob us during the period of colonial conquests and forced the Europeans to trade with us on mutually beneficial terms. This was achieved by creating a strong centralised state in Russia, which grew and got stronger based on the great moral values​​of Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism, as well as Russian culture and the Russian word that were open to all.


There were numerous plans to invade Russia. Such attempts were made during the Time of Troubles in the 17th century and in the period of ordeals after the 1917 revolution. All of them failed. The West managed to grab hold of Russia’s wealth only in the late 20th century, when the state had been destroyed. They called us friends and partners, but they treated us like a colony, using various schemes to pump trillions of dollars out of the country. We remember. We have not forgotten anything.


A few days ago, people in Donetsk and Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye declared their support for restoring our historical unity. Thank you! (Applause.)


Western countries have been saying for centuries that they bring freedom and democracy to other nations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of bringing democracy they suppressed and exploited, and instead of giving freedom they enslaved and oppressed. The unipolar world is inherently anti-democratic and unfree; it is false and hypocritical through and through.


The United States is the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons twice, destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. And they created a precedent.


Recall that during WWII the United States and Britain reduced Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities to rubble, without the least military necessity. It was done ostentatiously and, to repeat, without any military necessity. They had only one goal, as with the nuclear bombing of Japanese cities: to intimidate our country and the rest of the world.


The United States left a deep scar in the memory of the people of Korea and Vietnam with their carpet bombings and use of napalm and chemical weapons.


It actually continues to occupy Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea and other countries, which they cynically refer to as equals and allies. Look now, what kind of alliance is that? The whole world knows that the top officials in these countries are being spied on and that their offices and homes are bugged. It is a disgrace, a disgrace for those who do this and for those who, like slaves, silently and meekly swallow this arrogant behaviour.


They call the orders and threats they make to their vassals Euro-Atlantic solidarity, and the creation of biological weapons and the use of human test subjects, including in Ukraine, noble medical research.


It is their destructive policies, wars and plunder that have unleashed today’s massive wave of migrants. Millions of people endure hardships and humiliation or die by the thousands trying to reach Europe.


They are exporting grain from Ukraine now. Where are they taking it under the guise of ensuring the food security of the poorest countries? Where is it going? They are taking it to the self-same European countries. Only five percent has been delivered to the poorest countries. More cheating and naked deception again.


In effect, the American elite is using the tragedy of these people to weaken its rivals, to destroy nation states. This goes for Europe and for the identities of France, Italy, Spain and other countries with centuries-long histories.


Washington demands more and more sanctions against Russia and the majority of European politicians obediently go along with it. They clearly understand that by pressuring the EU to completely give up Russian energy and other resources, the United States is practically pushing Europe toward deindustrialisation in a bid to get its hands on the entire European market. These European elites understand everything – they do, but they prefer to serve the interests of others. This is no longer servility but direct betrayal of their own peoples. God bless, it is up to them.


But the Anglo-Saxons believe sanctions are no longer enough and now they have turned to subversion. It seems incredible but it is a fact – by causing explosions on Nord Stream’s international gas pipelines passing along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, they have actually embarked on the destruction of Europe’s entire energy infrastructure. It is clear to everyone who stands to gain. Those who benefit are responsible, of course.


The dictates of the US are backed up by crude force, on the law of the fist. Sometimes it is beautifully wrapped sometimes there is no wrapping at all but the gist is the same – the law of the fist. Hence, the deployment and maintenance of hundreds of military bases in all corners of the world, NATO expansion, and attempts to cobble together new military alliances, such as AUKUS and the like. Much is being done to create a Washington-Seoul-Tokyo military-political chain. All states that possess or aspire to genuine strategic sovereignty and are capable of challenging Western hegemony, are automatically declared enemies.


These are the principles that underlie US and NATO military doctrines that require total domination. Western elites are presenting their neocolonialist plans with the same hypocrisy, claiming peaceful intentions, talking about some kind of deterrence. This evasive word migrates from one strategy to another but really only means one thing – undermining any and all sovereign centres of power.


We have already heard about the deterrence of Russia, China and Iran. I believe next in line are other countries of Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, as well as current US partners and allies. After all, we know that when they are displeased, they introduce sanctions against their allies as well – against this or that bank or company. This is their practice and they will expand it. They have everything in their sights, including our next-door neighbours – the CIS countries.


At the same time, the West has clearly been engaged in wishful thinking for a long time. In launching the sanctions blitzkrieg against Russia, for example, they thought that they could once again line up the whole world at their command. As it turns out, however, such a bright prospect does not excite everyone – other than complete political masochists and admirers of other unconventional forms of international relations. Most states refuse to ”snap a salute“ and instead choose the sensible path of cooperation with Russia.


The West clearly did not expect such insubordination. They simply got used to acting according to a template, to grab whatever they please, by blackmail, bribery, intimidation, and convinced themselves that these methods would work forever, as if they had fossilised in the past.


Such self-confidence is a direct product not only of the notorious concept of exceptionalism – although it never ceases to amaze – but also of the real ”information hunger“ in the West. The truth has been drowned in an ocean of myths, illusions and fakes, using extremely aggressive propaganda, lying like Goebbels. The more unbelievable the lie, the quicker people will believe it – that is how they operate, according to this principle.


But people cannot be fed with printed dollars and euros. You can’t feed them with those pieces of paper, and the virtual, inflated capitalisation of western social media companies can’t heat their homes. Everything I am saying is important. And what I just said is no less so: you can’t feed anyone with paper – you need food; and you can’t heat anyone’s home with these inflated capitalisations – you need energy.


That is why politicians in Europe have to convince their fellow citizens to eat less, take a shower less often and dress warmer at home. And those who start asking fair questions like “Why is that, in fact?” are immediately declared enemies, extremists and radicals. They point back at Russia and say: that is the source of all your troubles. More lies.


I want to make special note of the fact that there is every reason to believe that the Western elites are not going to look for constructive ways out of the global food and energy crisis that they and they alone are to blame for, as a result of their long-term policy, dating back long before our special military operation in Ukraine, in Donbass. They have no intention of solving the problems of injustice and inequality. I am afraid they would rather use other formulas they are more comfortable with.


And here it is important to recall that the West bailed itself out of its early 20th century challenges with World War I. Profits from World War II helped the United States finally overcome the Great Depression and become the largest economy in the world, and to impose on the planet the power of the dollar as a global reserve currency. And the 1980s crisis – things came to a head in the 1980s again – the West emerged from it unscathed largely by appropriating the inheritance and resources of the collapsed and defunct Soviet Union. That’s a fact.


Now, in order to free itself from the latest web of challenges, they need to dismantle Russia as well as other states that choose a sovereign path of development, at all costs, to be able to further plunder other nations’ wealth and use it to patch their own holes. If this does not happen, I cannot rule out that they will try to trigger a collapse of the entire system, and blame everything on that, or, God forbid, decide to use the old formula of economic growth through war.


Russia is aware of its responsibility to the international community and will make every effort to ensure that cooler heads prevail.


The current neocolonial model is ultimately doomed; this much is obvious. But I repeat that its real masters will cling to it to the end. They simply have nothing to offer the world except to maintain the same system of plundering and racketeering.


They do not give a damn about the natural right of billions of people, the majority of humanity, to freedom and justice, the right to determine their own future. They have already moved on to the radical denial of moral, religious, and family values.


Let’s answer some very simple questions for ourselves. Now I would like to return to what I said and want to address also all citizens of the country – not just the colleagues that are in the hall – but all citizens of Russia: do we want to have here, in our country, in Russia, “parent number one, parent number two and parent number three” (they have completely lost it!) instead of mother and father? Do we want our schools to impose on our children, from their earliest days in school, perversions that lead to degradation and extinction? Do we want to drum into their heads the ideas that certain other genders exist along with women and men and to offer them gender reassignment surgery? Is that what we want for our country and our children? This is all unacceptable to us. We have a different future of our own.


Let me repeat that the dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This complete renunciation of what it means to be human, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, and the suppression of freedom are coming to resemble a “religion in reverse” – pure Satanism. Exposing false messiahs, Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” These poisonous fruits are already obvious to people, and not only in our country but also in all countries, including many people in the West itself.


The world has entered a period of a fundamental, revolutionary transformation. New centres of power are emerging. They represent the majority – the majority! – of the international community. They are ready not only to declare their interests but also to protect them. They see in multipolarity an opportunity to strengthen their sovereignty, which means gaining genuine freedom, historical prospects, and the right to their own independent, creative and distinctive forms of development, to a harmonious process.


As I have already said, we have many like-minded people in Europe and the United States, and we feel and see their support. An essentially emancipatory, anti-colonial movement against unipolar hegemony is taking shape in the most diverse countries and societies. Its power will only grow with time. It is this force that will determine our future geopolitical reality.




Today, we are fighting for a just and free path, first of all for ourselves, for Russia, in order to leave dictate and despotism in the past. I am convinced that countries and peoples understand that a policy based on the exceptionalism of whoever it may be and the suppression of other cultures and peoples is inherently criminal, and that we must close this shameful chapter. The ongoing collapse of Western hegemony is irreversible. And I repeat: things will never be the same.


The battlefield to which destiny and history have called us is a battlefield for our people, for the great historical Russia. (Applause.) For the great historical Russia, for future generations, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We must protect them against enslavement and monstrous experiments that are designed to cripple their minds and souls.


Today, we are fighting so that it would never occur to anyone that Russia, our people, our language, or our culture can be erased from history. Today, we need a consolidated society, and this consolidation can only be based on sovereignty, freedom, creation, and justice. Our values ​​are humanity, mercy and compassion.


And I want to close with the words of a true patriot Ivan Ilyin: “If I consider Russia my Motherland, that means that I love as a Russian, contemplate and think, sing and speak as a Russian; that I believe in the spiritual strength of the Russian people. Its spirit is my spirit; its destiny is my destiny; its suffering is my grief; and its prosperity is my joy.”


Behind these words stands a glorious spiritual choice, which, for more than a thousand years of Russian statehood, was followed by many generations of our ancestors. Today, we are making this choice; the citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and the residents of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions have made this choice. They made the choice to be with their people, to be with their Motherland, to share in its destiny, and to be victorious together with it.


The truth is with us, and behind us is Russia!



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