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SMIT Team Arrives at Decaying FSO Safer in Red Sea

A SMIT salvage team has arrived on site of the decaying FSO Safer in the Red Sea where they will begin the operation to remove over one million barrels of oil from the vessel.SMIT Salvage, a subsidiary of Dutch maritime services company Boskalis, signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in April for the operation. Th oil removal phase of the operation is being carried out by crews on board Boskalis’ multi-purpose cable laying vessel Ndeavor. The operation from here will involve an initial onsite inspection before transferring the oil to a UN-purchased Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC), which recently departed China for the mission. David Gressly, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, has been leading the UN-led effort to remove oil from the vessel...



Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - WHO chief may face genocide charges

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus insists that he is on the side of peace. An American economist nominated for the Nobel peace prize has called for the head of the World Health Organisation to be prosecuted for genocide over his alleged involvement in directing Ethiopia’s security forces. David Steinman accused Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, 55, who took over at the WHO three years ago, of being one of three officials in control of the Ethiopian security services from 2013 to 2015. Dr Tedros was the country’s health minister from 2005 to 2012 and its foreign minister until 2016, when his Tigray People’s Liberation Front party was the main member of the ruling coalition. Mr Steinman, an economist and campaigner nominated for the peace prize last year, lodged the complaint at the International Criminal Court in The Hague...



Germany’s economic and moral collapse is a warning we must heed

The Green-Left coalition is printing money to pay for the price rises caused by its own policies, in order that its industry does not immediately collapse. Does this look like a 'sustainable development' to you? The news that Germany is entering recession is hardly surprising. It is run by a Green-Left coalition whose aim has been the deindustrialization of the country since they took power in September 2021. How is that going? Having closed the last remaining nuclear power stations, Germany has replaced pipeline gas with coal, which now powers a third of its electricity needs. What is more, the predictable collapse of its industry threatens the core funding model of the European Union itself. Pipe dreams...



High school students are beginning to resist the LGBT propaganda being forced on them

A school in Oregon has asked boys to stop vandalizing the tampon dispensers that have been installed in their bathrooms. Featured ImageLakeridge High School in Oregon recently ran into an interesting problem: boys were ripping tampon dispensers off the walls of their bathrooms and dumping them in the toilet. The school has formally asked the boys to stop destroying the free menstrual products they are being provided with, and gave parents resources on “menstruation, menstrual products, sexuality, and health” in order to help them explain to their children that menstruation is normal for a “person that has a uterus.” Why are there tampon dispensers in the boys’ bathroom to begin with? Oregon’s 2021 “Menstrual Dignity Act” requires all public schools to provide all students regardless of “gender, age, ability [and] socioeconomic status” with menstrual products in order to promote “privacy, inclusivity, access and education.” The educational impact of putting tampon dispensers in boys’ bathrooms, of course, is to inform children that boys can have periods, which is to say that girls can be boys...



Global Warming?!

Australians shiver through the coldest May EVER

as temperatures plunge across the country - here's when it will end

Temperatures as low as -2.7C in Queensland, Coldest May on record for Bankstown, NSW, with 0.7C,  High-pressure system to ease from Tuesday --- Australians have woken up to freezing temperatures, with some towns recording their coldest May morning on record. Widespread frost was reported in parts of Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia on Sunday morning. The Bureau of Meteorology recorded minimum temperatures as low as to -2.7 degrees at Injune Post Office in Queensland. Records were broken in Hughenden, Queensland, where residents woke up to -1.4 degrees, while Bankstown and Penrith each had their coldest May temperature ever, hitting 0.7 degrees and 0.6 degrees respectively. Tamworth also recorded its coldest May morning with -4.8 degrees...



Guam Typhoon Highlights Threat To US Military’s Pacific Strategy

As Typhoon Mawar neared the coast of Guam early Wednesday, it also drew attention to an uncomfortable fact of US military strategy: Many of America’s most strategic assets are in places increasingly threatened by extreme weather events, rising seas and other consequences of climate change. The Navy moved ships out to sea before the storm hit, standard procedure when bases prepare for hurricanes. The storm generated winds of 175 miles per hour (282 kilometers per hour) — the National Weather Service’s offices were “vibrating,” an official said — and waves of at least 60 feet (18 meters). It caused significant flooding in Guam, endangering residents and putting new demands on the military. It isn’t the first time and it’s unlikely to be the last. In 2019, a Department of Defense report on climate impacts noted that repeated flooding at Naval Base Guam was already limiting operations and activities for the Navy Expeditionary Forces Command Pacific, the island’s Andersen Air Force Base, submarine squadrons, telecommunications, “and a number of other specific tasks supporting mission execution.” Considered one of the most critical US military installations in the western Pacific, Guam has for 125 years extended US sovereignty 8,000 miles from Washington. The island is about 2,100 miles from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. It is closer still to Taiwan, which President Joe Biden has  committed to defend if attacked...



Researchers Detect 5,000 Species Threatened By Deep Sea Mining

Researchers have released the first tally of deep ocean animals that inhabit the seabed targeted for strip mining, finding more than 5,000 species — nearly all of them unknown to science. The peer-reviewed paper published in the journal Current Biology on Thursday highlights the lack of scientific knowledge about the biodiversity of the deep ocean, and arrives as the United Nations-affiliated International Seabed Authority (ISA) prepares to allow mining to commence as soon as next year. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea established the ISA in 1994 with a mandate to manage the exploration and exploitation of the seabed in international waters while at the same time ensuring the effective protection of the marine environment. The scientists estimated there may be more than 8,000 species living in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ), a region of the Pacific Ocean that stretches from Hawaii to Mexico. Of the 5,580 species so far detected, only 438 have been identified, according to the study....



Have you heard about the greatest movement in all of human history?

Something unprecedented is happening in our world, that will forever change the course of history and lay the foundation for a better world, where everyone can live in more abundance, peace, and well-being. What is this movement all about? It is a historically unsurpassed trend of hundreds of millions of people worldwide who - for the first time in their life - are beginning to understand what is really going on in our world. Instead of blindly believing what they see on the news, they begin to think for themselves, do personal research and discover the truth about world events. These hundreds of millions of people are seeing how serious corruption has infested every area of human society: governments, news media, healthcare, education, elections, and so on. In order to take down this worldwide spiderweb of corruption, the informed part of humanity is spreading eye-opening truth to the rest of the world, to warn and protect everyone. Among them are many of the world’s most brilliant scientists, physicians, attorneys, detectives, journalists, investigators, and so on...



Another little “Ever Given Test Run??

Suez Canal Traffic Returns to Normal After Ship Briefly Grounds

Tugboats managed to move a large ship that had been stranded for several hours in the Suez Canal on Thursday, and sources said shipping traffic through one of the world’s busiest waterways had returned to normal. Two canal sources said traffic was back to normal by around 11 a.m. local time (0800 GMT), about six hours after the incident began and 3-1/2 hours after the vessel was tugged away. Shipping agent Leth Agencies identified the ship as the 190-meter (623-foot) Xin Hai Tong 23, a bulk carrier. “The Suez Canal Authority has successfully refloated M/V XIN HAI TONG 23 at 0740hrs (0440 GMT). The northbound convoy will enter at 0930hrs,” it said in a tweet. In a statement, canal authorities said they had been informed of an engine malfunction and deployed tugboats to successfully move the ship. The process was briefly delayed by the failure of the ship’s winch, they added...



Iran Unveils Kheibar Medium-Range Ballistic Missile with Radar-Evading Equipment

New rocket ‘Kheibar’ was showcased at a ceremony with Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani in attendance. Iran has showcased a new ballistic missile named ‘Kheibar’ that reportedly boasts a range of over 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) and carries a payload of 1.5 tons. According to a report by Iran’s state-run media outlet IRNA, the rocket needs relatively little time to be prepared for launch, meaning that it can be used as both a strategic and a tactical weapon. The country’s Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, who was present at the unveiling ceremony on Thursday, said that the missile is the result of a years-long endeavor by its Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO). The official also noted that the ‘Kheibar’ rocket can penetrate enemy air defenses thanks to the radar-evading equipment on board. Ashtiani pointed out that Tehran is “taking steps to equip the armed forces in various areas of missiles, drones, air defense,” with more weapons systems to be revealed to the public down the line. Back in February, Amirali Hajizadeh, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Aerospace Force, announced that the Islamic Republic had at its disposal a cruise missile with a range of 1,650 kilometers (1,025 miles). Iranian state TV reported at the time that this rocket is called...



Have You Heard About the Killer Whales Attacking Boats?

Killer whales severely damaged a sailing boat off the coast of southern Spain, the local maritime rescue service said on Thursday, adding to dozens of orca attacks on vessels recorded so far this year on Spanish and Portuguese coasts. In the early hours of Thursday, a group of orcas broke the rudder and pierced the hull after ramming into the Mustique on its way to Gibraltar, prompting its crew of four to contact Spanish authorities for help, a spokesman for the maritime rescue service said. The service deployed a rapid-response vessel and a helicopter carrying a bilge pump to assist the 20-meter (66 feet) vessel, which was sailing under a British flag, he added. The Mustique was towed to the port of Barbate, in the province of Cadiz, for repairs...



The Rockefeller Foundation and World Health Organization Announce

Partnership To Expand Global Pandemic Preparedness in Era of Climate Change

S$ 5M investment will accelerate priority projects of the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence to drive global collaboration in genomic surveillance, adoption of data tools for pathogen detection, and assessment of climate-aggravated outbreak threats. GENEVA | May 23, 2023 – The Rockefeller Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO) have announced a new partnership to strengthen the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence. As part of the collaboration, the Foundation is investing US$ 5M in partners working with WHO to cultivate global networks for pathogen detection and strengthen pandemic preparedness capabilities, including broadening surveillance for diseases worsened by rising temperatures and extreme weather. Established in 2021, WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence facilitates a global collaboration of partners from multiple sectors to address future pandemic and epidemic risks with better access to data, better analytical capacities, and better tools and insights for decision-making. The partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation will accelerate these efforts with catalytic funding and technical assistance. “The Covid-19 pandemic underscored that disease surveillance, collaboration between stakeholders, and data sharing were absolutely essential ingredients for health security – and the global community was unprepared,” said Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, WHO Assistant Director-General and head of the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence. “With the increasing threats from climate change, we are excited to partner with The Rockefeller Foundation to usher in a new era of global collaboration in pandemic intelligence.”

The Rockefeller Foundation will support projects under the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence’s stewardship, including...



Twitter founder Jack Dorsey takes aim at US deep state

Jack Dorsey’s apparent change of heart toward the FBI, CIA and NSA has set his successor Elon Musk speculating. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared to call out the US intelligence community in a cryptic tweet on Tuesday. “Splinter the CIA, NSA and FBI into a thousand pieces and scatter them into the winds,” he wrote, accompanied by a link to a portrait of former US president John F. Kennedy. Dorsey’s tweet referenced a famous quote attributed to Kennedy, who supposedly vowed to “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds” upon learning of the agency’s botched effort to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro, known as the Bay of Pigs disaster. However, it’s not entirely clear whether he uttered the oft-cited words at all, the only source is an anonymous Kennedy administration official who supposedly shared it with a New York Times reporter three years after the president’s assassination...



Kissinger behind 3 million civilian deaths

The former US diplomat’s actions caused, among others, 150,000 Cambodian civilians to die, an outlet investigation has claimed. Henry Kissinger, the foreign policy eminence grise who has advised half a dozen US presidents, has caused the deaths of over 3 million people, according to an Intercept report published Tuesday to mark the realpolitik strategist’s 100th birthday. While critics of the Nixon-era secretary of state and national security adviser often describe him as a war criminal for his pivotal role in numerous US-backed genocides and coups, the report argues Kissinger’s body count has been widely underestimated, particularly regarding the secretive, highly illegal expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia in the 1970s. Between the genocides he sponsored in East Timor and Bangladesh, continent-wide terrorism, coups and death squads in Latin America (known as Operation Condor), the fomenting of civil wars in Southern Africa, and the carpet-bombing of Cambodia and Laos under the guise of chasing the Vietnamese, Kissinger is believed to be responsible for over 3 million civilian deaths – more if one counts the casualties that have resulted from advice he gave the private sector. Kissinger has ‘only’ acknowledged that his actions caused the deaths of 50,000 Cambodians and blames the Vietnamese, the supposed targets of the US bombing campaign (the coordinates of which were logged incorrectly so as to be recorded as legal strikes within Vietnam). Intercept reporter Nick Truse argues the number is closer to 150,000, pointing to numerous documented examples of egregious and deliberate undercounting of civilian casualties. The figure represents over six times more civilians than the US has killed in airstrikes since 9/11...



Prepare for a disease even deadlier than Covid, WHO chief warns

The WHO's Dr Tedros said threat of another pandemic can't be kicked down road

He unveiled new global scheme to spot and track the most dangerous pathogens

The planet should be ready for a disease even deadlier than Covid, the head of the World Health Organisation warned yesterday. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the World Health Assembly forum that the threat of another public health crisis could not be kicked 'down the road'. He also claimed that, despite the darkest days of the pandemic being consigned to history, a doomsday Covid variant with the power to send the world back to square one could still spawn. In Geneva, Switzerland, Dr Tedros said : 'The threat of another variant emerging that causes new surges of disease and death remains. And the threat of another pathogen emerging with even deadlier potential remains...



FBI defies subpoena on Biden corruption case

The top US law enforcement agency has refused to give Congress documents detailing allegations of a bribery scheme. The FBI has again refused to turn over documents subpoenaed by Congress regarding allegations of a bribery scheme allegedly perpetrated by then-Vice President Joe Biden, escalating a row with House Republicans over the agency’s handling of the case. The latest refusal to comply with the subpoena came during an FBI briefing of the US House Oversight Committee on Monday. At issue is a so-called FD-1023 form, which details accusations that President Biden accepted foreign bribes in exchange for policy favors when he was vice president under President Barack Obama. FBI officials previously missed a May 10 deadline to provide the requested materials to Congress. At the time, the agency claimed that the allegations against Biden were unverified and that the FD-1023 must be kept private to protect FBI informants. Ironically, a four-year probe by US special counsel John Durham found that the FBI improperly launched an investigation of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign based on unverified allegations funneled to the agency by rival candidate Hillary Clinton...



COVID, death & dying - Memoirs of a funeral director

Antonia Cummings, Funeral Director at Enders and Shirley in Berryville and Stephens City, Virginia, sounds the alarm against sudden COVID deaths, the unexplained blood clots that may point to the deadly effects of experimental forced “vaccines,” and shares Catholic teaching on human burial. The John-Henry Westen Show airs nightly Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM ET at LifeSiteNews, reporting on the biggest attacks against the Culture of Life including the New World Order, the Great Reset, and the One World Religion. Globalist stories silenced and cancelled by the mainstream media are fully exposed —unfiltered against Big Tech censorship — including Pope Francis’ globalist allegiance to the LGBT agenda, the World Economic Forum, and so much more...



From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”:

The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship

Far from being the work of a single political party, intelligence agency or country, the power structure revealed by the network connected to Epstein is nothing less than a criminal enterprise that is willing to use and abuse children in the pursuit of ever more power, wealth and control. On August 10th, and for several days after, speculation swirled after it was announced that Jeffrey Epstein had been found dead in his cell. His cause of death has officially been ruled suicide by hanging. Epstein, the billionaire pedophile and sex trafficker with a myriad of connections to the rich and powerful in the United States and several other countries, had told those close to him that he had feared for his life prior to his sudden “suicide,” the Washington Post reported, while his defense lawyers claimed that he had planned to cooperate with federal authorities. Following the controversial conclusion by the New York Medical Examiner that Epstein’s death was a suicide — a conclusion contested by Epstein’s attornies as well as by independent forensic pathologists, given the apparent evidence pointing towards strangulation — corporate media coverage of the Epstein case has slowed to a trickle, save for sensationalist stories about his alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell and new salacious details of his past. Gone from corporate media are any hints of the larger scandal, revolving around the admission that Epstein had “belonged to intelligence.” In this four-part series...



Austal USA Awarded Contract for Detailed Design of T-AGOS 25 Surveillance Ships

Austal Limited (ASX:ASB) is pleased to announce that Austal USA has been awarded a US$113,906,029 fixed-price incentive (firm target) and firm-fixed-price contract for detail design of the Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship T-AGOS 25 Class for the United States Navy. The contract includes options for detail design and construction of up to seven T-AGOS 25 class ships which, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of the contract to US$3,195,396,097. T-AGOS ships, operated by United States Military Sealift Command (MSC), support the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) mission of the commanders of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets by providing a platform capable of passive and active anti-submarine acoustic surveillance. The 110 metre, steel ‘small waterplane area twin hull’ (SWATH) vessels support the Navy’s Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) by gathering underwater acoustical data using Surveillance Towed-Array Sensor System (SURTASS) equipment...



Sinn Fein scores key political win in Northern Ireland

Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein has become the largest political force in Northern Ireland’s local government after it secured significant gains in council elections to surge past the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). The outcome is being portrayed as political pushback against the DUP’s blocking of power-sharing agreements in Belfast. Tallies of the vote on Sunday showed the party having taken 144 seats across 11 councils in Northern Ireland, an increase of 39 councilors from the 2019 elections in which it had 105 councilors returned. The DUP, by contrast, stagnated at 122 seats – the same number it claimed in 2019.



Bill Gates and WHO preparing for next 'pandemic' - SEERS virus...

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the World Health Organisation and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security at a recent event in Belgium. Invitees took part in a ‘table-top simulation’ where a deadly enterovirus originating in South America sometime in 2025 spreads across the world, killing millions of people. Children will be particularly vulnerable to the disease, which is part of the polio family of viruses. The virus is named SEERS – Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome. The Belgium exercise has recalled memories of the now infamous Event 201, where the same parties ran simulations of a ‘flu-like’ global viral outbreak in October 2019, just two months before the first cases of COVID were detected in China. Independent news and opinion channel Redacted looked at Gates’ latest ‘virus preparedness clinic.’ The software engineer and college drop-out has made a 10-fold profit from his investments in health and vaccine technology pre-COVID, turning $10 billion into $200 billion, in what he called his ‘best investment’...



Ukraine Training Small Children for War After Bakhmut Debacle

Only two months ago the mainstream media widely circulated a video which they said showcased “shocking footage” of Russian school children training with military weapons in programs designed to prepare them for the military. The programs were widely criticized as “indoctrination.” Of course, Ukraine has also been involved in weapons training for children and these efforts have only increased in recent months as the city of Bakhmut, an epicenter of the fighting for many months, has reportedly fallen to Russia’s Wagner Group. CNBC has briefly reported on the “Defense of Ukraine” program at the military-patriotic center for schoolchildren in Lviv. The center was opened this month with plans to open dozens of other training facilities for children across the country in the near future. The western city of Lviv has been a primary relocation point for children escaping the war in the east, so it’s not surprising that the Ukrainian government would seek young recruits for the war effort there...



Norwegian energy company Equinor has pulled the plug on plans for a large

floating offshore wind farm in the Troll area of the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

Known as Trollvind, the project envisioned a 1 gigawatt (GW) capacity wind farm that would supply electricity to the Troll and Oseberg offshore fields through an onshore connection point. Equinor launched the project in June 2022 alongside partners Petoro, TotalEnergies, Shell and ConocoPhillips. Equinor today said the its decision to indefinitely postpone further development of the project was based on several challenges facing the project and broader offshore wind industry, including technology availability, time constraints, and rising costs that have made the project commercially unsustainable. Equinor had planned to develop the project without any financial subsidies...



Epstein blackmailed Bill Gates – WSJ

The notorious pedophile reportedly threatened to reveal the tech billionaire’s affair with a younger woman. Jeffrey Epsten discovered that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had an affair with a Russian bridge player and paid for the woman’s education before asking for reimbursement from Gates in exchange for his silence, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Gates met Mila Antonova around 2010, when he was in his mid-50s and she was in her 20s. Epstein met her three years later and paid for her to attend a software coding school, before emailing Gates in 2017 and asking for the cost of her tuition, the newspaper claimed, citing “people familiar with the matter.” At the time of the email, Epstein had been trying unsuccessfully to convince Gates to invest in “a multibillion dollar charitable fund” with JPMorgan Chase, the paper continued, explaining that “the implication behind the message…was that Epstein could reveal the affair if Gates didn’t keep up an association between the two men.” A spokeswoman for Gates confirmed the exchange, stating that “Epstein tried unsuccessfully to leverage a past relationship to threaten Mr. Gates...



'Makes me furious': NZ is becoming 'third world' country with violence on streets - Seymour

ACT leader David Seymour says New Zealand is becoming a "third-world" country with the amount of crime happening on our streets. It comes after a couple of nasty public brawls in the past week. One which saw members of the Mongrel Mob attacking rival gang members in broad daylight in Palmerston North, leaving shocked onlookers scrambling to get out of the way. In another attack on Saturday, May 13, about six adults viciously beat another person lying motionless on the ground, in broad daylight, outside Auckland's Downtown Ferry Terminal. National's Mark Mitchell slammed the attack, while Auckland Business Chamber's CEO Simon Bridges had a similar reaction labelling it "barbaric". After watching the videos on AM, Seymour told the show it makes him "furious"...



Great Reset Architect Yuval Harari Arrives Through The Backdoor at Bilderberg as “Uninvited” Guest

Harari photographed arriving at airport in Lisbon, Portugal, Thursday as ultra-secretive globalist conference kicked off. Transhumanist author and philosopher is one of the World Economic Forum’s top advisors and a close friend of the group’s founder Klaus Schwab. World Economic Forum advisor Yuval Noah Harari arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, Friday, presumably to attend the 69th annual Bilderberg Group meeting, despite not formally being listed as an expected attendee. Harari was photographed arriving at the Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon Thursday evening as the ultra-secretive globalist conference kicked off. “Yuval Harari was not invited, but he also came to Lisbon,” commented independent journalist Frederico Duarte Carvalho, who’s been staking out the airport for notable arrivals...



Unvaxxed Rhode Island teachers win their jobs back after getting fired for refusing COVID shot

The three teachers also won tens of thousands of dollars in back pay.

Barrington Public Schools in Rhode Island is offering to rehire and pay tens of thousands of dollars to a trio of teachers it fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccination, in another victory for religious liberty and conscientious objection.Legal Insurrection, which has been following the case, reports that Brittany DiOrio, Stephanie Hines, and Kerri Thurber had requested but been denied religious exemptions from the districts vaccine mandate, then were suspended without pay and ultimately fired in January 2022. They took the district to court, and ultimately prevailed. “The three teachers have the opportunity to return to teaching positions within the Barrington School District should they choose to do so, at the steps they would have been at had they worked continuously,” the district announced May 11. “Each individual will receive a payment of $33,333, along with back payments: Stephanie Hines ($65,000), Kerri Thurber ($128,000), and Brittany DiOrio ($150,000). Attorney fees totaling $50,000 will be paid to the teachers’ legal counsel.” At the same time, Barrington maintains that it “was navigating an unprecedented health pandemic and leaned on the important recommendations by the CDC and the Rhode Island Department of Health to ensure the safety of our students and school community. Our then-policy helped combat the pressing public health crisis of the time, while keeping schools open, and one that nearly all faculty adhered to...



Titanic Scan Reveals Amazing New Details of Historic Wreck

New details have been uncovered by creating a ‘digital twin’ of the infamous wreck of the Titanic. Deep water specialist Magellan Ltd. has performed the largest underwater 3D scan in the history of the 111-year-old Titanic wreck, revealing new levels of detail that will allow scientists to form a more detailed report of what happened back on that fateful day in 1912.  “I’m seeing details that none of us have ever seen before and this allows me build upon everything that we have learned to date and see the wreck in a new light,” said Parks Stephenson, a Titanic expert. “We’ve got actual data that engineers can take to examine the true mechanics behind the breakup and the sinking thereby get even closer to the true story of the Titanic disaster.”  The scanning process took place during a six-week expedition in the summer of 2022. Using a specialist ship, the team launched two submersibles, named Romeo and Juliet, to depths over 12,500 feet...



Dutch tall ship EUROPA capsized in dry dock

Dutch tall ship EUROPA capsized in dry dock slip in Cape Town on May 20 or 19 when she was about to move from slip into water, after completing maintenance works. The is currently resting starboard side on dry dock bottom. Crew left the ship, all are safe, one crew was injured and taken to hospital. The ship is currently surveyed for possible damages, considering her comparatively small size and compact shape, damages if any, might not be serious. Ship’s AIS is on, and as of 1400 UTC May 20, according to ship’s track, she’s already taken from dry dock and berthed, or in the process of leaving dry dock area...



Matt Gaetz blasts Biden’s ‘weaponization’ of FBI against pro-lifers, Catholics at press conference

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on Thursday argued that the FBI under the Biden administration has been politically “capture[d]” as it turns its immense power and resources against conservatives, Catholics, pro-lifers, and whistleblowers. “The FBI has been victimized by political capture, and that [politicization] has manifested in the targeting of Americans who never deserved to have this government weaponized against them,” Rep. Gaetz said. “Whistleblowers saw those bad acts. They stepped forward and they were retaliated against and crushed as a consequence.” Gaetz made the allegation during a May 18 press conference just ahead of a hearing held by the Republican-led House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. As previously reported by LifeSiteNews, the subcommittee, headed by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, was established to investigate the alleged use of federal government powers to target conservatives...



Republican donor pushes Tucker Carlson for president

The Draft Tucker PAC launched its first campaign ad urging the party to pick the news anchor, who doesn’t want the job. A political action campaign calling itself Draft Tucker PAC released a campaign ad on Thursday urging the Republican Party to pick former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson as its candidate for President of the US in 2024. “Republicans need a new leader, and Tucker Carlson is ready to lead,” the 30-second spot boasts, describing the conservative pundit as “witty, sharp and [someone who] mocks woke nonsense.” Carlson “will whip Biden in a debate,” the commercial assures voters, insisting “no one in America is more articulate.” Led by former Texas congressional candidate and Republican donor Chris Ekstrom, the Draft Tucker PAC, which filed its papers last month after Carlson was let go from Fox News, still has to convince its eponymous candidate to run. The ad urges viewers to sign its petition to draft the right-wing commentator. Ekstrom told The Hill he was concerned neither the Republican frontrunner, former president Donald Trump, nor Trump’s leading challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is pushing the conversation in the right direction. “I’m very concerned that they’re going to not move the debate as far right as it ought to be,” he told the outlet, without explaining where the declared candidates fell short in their positions on the issues...



North Carolina bans abortion at 12 weeks after Republican lawmakers override governor’s veto

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina overrode the veto of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper on Tuesday and enacted a law that bans most abortions after 12 weeks and places new restrictions on abortion drugs and clinics. The Senate voted 30-20 along party lines Tuesday evening to uphold Senate Bill 20, and the House followed hours later with a 72–48 vote. Cooper, a strong supporter of unrestricted abortion, vetoed the bill at a rally with abortion activists on Saturday, saying that it would “make abortion unavailable to many women, particularly those with lower incomes, those who live in rural areas, and those who already have limited access to health care.” The legislation is the result of private negotiations between conservative and moderate Republicans after the North Carolina GOP secured a narrow supermajority in the state legislature last month...



Australia Orders a New Batch of 78 Bushmaster Tactical Vehicles!!

Thales Australia has welcomed the announcement today by the Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy of a $160 million contract to build new Bushmaster Protected Vehicles for the Australian Army. The contract for the new Bushmasters was signed at Thales Australia’s Bendigo facility today in the presence of Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters who has been a strong advocate for manufacturing jobs in Bendigo. Thales Australia CEO Jeff Connolly said the manufacture of new Bushmasters would directly support jobs at the Bendigo facility...



Indian Navy Aircraft To Rescue Crew After Chinese Boat Sinks In Indian Ocean

"Countries such as Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Maldives and the Philippines have extended emergency assistance," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said. The Indian Navy deployed its P-8I maritime patrol aircraft to help in the search and rescue of a Chinese fishing vessel with 39 crew members that capsized in the Indian Ocean two days ago. The P8I aircraft carried out multiple and extensive searches on Wednesday despite adverse weather and located multiple objects possibly belonging to the sunken vessel, the Navy said. The Chinese vessel 'Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028' overturned on Tuesday in the central part of the Indian Ocean...



Search Underway as Chinese Fishing Vessel Capsizes in Remote Area of the Indian Ocean

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is coordinating an international search effort to locate a missing Chinese fishing vessel that is believed to have capsized in a remote area of the Indian Ocean. The area of the search is located approximately 5,000 kilometers northwest of Perth. The vessel, which media has identified as Lupenglaiyuanyu No 8, triggered an alarm at 5:30am AEST on Tuesday, May 16, when AMSA received a distress beacon signal. Media reports indicate that the ship carries a crew of 39 individuals from various nationalities...



Ukraine Evacuating Radiation Victims from Khmelnitsky

The IAEA says depleted uranium is a cover story and that radiation levels are 10 to 20 times higher than announced and that areas of Poland can expect soaring cancer rates (TID: This is closer to the truth) In the Ukrainian city of Khmelnytsky, where a Ukrainian army ammunition depot was destroyed by a missile attack, which, among other things, was stored tank shells supplied by the UK with depleted uranium cores, there are cases of patients being transported by doctors dressed in special protective suits. It is also reported about the increase in the level of background radiation in the city. In addition, in the eastern regions of Poland, neighboring Ukraine, in the direction of which the wind blew after the explosion, an increased content of bismuth, which is one of the decay products of depleted uranium, was recorded...

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Will this prevent the evil plans

of the UN and WHO?

The world is outraged about the agenda of the World Health Organization and United Nations to normalize pedophilia through primary education. A US congresswoman is taking a bold stand against it, leading newspapers are alerting the public, renown physicians speak out, and international organizations rise up. Stop the WHO - On May 6th 2023 we released a devastating evidence report that shows the agenda of the WHO and UN to promote pedophilia in kindergartens and elementary schools. Meanwhile the International Committee of Jurists (ICJ) and UNAIDS called for the decriminalization of s*x between adults and children. The WHO and UN guidelines say that little children must learn masturbation, sexual techniques, and have sexual partners. The Rutgers Foundation was chosen by the WHO to execute this agenda in 27 nations. In a training guide for teachers Rutgers says that the purpose of this sexuality education is to "give children ideas so they will start with s*x sooner". The Rutgers Foundation has a long history of attempting to legalize pedophilia. They have worked extensively with, and are supported by, organizations that own large collections of child pornography. The close partnership between the WHO and Rutgers, a prominent pedophilia promotor, to execute the sexuality education worldwide, proves how this is an obvious attempt to normalize pedophilia through primary education...



LGBT empire spreads but grassroots pro-Lifers take charge utm_source=onesignal&utm_source=onesignal

Jason Jones, Founder of the Vulnerable People Project, shares incredible pro-life news as countless pro-life activists rush to the aid of Jones’ LifeFunder initiative with LifeSiteNews, “Help Rescue Women & Children in Ukraine.” The LGBT Empire is trying to expand, but faithful grassroots pro-life activists are stronger than ever. The John-Henry Westen Show airs nightly Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM ET at LifeSiteNews, reporting on the biggest attacks against the Culture of Life including the New World Order, the Great Reset, and the One World Religion. Globalist stories silenced and cancelled by the mainstream media are fully exposed —unfiltered against Big Tech censorship — including Pope Francis’ globalist allegiance to the LGBT agenda, the World Economic Forum, and so much more. John-Henry Westen and his guests offer unique and faith-filled answers to life’s most difficult questions facing the pro-life and pro-family fight to build a Culture of Life — including answers to prayer, discerning God’s will, deciphering ancient Biblical prophecies, understanding end-times revelation, and how to be faithful Catholics in a sinful world. These stories are fundamental to the faith and future of Catholics everywhere, and are seen only at LifeSiteNews...



South African opposition calls for mass exodus from International Criminal Court

Julius Malema says the court has turned a blind eye to serious crimes. South Africa and other African countries must withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC), Julius Malema, the leader of South African opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has urged. Malema vowed his party would lead this effort and accused the ICC of turning a “blind eye” to numerous serious crimes. “The ICC did not do anything about former US president George Bush’s wars in Iran and turned a blind eye when Barack Obama and NATO illegally invaded Libya,” he said. Andile Mngxitama, a former South African National Assembly Member, also backed the call, telling RT that the Hague-based court has “proven to have no credibility” and has rather become a tool of the West against certain countries. President Cyril Ramaphosa stated in April that the “ruling party has decided that it is prudent for South Africa to withdraw from the ICC,” but later backtracked on the decision, citing communication errors...



The Navy Is Decommissioning Two Nuclear Aircraft Carriers in a Row

It’s time to wish fair winds and following seas to some of the U.S. Navy’s shrinking fleet. The service will decommission two nuclear aircraft carriers, and two Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships will go up for sale to foreign militaries. The USS Nimitz will leave the service in 2026, while the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower will retire a year later. It’s part of a long-term effort to modernize the current fleet of approximately 485 ships. Decommissioning History - Over the decades, the two aircraft carriers heading to the chopping block have played significant roles in military conflicts. The 48-year-old USS Nimitz (CVN-68) was commissioned in 1975 and built for a 50-year service life...



Russian Air Force Takes Out First Patriot Missile System

in Ukraine with a Single Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile

Am Dienstag, dem 16. Mai, bestätigte das russische Verteidigungsministerium offiziell die Zerstörung des ersten in den USA hergestellten Patriot-Flugabwehrraketensystems (SAM „Patriot“, MIM-104) in der Ukraine. Wie die Abteilung mitteilte, wurde das an die ukrainische Armee gelieferte Luftverteidigungssystem gestern Abend in Kiew vom russischen Hyperschall-Raketensystem „Dagger“ getroffen – zuvor veröffentlichte Aufnahmen der Arbeit des „Patriot“ und Aufnahmen der Explosion an den Positionen von Flugabwehrkanonieren der Streitkräfte der Ukraine. Darüber hinaus berichtete das russische Verteidigungsministerium, dass die Streitkräfte der Russischen Föderation in der Nacht zum Dienstag einen konzentrierten Angriff auf ukrainische Ziele gestartet hätten. Dabei kamen hochpräzise Langstreckenwaffen zum Einsatz, die von See- und Flugzeugträgern abgefeuert wurden. „Das Ziel des Angriffs wurde erreicht...



Bishop Athanasius Schneider - Marxist 'global totalitarianism' is here

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan, is hailed as a worldwide hero for defending the Catholic Church against rising globalist threats at the Vatican, the World Economic Forum, Deep State actors, and beyond. The John-Henry Westen Show airs nightly Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM ET at LifeSiteNews, reporting on the biggest attacks against the Culture of Life including the New World Order, the Great Reset, and the One World Religion. Globalist stories silenced and cancelled by the mainstream media are fully exposed —unfiltered against Big Tech censorship — including Pope Francis’ globalist allegiance to the LGBT agenda, the World Economic Forum, and so much more. John-Henry Westen and his guests offer unique and faith-filled answers to life’s most difficult questions facing the pro-life and pro-family fight to build a Culture of Life — including answers to prayer, discerning God’s will, deciphering ancient Biblical prophecies, understanding end-times revelation, and how to be faithful Catholics in a sinful world. These stories are fundamental to the faith and future of Catholics everywhere, and are seen only at



Goulburn the latest Aussie council forced to can drag storytime event

Amid community backlash, Goulburn Mulwaree Council in NSW cancels an LGBTQI+ focused children's event. Goulburn Mulwaree Council is the latest local government forced to cancel plans for drag queens to meet up with children after complaints from the public. The council in NSW southern tablelands announced this week that a Rainbow Story Time planned for June had been scrapped. The council had invited "Betty Confetti," who organises the Bathurst gay Mardi gras and is advertised as “the campest drag queen ever to set foot outside of Sydney”, to perform for children aged between three and eight years. But council chief executive officer Aaron Johansson complained that council staff had been “subjected to direct and indirect intimidating behaviour from members of the community” over the event...



Chinese Warships Return to West Pacific for Live-Fire Drills

Two Chinese warships have ventured into the Western Pacific for live-fire exercises, the military said on Tuesday, shortly after one of China’s two aircraft carriers returned from a patrol, in its latest projection of force into more distant waters. The destroyer Dalian and guided-missile frigate Huangshan sailed to an unidentified area of the West Pacific “not long ago” and conducted attack and defense drills, the Southern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army said in a statement. “The joint training in unfamiliar and complex waters is of great significance in exploring the boundaries of new equipment effectiveness, testing the practical application of new warfare method,” the command said, citing a training officer. The exercises in more distant seas in the West Pacific came soon after a carrier group led by the Shandong, one of China’s two operational aircraft carriers, returned to its home port this month after sailing around Taiwan and into the Western Pacific. China is modernizing its military and its formidable missile forces and navy fleet, with new vessels such as cutting-edge cruisers, are posing a concern for the U.S. and its allies...



Steve Bannon calls on faithful Christians to ‘get involved’ in the fight against evil

Steve Bannon is calling on faithful Christians to actively defend their families and communities from the pernicious evils afflicting the West, saying he thinks we’ll be “weighed and measured at the end” based on how we responded. The former Trump adviser and current War Room host was gracious enough to join me for this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, filmed in Washington, D.C. Bannon is the first of a series of special guests from D.C. this week, so stay tuned for more in the coming days! The occasion for our interview came after a dinner hosted by Steve Bannon in honor of Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Bannon envisioned it as a sort of “spiritual war council” where there would be “give and take” between Bp. Schneider and attendees about the current spiritual war and how we should engage it. Bannon, raised in a deeply Catholic environment himself, said “people of faith have got to get involved” politically. “Politics is not pleasant. It’s oftentimes not fun. It’s very nitty-gritty and grubby,” he said. “And you’re going to have a lot of grease underneath your fingernails. And there’s a lot of things in politics that are going to offend you as a Christian and as a Catholic. But I think you have to make that sacrifice in order for us to, in a democratic society, come to grips with what’s going on.”



Dominion Voting Systems pressed on role in Tucker Carlson firing

Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants the company to address the journalist’s claim that Fox fired him on its behalf. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called on Dominion Voting Systems to explain its alleged role in Fox News’ firing of Tucker Carlson in a tweet on Saturday. Carlson accused his former employer several days ago of firing him as part of its settlement with the voting machine manufacturer. “If Dominion wants to do business with Texas in the future, they should first answer questions about what role, if any, they played in silencing a prominent conservative journalist,” Abbott tweeted, citing recent reports alleging “Dominion Voting Systems demanded that Tucker Carlson be fired as part of a litigation settlement” with Fox News. Carlson’s lawyers reportedly accused Fox News of breach of contract and fraud in a letter sent earlier this week, which also claimed he had been fired as part of the network’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion. Specifically, the former host’s counsel claimed Fox broke an agreement not to leak Carlson’s private messages to the media or use them “to take any adverse employment action against him,” as well as a promise not to settle with Dominion “in a way which would indicate wrongdoing” on his part or harm his reputation...



Norwegian Naval Officer Found Guilty of Negligence in Warship’s Collision with Oil Tanker

A Norwegian naval officer was found guilty on Monday and sentenced to a two-month suspended jail sentence for negligence leading up to the 2018 collision between a warship he commanded and an oil tanker in which the military vessel sank. Building a replacement for the lost Helge Ingstad frigate would have cost up to 13 billion crowns ($1.24 billion), the armed forces estimated in a 2019 report. The early-morning crash between the Ingstad and the fully loaded Sola TS crude carrier near a major North Sea oil export terminal also triggered shutdowns of parts of Norway’s petroleum production. There was no leak from the oil tanker...



Ex-Pfizer VP: COVID vax push a ‘supranational operation’ intended to ‘maim and kill deliberately’

...Dr. Michael Yeadon, who formerly served as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory, explained how he knew the COVID virus, with its subsequent “vaccine” campaign, was a “supranational operation” designed “to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.” Yeadon, who spent 32 years working mostly for large pharmaceutical companies, spoke to a reporter from Children’s Health Defense in March while attending a Truth be Told Rally in London. Reviewing how he came to understand the COVID “pandemic” was something other than what it appeared to be, the pharmacology expert recalled that “when I started noticing former colleagues of mine, including Patrick Vallance, saying things on the television I knew weren’t true — and I knew he knew weren’t true — that’s when the penny dropped for me, probably [in] February 2020.”  Former Vice President at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, on the sequence of events which led him to conclude that the so-called “pandemic” was planned and co-ordinated in advance, by unelected globalist bodies like the WHO and WEF, as a justification to deliberately depopulate the…



Philippines Places Buoys In Parts Of S.China Sea To Assert Sovereignty

The Philippines has placed navigational buoys within its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) to assert sovereignty over the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, a coast guard spokesperson said on Sunday. The step comes amid China’s increasingly aggressive actions in the South China Sea as Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr pursues warmer ties with treaty ally the United States. The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said it set up five buoys carrying the national flag from May 10 to 12 in five areas within the 200-mile (322-km) zone, including the Whitsun Reef, where hundreds of Chinese maritime vessels moored in 2021...



US Will Bolster Posture in Persian Gulf as Iran Seizes Third Tanker

The White House on Friday said the U.S. Navy would “begin to bolster its defensive posture” in the Arabian Gulf region in response to actions by Iran continuing to harass commercial vessels in the region. At the same time, Iranian state media was widely reporting that they have taken legal control of yet another tanker in the region this time to settle a commercial dispute. So far, no Western media has confirmed the latest reported actions by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). During a press briefing, John Kirby, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, highlighted the new efforts. He pointed to the 15 internationally flagged commercial vessels that the U.S. says have been harassed, attacked to interfered with in the region by Iranian forces. There was no mention of the direct interaction between Iran and the ships of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard, which have reported a series of close approaches and risky maneuvers by the Iranians. “Today, the Department of Defense will be making a series of moves to bolster our defensive posture in the Arabian Gulf,” Kirby told reporters...



Thousands of Canadians to ‘stand firm’ for life on Parliament Hill today

Thousands of Canadians will attend today’s annual National March for Life in Ottawa where, together, they will stand united. They will also stand firm against the fierce backlash from abortion supporters to the overturning of Roe in the U.S. last June. “The backlash to last year’s overturning of Roe has been sharp and swift everywhere, including in Canada,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “The Trudeau Liberals are still threatening to strip pregnancy care centres of their charitable status. Access to chemical abortion is expanding, despite the confirmed deaths of two Canadian women from the abortion pill. Pro-life speech and expression continue to be under attack like never before.” “‘Stand Firm’ is how pro-life Canadians respond to these attacks on human life,” Gunnarson added. Today’s National March for Life marks 54 years since Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre decriminalized abortion, resulting in what pro-life advocates call a “genocide” against the preborn. Over 4,000,000 children have had their lives snuffed out by abortion since that day of infamy – May 14, 1969. Gunnarson said that pro-life Canadians, encouraged by the fall of Roe, are now greatly anticipating a day in which legal protections are offered to babies inside their mothers’ wombs. A new documentary, Roe Canada, which was screened for the first time this week in Ottawa, outlines the strategy needed to secure legal protection for unborn Canadians...



DAS submarine-launched missile with TKMS

ASW helicopters are a submarine's worst nightmare. With the development of IDAS, TKMS (Tactical Key Management System) is looking to reshuffle the cards for submarine defence systems against these agile threats. Although the Interactive Defence and Attack system for submarines (IDAS) was not shown on the TKMS stand during UDT 2023, Naval News talked to Peter Hauschildt for an update on the program and to learn how the missile system could be a game changer in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). “ASW helicopters are probably submarines’ worst enemy,” Peter Hauschildt, Head of Research and Technology at TKMS, told Naval News.     “While a submarine can relatively easily evade or hit a frigate, a helicopter’s agility makes it impossible for a submarine to react on time to save itself...



The Censorship-Industrial Complex: Top 50 Organizations To Know

On January 17, 1960, outgoing President and former Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower gave one of the most consequential speeches in American history. Eisenhower for eight years had been a popular president, whose appeal drew upon a reputation as a person of great personal fortitude, who’d guided the United States to victory in an existential fight for survival in World War II. Nonetheless, as he prepared to vacate the Oval Office for handsome young John F. Kennedy, he warned the country it was now at the mercy of a power eve he could not overcome. Until World War II, America had no permanent arms manufacturing industry. Now it did, and this new sector, Eisenhower said, was building up around itself a cultural, financial, and political support system accruing enormous power. This “conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience,” he said, adding:     In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

With thanks to Tesla



Tucker Carlson to relaunch his show, post it directly to Twitter after being ousted by Fox

Straight to Tucker Carlson:

“Tucker and Elon” began trending Tuesday afternoon on Twitter after ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson posted a three-minute video to the social media platform announcing he’ll begin uploading a new version of his show directly to Twitter. The video came days after Axios suggested Carlson and Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner, had “had a conversation about working together.” Musk has since denied that the pair have signed any contract, instead stating that Twitter provides commentators like Carlson an open platform on which to share their content. In the short Tuesday evening video, Carlson blasted mainstream media outlets for misleading audiences by withholding key elements “in every story that matters, every day of the week, every week of the year.” “What’s it like to work in a system like that? After more than 30 years in the middle of it, we could tell you stories,” he said, smiling...



Deeply shocked mother tries to warn the world

A deeply concerned mother is sending out a heart cry to the rest of the world. She explains how little children in thousands of schools are taught to masturbate one another, have oral s*x, play all kinds of sexual games, are exposed to naked (transgender) adults, and so on. This is part of a mandatory curriculum, published by the Rutgers Foundation, who in 27 nations executes the international guidelines for sexuality education of the World Health Organization and United Nations. These guidelines for education authorities state that children must have sexual parters, and learn different sexual techniques. Pushing this "comprehensive sexuality education" in every school of the world is one of the sustainability goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030. About this agenda, the UN says that it "involves the entire world" and "nobody will be left behind". This means they will make sure this will be implemented in every school, starting in kindergartens. You can watch the video as part of the in depth evidence report about the agenda to normalize pedophilia worldwide. Use the red button, or copy the link into your browser...



Cluster of Chinese Vessels Spotted Near Russian Rig off Vietnam – Ship Monitors

A Chinese research vessel flanked by coast guard and nearly a dozen boats on Wednesday entered a gas block operated by Russian and Vietnamese state firms, two monitoring groups said, another potential flashpoint in the South China Sea. It follows a pattern of assertive moves of late by Beijing in its neighbors’ exclusive economic zones (EEZ), as it presses its claim to sovereignty over almost the entire South China Sea, testing the United States and its allies at a time of heightened regional tension. Strong relations between Russia and China are a major factor supporting global stability, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said in March, but the two countries have conflicting interests in the South China Sea. The Chinese research ship, two coast guard and 11 fishing boats entered block 04-03 of Vietsovpetro, a venture between Russia’s Zarubezhneft and PetroVietnam, and were still in the area by nightfall, data from two independent vessel monitors reviewed by Reuters showed...



Globalist elites provoking bloody conflicts and coups – Putin

The Russian leader has accused Western powers of trying to build a system of “robbery, violence and suppression”. Western elites have forgotten the consequences of the Nazis’ “insane ambitions,” Russian President Vladimir Putin has said during his Victory Day Parade speech on Red Square in Moscow. Russia believes that “any ideology of superiority is by its nature disgusting, criminal and deadly,” the president pointed out. “The globalist elites keep insisting on their exceptionalism; they pit people against each other, split societies, provoke bloody conflicts and coups, sow hatred, Russophobia and aggressive nationalism, destroy traditional family values that make human a human,” Putin said. According to the Russian leader, all this is being done by the US and allies in order to “further dictate their will, their rights and their rules” and implement what is basically “a system of robbery, violence and suppression” on the international stage...



United States to Send Additional Air Defense Systems, Munitions,

Counter-UAS Systems,155mm Artillery Shells and ISR Services to Ukraine

Today, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced a new security assistance package to reaffirm the steadfast U.S. support for Ukraine, including to bolster its air defenses and sustain its artillery ammunition needs. This package, which totals up to $1.2 billion, is being provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI). This USAI package underscores the continued U.S. commitment to meeting Ukraine's most urgent requirements by committing critical near-term capabilities, such as air defense systems and munitions, while also building the capacity of Ukraine's Armed Forces to defend its territory and deter Russian aggression over the long term. This includes committing additional 155mm artillery rounds and sustainment support to enable Ukraine to better maintain its on-hand systems and equipment. Unlike Presidential Drawdown authority (PDA), which DoD has continued to leverage to deliver equipment to Ukraine from DoD stocks at a historic pace, USAI is an authority under which the United States procures capabilities from industry or partners. This announcement represents the beginning of a contracting process to provide additional priority capabilities to Ukraine. The capabilities in this package include: Additional air defense systems and munitions...



South Korea Is Building What the U.S. Navy Never Did: The ‘Arsenal Ship’

South Korea is building an unusual ship design with U.S. Navy roots. The “Joint Firepower Ship,” designed to carry scores of ballistic missiles, would be used to attack North Korea’s government and nuclear weapons if preparations to use the latter were detected. The ship concept has its origins in the “arsenal ship,” a American warship design laden with missiles that was never built. The South Korean government has selected local shipbuilder DSME to design a Joint Firepower Ship, with aim of building three ships by the end of this decade. The ship’s primary mission will be to carry up to 80 new ballistic missiles, currently under development and each equipped with conventional warheads. The Joint Firepower Ship will be the sea-based portion of South Korea’s “kill chain”—a web of sensors, spies, special forces, and shooters designed to get a fix on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a crisis and execute a peremptory attack on him and his nuclear weapons...



Port of Long Beach Unveils Plans for Massive Floating Offshore Wind Facility

The Port of Long Beach has announced plans for Pier Wind, a giant floating offshore wind facility designed to help California and the nation achieve renewable energy goals. The facility, the largest of its kind at any U.S. seaport, will support the manufacture and assembly of offshore wind turbines as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Pier Wind will enable fully assembled turbines capable of generating 20 megawatts of energy to be towed by sea to offshore wind farms in Central and Northern California. “As society transitions to clean energy, our harbor is ideally located for such an enterprise – with calm seas behind a federal breakwater, one of the deepest and widest channels in the U.S., direct access to the open ocean and no air height restrictions,” said Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero. “No other location has the space to achieve the economies of scale needed to drive down the cost of energy for these huge turbines.” The $4.7 billion project, spanning up to 400 acres within the Harbor District southwest of the Long Beach International Gateway Bridge, will not only provide renewable power but also create jobs and career opportunities for communities disproportionately affected by climate change and port operations...



State of emergency declared in Auckland as heavy rain causes havoc rc=1&ocid=winp1taskbar&cvid=8a8be72c4a67403ce05771d1fb31cf84&ei=5

'We've been here before, haven't we.' Evacuations, submerged cars and closed motorways are giving Aucklanders déjà vu today. A state of local emergency has been declared for Auckland again as roads flood and schools are evacuated, all while the city anticipates heavier rain to come with the evening rush hour. Auckland Emergency Management deputy duty controller Rachel Kelleher said there had been heavy downpours across the region already, with some areas having seen more than 35mm of rain within one hour already. The heavy rain warning has been issued for the region until midnight, with MetService predicting the wettest showers at around 5pm today. “We are expecting more rain to come through as the day progresses, potentially up to midnight,” Kelleher said. “But the most severe timeframe is up to 7pm tonight.” She said the rain had been spread across the region, rather than focused on specific areas...



It’s worse than you thought: Transgenderism’s endgame is transhumanism

Will technology stop at transgenderism? No. Western populations are being conditioned – ‘groomed’ – to more easily accept transhumanism via the booming transgender industry. Individuals, including children, caught up in the current trans craze who have had their bodies medically and surgically mutilated and their personalities altered via social “affirmation” are nothing more than stepping stones to launch an even more macabre form of existence: transhumanism. Once considered to be nothing more than a cultish fringe ideology belonging more to the world of science fiction than reality, “transhumanism” is now being driven into reality by governments, multinational corporations, global banks, international law firms, and of course, Silicon Valley. What is transhumanism? It’s a movement that seeks to create humans with augmented capabilities by merging the human person with technology. While some of the initial forays into transhuman science have laudable goals of helping people with neurological disorders such as paralysis, dementia, and Alzheimer disease, these efforts will be used to pave the way to a form of immortal “boundless” existence by fusing the human conscience with computers, creating a hybrid species of individuals who will exist in cyberspace. The ultimate goal is to create an enhanced species that transcends humanity. In other words, the aim is to create an upgraded, “posthuman” society. “Transhumanists want to apply technology to overcome limits imposed by our biological and genetic heritage,” explained Max More, a philosopher who deals with the cultural implications of emerging technologies. “Transhumanists regard human nature not as an end in itself, not as perfect, and not as having any claim on our allegiance,” continued More. “Rather, it is just one point along an evolutionary pathway, and we can learn to reshape our own nature in ways we deem desirable and valuable.” “By thoughtfully, carefully, and yet boldly applying technology to ourselves,” said More, “we can become something no longer accurately described as human – we can become posthuman.” You are being groomed: Transgenderism is the ‘on ramp’ to transhumanism...



Pfizer pregnancy news

Pfizer’s ‘horrible’ mRNA pregnancy research kept secret from the public during jab roll-out

In January 2022, Pfizer and the FDA were ordered by a US court to release documents relating to the COVID ‘vaccine’. The two entities had previously sought permission to keep them secret from the public until 2096. The latest tranche was released last month. Researchers around the world have been pouring over the thousands of documents, with one in particular catching the attention of medical experts and investigative journalists – entitled ‘Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review’. Guy Hatchard’s latest opinion published on DTNZ characterised the Pfizer research outcomes as ‘appalling’ for babies and mothers. These outcomes were known to Pfizer and the FDA just as the worldwide vaccine roll-out began...



School training video shows teachers telling kids to masturbate

A training video sent to thousands of schools in Europe, shows teachers telling young children to start masturbating. This is part of the World Health Organization "comprehensive sexuality education", whose objective is that children should have sexual partners and start with s*x as soon as possible. The publisher of this video, the Rutgers Foundation, operates in 27 nations, is a close partner of the WHO and UN, and is supported by Bill Gates. The language spoken in the video is Dutch, but please be aware that this is a real-life example of the execution of an INTERNATIONAL agenda of the World Health Organization and United Nations, meaning this will come to public schools in every nation of the world. I send this video to you as a warning. If we don't stand up, this will happen in our communities as well, in no time. Don't let this warning fall on deaf ears. Hear the sound, and rise up to defend the children in your nation...



Have victims of covid “vaccines” become a new source of organ donors?

Jacinda Ardern’s government had an emotional response to the crisis and a mistaken understanding of science, which led to multiple vaccine-induced deaths.  Have these victims become a new source of organ donors for organ transplantation? By perusing scientific literature from around the world, New Zealand’s Dr. Guy Hatchard explores what vaccine-induced deaths mean from the perspective of transplant surgeons. “[While] transplant surgeons are very excited to have more available young donors … [they] completely fail to comment on the significance of the increased number of cases of vaccine-induced death,” he writes. “Transplant surgeons are narrowly focused on their discipline. Despite being aware of increases in covid vaccine-induced death, they wrote papers which failed to sound the alarm.” This leads Dr. Hatchard into a discussion of the harms vaccines cause and the efforts of Ardern and MP (Midazolam Pusher) Matt Hancock to ensure information about those harms are never publicly discussed or investigated...



127m Oceanco yacht Koru under sail for first time

The 127-metre Oceanco Y721 superyacht Koru has been spotted on her sailing sea trials in Palma de Mallorca. The impressive sailing yacht was launched last year from Alblasserdam, the Netherlands, and completed her first round of sea trials in February. Koru yacht sailing. Koru is the second largest sailing yacht in the world and the largest yacht built by the Netherlands-based shipyard Oceanco. She was sold in 2018 to tech entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, and the secretive project was first unveiled in October 2021, when she was rolled out of the shed at Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands...



Royal Australian Navy Hobart Destroyers and Anzac Frigates to Get MASS Decoy Systems

Rheinmetall has won an important order in the maritime protection systems domain. The Royal Australian Navy and the Commonwealth of Australia have ordered the Multi Ammunition Softkill System, or MASS, which will initially be used to equip its Hobart-class destroyers and ANZAC-class frigates. Following extensive trials, MASS was selected on account of its unique capabilities. For Rheinmetall, the order represents €125 million in sales. The first systems are to be delivered by the end of 2023, with full operational capability achieved by 2027. This is the Group’s single-biggest order ever for ship protection technology. Total sales volume could potentially come to A$1 billion (approx. €610 million), as the contract includes an option for equipping Australia’s entire fleet...



RFK Jnr blames CIA for JFK assassination

Robert F Kennedy Jr. said the agency’s culpability was “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

The CIA was behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1963 and likely involved in the murder of US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. alleged during an interview with WABC radio host John Catsimatidis on Sunday. “There is overwhelming evidence that the CIA was involved in [JFK’s] murder,” Kennedy declared, describing it as “beyond a reasonable doubt at this point.” “The evidence is overwhelming that the CIA was involved in the murder, and the coverup,” the candidate continued, describing efforts to discredit this theory as a “60-year coverup.” Kennedy cited the book “JFK and the Unspeakable” by James Douglas as the best compilation of evidence on the subject, though dozens if not hundreds of works have been written about the assassination and the CIA’s alleged role. The official US government explanation, published as the Warren Commission report the following year, holds that US Marine veteran Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in shooting the president while his motorcade was passing through Dallas on November 22, 1963. Oswald was famously murdered before he could stand trial, though he managed to tell journalists he was “just a patsy” shortly after his arrest. The alleged lone gunman was shot dead by nightclub owner Jack Ruby (real name Jacob Rubinstein) while being transported from Dallas Police Headquarters to the county jail...



The mysterious death of Stanley Meyer and his water powered car

A mystery unresolved to this day and still very topical

A waiter serves one of them some cranberry juice, perhaps (but we will never know for sure) chosen for dessert. This man, immediately after the first sip, suddenly gets up as if he’s gone crazy, he holds his hands around his neck, he loses his breath, runs out into the parking lot, collapses to the ground and pronounces his last words “they poisoned me”. Steve Robinette, the lead detective on the case, collected the testimonies of everyone in the parking lot, including the final disturbing words of a man immediately identified as Stanley Meyer, a citizen of Grove City. His brother Stephen was one of the four at the table, and he heard the words spoken at the end of his life. Robinette is not one for interminable investigations. He performed a toxicology analysis, which gave no significant results, and he also spoke to the coroner, who attributed his death to a brain aneurysm, compatible with previous episodes of hypertension. In just three months, he closed the case file, sealed it with a coloured elastic band and wrote on the cover “death by natural causes”. Formally, the case was now...



Was the Tucker “Take Down” a Deep-State Hit?

Can we stop pretending that Tucker Carlson was fired because of the Dominion lawsuit? That’s a bunch of baloney. Carlson was fired because he used his prime-time platform to expose the crimes and illicit goings-on of the most powerful men, corporations and agencies in the world. That’s why he was fired, because he revealed the truth about big pharma’s toxic injections, Fauci’s deranged lockdowns, Brandon’s police-state surveillance, the expansive deep-state censorship program, CRT, BLM, ESG, George Floyd, drag-queen children’s hour, the oddball cult of trangenderism, Ukraine’s crummy dictator-president Zelensky and all the other pernicious inanities that are being used like a wrecking-ball on the nation’s moral and historical foundation. Tucker exposed them all...



Why you should NOT get the flu vaccine

You shouldn’t get any vaccine unless you can verify there is a positive risk-benefit analysis that has been done that is compelling. That means you should ignore what the CDC says about the flu vax. My advice? Just say NO! There is no measurable mortality benefit, but there is a clear mortality risk. Plus, you have a 4X higher risk of getting non-flu viruses after the jab. It would be nonsensical to take the jab. Executive summary - My doctor told me I should get the flu vaccine because the flu can kill people and by taking the vaccine, it will reduce your risk of death. That sounded compelling to me, so I always took the shot when offered. I now realize that was a big mistake. I regret the error...



COVID-19', I no longer feel aligned to our 'heath care' system: Case 42...

In this series DTNZ brings you testimony from frontline health workers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, speaking out as to what they have witnessed in Australia’s vaccine roll-out programme. Hello, I am an experienced RN (Registered Nurse) of 6 years and currently work at a small rural hospital in Northern NSW. I am being forcibly terminated as I have declined taking the mandated covid “vaccine”. Staff that have had adverse reactions: A security guard with no medical history now has chronic crippling back pain after his pfizer x 1 shot. A cleaner broke out in herpes sores around her mouth after her first pfizer shot. A security guard has lost his sense of taste & smell post vaccine x 1. A staff member reported losing sensation to her lower limbs, self resolved. Several ED staff stating they felt so terrible they almost presented to ED post vaccine. A RN broke out in a body rash post vaccine. A RN reported chronic joint pain since having her vaccines. An elderly woman patient had AZ and next day found on the floor of her home unable to use legs. No investigation or reporting of the incident, diagnosed with likely UTI. Now has confusion/dementia & requires home placement as she is unable to go home with her condition...



Bill Gates pushing nasal COVID vax – after investing in them

Self-proclaimed medical and vaccine expert Bill Gates wants everyone to use a newly developed nasal vax for COVID. US social commentator Jimmy Dore explores Gates’ recent pivot to nasal vaccines. ‘Injected COVID-19 vaccines are so old hat — especially since Bill Gates sold all his stock in them. Nowadays nasal vaccines are all the rage — and Gates happens to be deeply invested in them too,’ wrote Dore in the video introduction.



US Planning More ‘Robots at Sea’ In Middle East To Combat Iran

The US is trying to convince Middle East allies to add dozens more robot vessels around the Arabian Peninsula to better detect threats from countries like Iran, a move to protect waterways vital to global commerce and oil trade. The US, which leads two international maritime coalitions out of Bahrain, wants to have more than 100 unmanned surface vehicles  — sometimes called robots at sea — in operation by the end of the summer, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, who commands the coalitions and the Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, said in an interview. An initial target of 50 was met in February and the technology delivers a cost-effective and efficient way of deepening US partnerships, he said. The plan is being carried out as Iran, emboldened by a China-brokered deal to re-establish relations with US ally Saudi Arabia, seized a seciond tanker in less than a week. The US Navy released footage of boats it said were owned by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps swarming the Panama-flagged oil tanker Niovi as it sailed through the Strait of Hormuz, between Iran and Oman...



US Navy taps active duty ‘drag queen’ to promote military service amid historic recruitment slump 

During a six-month “Navy Digital Ambassador” program, the branch reportedly allowed a drag queen TikTok influencer who’s also an active-duty sailor to promote his sexualized hobby in an effort to attract new recruits. The report comes as the military struggles to bring on new recruits as the majority of young Americans are unwilling to join and ill-equipped to pass basic entry requirements. Twenty-four-year-old Navy Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who runs a popular TikTok account and calls himself “Harpy Daniels” when he performs as a “drag queen,” said in November he was a “Digital Ambassador” with the Navy, in which role he was able to advocate for and represent “queer sailors.” A video that’s since gone viral on social media shows Kelley, who identifies as “nonbinary,” wearing garish makeup, wigs, and women’s attire in numerous videos posted to Facebook or Instagram. One snapshot appears to show him performing a drag show on a ship...



LGBT protesters cause a disruption at the Texas statehouse

House Speaker Dade Phelan had the protesters removed by the police and said, 'Today’s outbursts in the gallery were a breach of decorum & continued after I warned that such behaviors would not be tolerated.' A group of boisterous LGBT activists were forcibly removed from the Texas State Capitol building Tuesday after disrupting the legislative proceedings taking place on the House floor. They were protesting a bill that would outlaw the mutilation of gender-confused minors. HB 1686 is the latest in a growing number of proposals across the U.S. that seek to curtail the disturbing trend of children “transitioning” into the opposite sex. At present, more than 15 states have laws that outlaw in some fashion what liberals misleadingly call “gender-affirming care” for American youths...



RFK Jnr condemns Kremlin drone attack

Washington needs to stop the “deranged” escalation of the Ukraine conflict, said RFK Jr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thursday denounced the drone attack targeting the Kremlin, which Moscow has blamed on Washington. The Democrat challenging President Joe Biden for the presidential nomination also reminded Americans how his uncle helped prevent nuclear war with the USSR. “Imagine how we would respond if Russian-backed forces launched a drone strike on the Capitol. We must stop these deranged attempts to escalate the war,” Kennedy tweeted. “After successfully defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John Kennedy warned against ever again forcing Russia to choose between national humiliation and nuclear war. We should heed his advice,” he added. The 1962 standoff almost resulted in a shooting war between the US and the USSR, involving atomic weapons. It was resolved when Kennedy and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev agreed to a withdrawal of Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba and US missiles from Türkiye...



The next wave of terror unleashed on humanity by the WHO

The World Health Organization and the United Nations are two key players in the agenda for the submission of all of humanity to unprecedented tyranny. Their plans for mankind go far beyond the darkest nightmares of what anyone can even begin to imagine. Behind their brilliant masks of proclaimed humanitarian goals hides something so nefarious that many fail to believe it. This cannot be. It’s impossible. There is no evil so horrible… is there? In many previous reports, we have lifted the veil on their agendas for humanity. During the pandemic, we saw glimpses of their intensely dark plans: the WHO conducted "trials" in which they deliberately murdered thousands of people by administering non-therapeutic, lethal doses of hydroxychloroquine. One third of all involved patients died, and this data was then used to sell humanity the lie that this drug should be banned from all countries for the treatment of C0VID. While in reality, this proven and respected treatment saved the lives of millions worldwide who received the proper dosage...



BEYOND THE RESET - Animated Short Film German subtitles

A small Canadian producer of animated films, 3D Epix Inc., published an animated short film on YouTube a few weeks ago, which quickly received more than 1.5 million views worldwide. It's about our fictitious, not too distant future, assumed to be dystopian. The production company's self-description of this film says: "It speculates on the possible consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, wake culture and the green agenda. Anything the World Economic Forum (WEF) has in store for us.” 3D Epix Inc. has previously been involved in purely commercial productions for advertising, television and cinema. The YouTube channel of the small company, which is housed in a family home in Calgary, previously only showed animated films about the early development of life on earth, which apparently carried neither a political nor a religious message. The film about the Great Reset has subtitles that are displayed in German. In the English-speaking world, we obviously still have a few surprises ahead of us. There is an exciting mixture of know-how and economic opportunities that overshadow any existing potential in Europe. So far, cosmopolitan and economically liberal ideas have spread from there to Europe. That could change in the future...



Paris is burning

Macron: Order to shoot or resign?  

The images are increasingly reminiscent of the French Revolution: yesterday, May 1st, Paris in particular was the scene of extremely violent clashes between demonstrators and the police. In contrast to the May riots in Kreuzberg, the May Day uprisings in Paris had a political concern that should be taken seriously: almost 3 million people across France took to the streets against Macron's "Global Young Leaders" policy. Violent clashes erupted between police and demonstrators in Paris, Lyon and Nantes in particular. In addition to massive property damage, police officers were thrown at with Molotov cocktails and paving stones. The police, for their part, used tear gas against the demonstrators. Everything in France is more and more reminiscent of a new 1789. Especially since it is already clear that this time, too, the spark is already about to spread to other European countries...



RFK Jr. says billionaires are using ‘climate change’ to create ‘totalitarian controls’

'What we have in this country now is not free market capitalism; it’s corporate crony capitalism.'

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said that climate and environmental issues are being “exploited” to push for “totalitarian controls” on society. RFK, a longtime environmental activist who also supports medical freedom, made the comments recently on “The Kim Iversen Show.” He argued that the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and other “mega-billionaires” are exploiting climate issues in the same way they exploited COVID to “clamp down” on individual freedom. “It’s given climate chaos a bad name,” Kennedy said. He continued: People now see that it’s just another crisis that’s being used to strip mine the wealth of the poor and to, you know, to enrich billionaires. And I, for 40 years, have had the same policy on climate and engineering. You can go check my speeches from the 1980s, and I’ve said the most important solution for environmental issues is not top down controls [but] free market capitalism. “What we have in this country now is not free market capitalism; it’s corporate crony capitalism,” the presidential candidate said. “… It’s [a] cushy kind of socialism for the rich, and a brutal, barbaric, merciless capitalism for the poor...



An oil tanker seized by Iran last Thursday was carrying Kuwaiti crude

and had a crew of 24 Indians, according to the operator.

The US has demanded the immediate release of the the Marshall Islands-flagged Advantage Sweet, which was travelling in international waters and near the Gulf of Oman when the incident happened, according to the US military. The ship was heading to the US, a spokesperson for Advantage Tankers, the vessel’s Turkey-based operator, said to Bloomberg on Friday. It was carrying oil and was chartered by Chevron Corp., the spokesperson confirmed. Iran Releases Video of ‘Advantage Sweet’ Boarding in Gulf of Oman - The seizure underscores continued tensions in a vital corridor for oil tankers. Hundreds sail through the Gulf of Oman each month, on their way to and from the Persian Gulf and some of the world’s biggest oil-exporting nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait...



The WHO’s ‘One Health’ agenda is a complete takeover of global power

The World Health Organization's overarching 'One Health' plan is about much more than health, including regulations on agriculture, climate, population movement, and more. The World Health Organization is seeking to cement its control over global health through amendments to the international health regulations (IHR) and its pandemic treaty. The pandemic treaty will grant the WHO power over far more than pandemic responses. It emphasizes the “One Health” agenda, which combines human health, animal health, and environmental concerns into one. Under the One Health agenda, the WHO would have power to make decisions relating to diet, agriculture and livestock farming, environmental pollution, movement of populations, and much more...



Daily Nautica » Sailing » Sea Eagle II by Royal Huisman:

81 metres of comfort and near-racing performance

With its 81 metres in length, the Sea Eagle II by Royal Huisman takes its place in the small circle of the largest aluminium sailing yachts in the world.  Launched in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, after exploring the world and travelling 45,000 nautical miles, it can finally prove it has achieved the results for which the Dutch shipyard and design team (Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design )  made it for. The sailing tests have given excellent performance reaching speeds of 21.5 knots with a moderate breeze, thanks to the extensive sail surface area and the extremely fast raising of the mainsail, similar to that of a sloop half the size of the Sea Eagle II...



35 Billion-Dollar Weapons in the 2024 US Military Budget

Tensions between the U.S. and China have been mounting for years, and with China’s recent militarization of several islands in the South China Sea, some U.S. officials fear an attack on Taiwan is imminent. The U.S. Department of Defense has responded to China’s rapid military expansion - which hints at plans to project its power beyond its own borders - with a 2024 defense budget request that aims to maintain the U.S.s military advantage over China. The $842 billion budget exceeds the fiscal year 2023 budget by $26 billion and the 2022 budget by $100 billion. A statement released by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III states that this budget reflects the department’s “largest ever investments in readiness and procurement” as well as the “largest ever request for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, which we are using to invest in advanced...



US Backs Philippines After Latest Dispute Over Chinese Ships

The US accused China of harassing Philippine ships and reaffirmed its defense commitment to the Philippines ahead of a visit to Washington by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. “The United States stands with the Philippines,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement, citing video from media reports of an incident in which two Chinese coast guard vessels blocked Philippine patrol boats in the vicinity of Ayungin shoal on April 23. One of the ships carried out “dangerous maneuvers,” coming within 50 yards of the Southeast Asian nation’s boat, according to its coast guard, leading to a near collision. An armed attack on Philippine armed forces, aircraft or naval vessels would trigger US defense commitments, according to the State Department statement, which said the US will continue to monitor the situation while calling on China to end the “provocative conduct” against Philippine ships on routine patrols in their exclusive economic zone...



Tanker on Fire Off Singapore; Three Missing

Three crew members of a Gabon-registered tanker were missing after the vessel caught fire on Monday in waters off Malaysia’s southern coast, Malaysian maritime authorities said. The tanker was on its way from China to Singapore with 28 crew members on board, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) said, adding that 23 were rescued by the MMEA and by nearby vessels. The MMEA said it commenced search and rescue operations after receiving an alert at 1600 local time about a tanker on fire. The cause of the incident was under investigation, the maritime agency said...




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