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Is Fiji, for sailors, still affordable?


Read more than 20 pages of rules, laws and high fees. Especially when the authorities are late due to overload! Perhaps the better way, to engage an Agent, if  you own "unlimited Gold-Card".



Trump obliterates ‘woke’ communists, Deep State for ‘waging war on God

Former President Donald Trump unleashed a blistering attack on his political opponents this past weekend at the annual Faith & Freedom conference in Washington, D.C. Excoriating everyone from Joe Biden and left-wing Democrats to corrupt members of the Deep State, the former president held nothing back while defending Christian Americans. “Our enemies are waging war on faith and freedom, on science and religion, on history and tradition, on law and democracy, on God Almighty Himself they are waging war,” he exclaimed. “That’s not a war they’re going to win.” “The radicals are setting fire to our Constitution, abolishing free speech, attacking religious belief, erasing our borders, corrupting our elections … and trying to impose their blasphemous creed of woke communism on every American man, woman, and child,” he continued...



Really? or is the crowd still asleep?

We are at the beginning of something that is unstoppable, and which will flood the entire world.

A historically unprecedented worldwide awakening is happening, in which hundreds of millions of people are beginning to see how their governments, media and health organizations are indescribably corrupt, and are lying to them in ways nobody could have ever imagined in their worst nightmares. As a result, innumerable people in every nation no longer blindly submit themselves to the criminal plans of their overlords, but they have begun to rise up and take action to build a better world. The magnitude of this worldwide awakening is beyond anyone's comprehension. Nothing like this has ever occurred since the beginning of time. Still, it is only just beginning, and is nothing compared to what the world is about to witness soon. As vaccine adverse events get worse worldwide, as healthy and innocent people are rounded up in quarantine camps, as vaccine passports are required to participate in society, and so many more insane things are happening, this current awakening will evolve into something we cannot even imagine...


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Corona vaccination: Good batches - bad batches

Danish study shows major differences in vaccinated Biontech products

Anyone who has so far claimed that the corona "vaccinations" are not uniform, but consist of different batches with different effects, quickly ended up in the dubious corner. However, a study by the University of Copenhagen shows exactly that. The scientists found out in Denmark that completely harmless batches were sprayed there, but also highly dangerous ones. While the batches of concern account for less than 5 percent of "vaccinations," they are responsible for nearly 50 percent of reported deaths. Five professors and scientists at German-speaking universities have been asking Biontech and the Paul Ehrlich Institute questions about the quality of the sprayed substances for a long time. Two are guests at Punkt.Preradovic: Dr. Gerald Dyker, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Ruhr University Bochum and Dr. Jörg Matysik, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig. They criticize tolerances that are far too high and contradictions in terms of color and dangerous ingredients. In addition, the Paul Ehrlich Institute would only have examined the batches superficially. Surprisingly, the harmless batches that hardly caused any damage were not approved by the PEI at all...



Pieces of Titan Submersible Retrieved from Ocean Floor, Brought to Canada

A Canadian-flagged ship on Wednesday brought ashore debris from the Titan submersible that imploded while on a voyage to the century-old wreck of the Titanic earlier this month, killing all five people on board. Video from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation showed what appeared to be the nose of the submersible and other shattered fragments wrapped in white tarp pulled up by a crane off the Horizon Arctic vessel at the St. John’s harbor in Newfoundland on Wednesday morning. The debris is expected to shed more light on the cause of the catastrophic implosion that killed everyone on board – OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush; British billionaire Hamish Harding; Pakistani-born businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son, Suleman; and French oceanographer Paul-Henri Nargeolet...



Klaus Schwab praises Communist China’s ‘achievements,’ wants to learn from premier’s ‘vision

The World Economic Forum chairman praised the oppressive communist nation, saying that it 'has made remarkable achievements in economy, in social development, in diplomacy, and in many other areas.' Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF), has once again praised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its “achievements.” During the opening speech at the WEF’s “Summer Davos” taking place in Tianjin, China, Schwab spoke fondly of the CCP’s second-ranking member, Li Qiang, who also took part in the event. The WEF founder told Li that “we are eager to learn from your vision on China and the world.”  “Premier Li is the eighth premier of the People’s Republic of China and a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee,” Schwab explained...



Biden family ‘lawyered-up’ for legal battle after incriminating WhatsApp leak

Although Hunter Biden has escaped influence-peddling charges via a plea bargain deal, his network of foreign benefactors is still being exposed. Journalist Angie Wong, president of Legacy PAC, told Sputnik the leaks could damage his father’s reelection hopes. US President Joe Biden and his family are preparing for legal trouble after the latest revelation about his son Hunter’s shady foreign dealings, journalist Angie Wong has said. Last week it emerged that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent Gary Shapley blew the whistle on a WhatsApp exchange between Hunter Biden and Chinese businessman Henry Zhao in July 2017, in which Hunter demanded to know why their “orders” had not been carried out. “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” Hunter Biden wrote...



How COVID drove the world insane

Just released last week, Gone Viral: How Covid Drove the World Insane, statistics guru Justin Hart takes a look at the COVID pandemic and concludes ‘the world went insane.’ Someone broke America. In this nightmare, neighbors have turned into agoraphobes, teachers fear their students, children are muzzled, citizens are censored, dystopian fictions have become reality, and unelected officials are creating a biometric police state. Oh wait. It’s not a nightmare. It’s our daily lives! In truth, much of this insanity didn’t start with the coronavirus pandemic (it was already latent in big government and big corporations) and it won’t end there. COVID-19’s greatest threat turned out to be . . . mental. All we had to fear was fear itself—and boy did some of us fear! The very idea of the virus weakened the immune system of America and revealed a decaying underbelly of confusion, panic, unease, and cowardice few of the strong ones suspected existed. What a horrible wake-up call! In a spate of anxious dread and gleeful power-grabbing, our health overlords threw away the pandemic response handbook and tried—beyond all reason—to protect, well, everyone. From massive over-testing to universal retail plexiglass to stay-at-home orders to stay-away-from-school orders to masking mandates to vaccine mandates to some of the worst restrictions on civil liberties in American history, this is an epic story that poses big questions about America’s future as a free society. And the odd thing is, as Justin Hart shows, the actual disease was, as pandemics go, not that threatening; most people were at minimal risk. What is really scary is the total overreaction of half the country, many governments, that lost all sense of perspective. Hart offers a hopeful prescription on how we might face the madness down and claw our way back to sanity!



Arriving and Departing Fiji

COVID travel restrictions eased with vaccination proof and Travel insurance no longer required. Effective yesterday, 14 February 2023, international travelers to Fiji are no longer required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination and travel insurance. This change was made after careful analysis of the global and national COVID-19 conditions by the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce (CRMT), and it covers both air and sea arrivals. Prior to this change, every traveler aged 16 years and above was mandated to provide proof of complete vaccination and travel insurance that caters to COVID-19. In line with other nations with high immunization rates, Fiji has eliminated all COVID-19-related health measures at the border. For more information please visit the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport page for more details here.

Update as at 5th September 2022

As of the 5th of September 2022, the Fijian Government is removing the requirement for post-arrival testing for international travellers. No test results or proof of test bookings will be required to enter Fiji. Although mandated post-arrival COVID-19 testing will be lifted, testing will be required for anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms which individuals arriving in Fiji will be asked to self-report on a single immigration arrival card. Those who test positive will now be required to isolate for a minimum of five days, as opposed to the previous period of seven days. If Travelers who have booked a RAT Test and are travelling to Fiji from 05 Sept onwards request a refund, this will be provided within advised timelines of 5-10 working days. Please contact should you have additional queries. Full media statement can be found on this link...



US justice is blind — unless your name is Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden has escaped prosecution and jail for corruption and influence-peddling with a zero-time plea bargain. Former US diplomat and former senior foreign policy advisor Jim Jatras and Jim Hoft, founder of news website The Gateway Pundit, were not surprised. US President Joe Biden’s son was brazenly let off scot-free in a “sweetheart deal,” say two media commentators. Hunter Biden had been under investigation by the FBI for soliciting millions in bribes from foreign businesspeople in return for influence over the then-vice president. That includes an alleged $5 million from Mykola Zlochevsky, co-owner of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings which employed Hunter as a company director and which was investigated for corruption by Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin until Joe Biden pressured Kiev to sack him. Hunter is also suspected of owning a handgun unlawfully, which reportedly ended up being thrown in a dumpster. Furthermore, a trove of photos on his abandoned “Laptop from Hell” appeared to show him using crack cocaine and sleeping with underage prostitutes...




UN employees accused of drug smuggling

Israeli authorities detected what they believed to be liquefied cocaine disguised as perfume-making kits on Sunday at the Jordan River Border Crossing. © Israel Tax Authority. Israeli police have arrested three people for allegedly trying to bring in liquid cocaine disguised as perfume. Three United Nations employees have been arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle cocaine across the Jordanian border into Israel by liquefying the drug and disguising it as a perfume-making component. The suspects, who work for the UN in Syria, were apprehended on Sunday near Beit She’an as they tried to enter Israel at the Jordan River Border Crossing, according to a joint statement by police and the Israel Tax Authority. Inspectors detected what they believed to be liquid cocaine in perfume-making kits that the UN workers were allegedly trying to bring into the country...



Black Lives Matter chapter president charged with 'hate-motivated' assault

Adora Nwofor, 47, faces one count of mischief and one count of assault after a physical altercation broke out near Western Canada High School last month. Another prominent 'anti-racism' activist from Calgary faces two charges from a May 17 protest, including one count of assault. Adora Nwofor, 47, also faces one count of mischief after a physical altercation broke out near Western Canada High School last month. She serves as president of Calgary's Black Lives Matter chapter. Officers deployed to maintain the peace on scene estimated a crowd of nearly 80 people in attendance to support and oppose 'radical gender ideology.' Calgary police confirmed a fight between "several individuals of opposing views," resulting in a physical altercation where several assaulted one youth and one man. They have assigned "hate motivation" as a contributing factor to the incident...



UK - Matt Hancock wants stricter lockdowns next time

Matt Hancock told the Covid Inquiry. "We've got to be able to take lockdown action which is wider, earlier & more stringent than feels comfortable at the time.” Matt Hancock arrived at the Covid inquiry this morning to answer questions about the UK’s emergency planning and preparedness. In a session that lasted more than three hours the former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care was asked multiple questions about his role in pandemic preparedness. In front of the inquiry Hancock took the opportunity to publicly apologise to the victims of Covid, adding "I also understand why for some that would be hard to take that apology from me." Hancock appeared to duck responsibility for the many mistakes made during the pandemic and instead shifted the blame to ‘doctrinal issues’ and lack of more affective earlier intervention in stopping the spread of the Covid 19. He followed up his line of reasoning by telling the inquiry there was too much focus on; “Can we buy enough body bags, where are we going to bury the dead and that was...



Talents that fascinate the world





Did Navy spill radioactive material from secret lab?

The U.S. Navy is facing serious accusations from public health advocates regarding the alleged cover-up of dangerous levels of radioactive waste pollution at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, according to a new report. The 866-acre shipyard, which previously included a secret Navy research laboratory, has come under scrutiny due to the presence of strontium-90, a radioactive isotope that was used in experiments and glow-in-the-dark paint, The Guardian reported. Concerns have been raised that this contamination could have resulted from animals injected with the isotope or runoff from ships involved in nuclear testing in the Pacific. The controversy surrounding the shipyard escalated when the Navy reported elevated strontium-90 contamination in the area, only to later perform a reassessment that supposedly indicated sub-zero levels of the isotope, a claim met with skepticism by experts. Dr. James Dahlgren, an environmental toxicologist, deemed the reassessment scientifically false, as a sub-zero level of contamination would be scientifically impossible...



Dozens detained at LGBTQ event in Türkiye

Police took action against activists who attended a banned pride parade in Istanbul.

More than 100 people were detained at an LGBTQ pride parade in Türkiye’s largest city on Sunday, Istanbul Governor Davut Gul said. Activists took to the streets despite an official ban. “Our national future depends on keeping the institution of family alive with our national and moral values,” Gul wrote on Twitter, vowing not to allow “any activity that will weaken the institution of family.” “The 113 people who participated with the goal of spreading [LGBTQ] propaganda have been detained,” the governor added. On Sunday, police blocked all streets leading to Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul’s historic district and to Taksim Square. Services along several lines of the Istanbul Metro were suspended for several hours, according to newspaper Cumhuriyet. The organizers of the event have condemned the crackdown. “We reject this politics of hatred and denial. Despite all the prohibitions, criminalizations, pressures, and attempts to suppress us, we will continue to advocate for a humane life for everyone and persist in democratic living,” the Istanbul Pride Parade Committee said in a statement. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was re-elected last month, has championed social conservatism and described his main rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu as “an LGBT person.” In his victory speech, Erdogan blasted those seeking to “normalize homosexuality"...



Abortion and transgender insanity are attacks on

human life and marriage rooted in sexual deviancy

Two moral issues stand front and center in the culture wars and debates currently raging across the nation. Both have to do with human life and human sexuality, both are highlighted in this month of June, and both have to do with essential tenets of faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Lord of Life. This week, June 24 marks the first-year anniversary of the greatest pro-life victory in the past half century, since our country began the bloodbath of murdering millions of innocent children in the womb — the historic overturing of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision, the D-day of the pro-life movement in the United States...



BlackRock recruiter shares how company ‘buys’

politicians in secret recording posted by James O’Keefe

A secretly recorded video of a BlackRock recruiter, Serge Varley, reveals his admission that large corporations like BlackRock control the president's wallet and that the Russia-Ukraine war is beneficial 'for business.' A BlackRock employee has admitted that the company and other large corporations “are controlling the wallet of the president” and said that the Russia-Ukraine war is “good for business.” BlackRock recruiter Serge Varlay was secretly recorded by a woman working for O’Keefe Media Group during multiple “dates” he had with the undercover journalist. In the secretly recorded video published by investigative journalist James O’Keefe on June 20, Varlay told the woman that who is really in charge is not the president of a country but the one who is “controlling the wallet of the president.” “And who’s that?” the journalist asked...



NZ Doctor appealing suspension for ‘Covid misinformation’

On Wednesday, June 28, Dr. Alison Goodwin’s appeal against the decision of the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to suspend her Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) will be heard. Dr Goodwin is appealing the extreme decision on the basis that it breached her right to freedom of expression and was an overreach of the MCNZ’s power. The case will be heard in Wellington District Court starting at 10:00 am. A rally of public support is expected. WHAT: Dr Alison Goodwin is appealing the suspension of her Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) that left her unable to practice as a doctor for 10 months in 2022...



Mel Gibson helped disrupt pedophile ring in Ukraine

but won’t be producing docuseries: anti-trafficking expert

The filmmaker is not involved in producing a series about children who were saved in a 2022 operation despite providing crucial information, according to a report. Renowned Catholic filmmaker Mel Gibson provided “valuable intelligence” about an international pedophile ring, but he is not involved in producing a four-part documentary series about a sex trafficking mission in Ukraine, according to a report. Amid recent speculation that Gibson was producing the series about a child sex trafficking rescue mission in Ukraine, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) founder Tim Ballard issued a statement dissolving those rumors but confirming that Gibson provided crucial information about the children who were saved in the 2022 operation. A video from January 2023 of Ballard sharing the story of the Ukraine mission has been circulating on social media, leading to false reports that the documentary designed to expose the reality of international pedophile rings was being produced by Gibson. However, Ballard never said that this was the case, a point he reiterated in a June 8 statement...



US Aircraft Carrier To Make Rare Port Call In Vietnam

The U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan will stop at Central Vietnam’s port city of Danang on Sunday in a rare visit for a U.S. warship to the southeast Asian nation, as tensions with Beijing in the South China Sea remain high. The ship will arrive on Sunday afternoon and stay at Danang until June 30, local media reported the spokesperson for Vietnam’s foreign affairs ministry as saying. The spokesperson did not respond to Reuters’ requests for comment.  The visit of the USS Ronald Reagan is only the third for a U.S. aircraft carrier since the end of the Vietnam War. The USS Theodore Roosevelt stopped in Vietnam in 2020 to mark 25 years since the Vietnam War ended in 1975. This year Washington is seeking to upgrade its formal ties with Vietnam, amid Hanoi’s frequent disputes with Beijing over boundaries in the South China Sea. China claims the waters almost in their entirety, including the exclusive economic zones of Vietnam and other countries in the region...



Woke corporate Marxism is destroying the heart and soul of America

Like the Roman Empire, the demise of the American Empire will have been expedited by a decline in civic virtue coupled with rampant moral depravity. Before the Woke Wars began in earnest, I once naïvely thought that men’s professional sports would remain a small redoubt from the insipid idiocy of “political correctness.” Stadiums where rowdy fans cheer on strong men engaging in physical acts of confrontation – and sometimes bloody violence – seemed like sturdy cultural ramparts capable of keeping leftist indoctrination at bay. Alas, owner-imposed ideology across leagues and organized intimidation campaigns against individual players have combined with enough force to crash through the gates...



US teachers ‘subversively’ transitioning kids – Daily Mail

Dozens of educators admitted to helping children switch genders without their parents’ knowledge. A group of teachers from the American midwest admitted to flouting the law in a bid to help their students change their gender, the Daily Mail reported on Monday. Their efforts are reportedly funded by the administration of President Joe Biden, which recently moved to quash state-level bans on underage sex changes. Daily Mail reporters gained access to a recent online conference organized by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP). Attended by 30 teachers from 13 states – including Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin, the conference was called to address a slew of Republican-authored bills enforcing single-sex bathrooms, restricting transgender participation in girls’ sports, and requiring teachers to inform parents if their children identify as a different gender in school. Conservative parents have sued schools for keeping their children’s transgender identities a secret, and have angrily demanded that sexually explicit books be removed from classrooms...



Bill Gates and WHO preparing for next ‘pandemic’ – SEERS virus in 2025

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the World Health Organisation and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security at a recent event in Belgium. Invitees took part in a ‘table-top simulation’ where a deadly enterovirus originating in South America sometime in 2025 spreads across the world, killing millions of people. Children will be particularly vulnerable to the disease, which is part of the polio family of viruses. The virus is named SEERS – Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome. The Belgium exercise has recalled memories of the now infamous Event 201, where the same parties ran simulations of a ‘flu-like’ global viral outbreak in October 2019, just two months before the first cases of COVID were detected in China. Independent news and opinion channel Redacted looked at Gates’ latest ‘virus preparedness clinic.’ The software engineer and college drop-out has made a 10-fold profit from his investments in health and vaccine technology pre-COVID, turning $10 billion into $200 billion, in what he called his ‘best investment’...



Chilling last text of British billionaire stuck in missing Titanic sub revealed

The chilling final text of a British billionaire trapped inside the Titanic-bound submersible that vanished deep below the water off Newfoundland on Sunday revealed that weather had been bad for sea travel in the days leading up to the trip. A day before the OceanGate Expeditions-operated sub was launched, renowned world explorer Hamish Harding sent his friend, retired NASA astronaut Col. Terry Virts, an update on his grand voyage set to drop 12,500 feet beneath the surface to view the famous shipwreck. “Hey, we’re headed out tomorrow, it looks good, the weather’s been bad so they’ve been waiting for this,” Harding, 58, messaged Virts...



Two billionaires on board

Search for Missing Titanic Sub Enters Third Day

A submersible taking wealthy tourists to visit the site of the Titanic wreckage in deep waters off the coast of Canada was missing for a third day on Tuesday, as U.S. and Canadian ships and planes swept a huge area trying to find the vessel. One pilot and four passengers were on board the submersible that went missing on Sunday, the U.S. Coast Guard said, adding the vessel could stay underwater for up to 96 hours, although it was unclear if it had resurfaced but was unable to communicate.U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger in television interviews on Tuesday said rescuers continued their efforts overnight and were expanding their search into deeper waters, telling NBC News that authorities were prioritizing the area where the vessel was operating...



Hungarian PM Viktor Orban says Trump is the one man who could end Russia-Ukraine war

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared last week that former U.S. President Donald Trump could bring about peace between Russia and Ukraine. “There is a man in the West who would be able to end this war and make peace. That man is Donald Trump,” Orbán said Friday in his weekly interview on Kossuth Radio. “It would be in Hungary’s interest to have a pro-peace leader at the helm of the United States, and a pro-peace politician to lead that part of the world, but the pro-war camp and the American arm of the Soros Empire is attacking Donald Trump with all its might and doing everything they can to prevent him becoming President again.” Lamenting the latest developments of the...



Texas Gov. Abbott signs laws restricting sexually explicit books

in schools, strengthening parents’ rights utm_source=onesignal

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday signed four new “transformative” education laws giving “more rights” to parents and cutting “inappropriate or vulgar materials” from school libraries. “The House and Senate did a great job to provide transformative changes for education in the state of Texas,” Gov. Abbott, who recently signed a measure banning mutilating transgender surgeries and destructive drugs for minors, said in a press release ahead of the Monday signing. Abbott said that the new legislation “transforms school curriculum, improving it for Texas parents, students, and teachers” and will get “inappropriate or vulgar materials out of our schools...



Gender ideology a 'pervasive' and 'toxic' influence in western culture: Matt Walsh

Author and commentator Matt Walsh says as discovered in his documentary, 'What is a Woman?', gender ideologues "certainly cannot define the term". "It starts with just recognising that gender ideology is this pervasive, toxic influence in our culture across the world, across the western world anyway" Mr Walsh told Sky News host Rita Panahi. "And also realising that in spite of the fact it's been so successful in claiming so many people's minds, it is really quite hollow at its core." He said just a couple of questions "really bring down the whole house of cards", starting with the question he poses in his documentary: "what is a woman?"...




First Hurricane of 2023 Expected to Form Later This Week

The NWS National Hurricane Center is forecasting the first hurricane of the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Forecasters have been watching this system since last week when it moved off the west coast of Africa. An update today from the National Hurricane Center said the system has now formed into Tropical Depression Three over the central Atlantic. The depression is forecast to strengthen and move across the Lesser Antilles as a hurricane on Thursday and Friday, bringing a risk of flooding from heavy rainfall, hurricane-force winds, and dangerous storm surge and waves. Maximum sustained winds are currently near 35 mph (55 km/h) with higher gusts...



Joe Rogan Podcast: High Profile ‘Big Pharma Shill’ refuses vaccine debate with RFK Jnr

Dr. Peter Hotez was a face of COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy propaganda on legacy media at the height of the COVID ‘pandemic crisis’. Controversy continues over a proposed high-stakes vaccine debate between Hotez and Democratic Party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jnr on the Joe Rogan podcast. The challenge from Rogan went out to Hotez over the weekend, with the podcaster offering Hotez US$100,000 to appear with Kennedy on his show where they would debate vaccines. The offer came a week after Rogan’s highly popular interview with Kennedy in which Kennedy explained (among other things) corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and the link between vaccines and ill-health. Rogan pledged to donate the money to a charity of Hotez’s choice...



‘Huge success’: LA Dodgers protest rally dwarfs support for blasphemous ‘Pride Night’

Over 5,000 people showed up for the massive prayer rally on Friday, but Dodger Stadium was practically empty when the team honored anti-Catholic drag 'nuns.'  The massive rally in Los Angeles against the Dodgers’ honoring of anti-Catholic drag “nuns” drew several thousand people and dwarfed the turnout for the drag queens’ award ceremony, in what protest organizers are celebrating as a “huge success.” More than 5,000 participants showed up for the prayer rally outside Dodger Stadium on Friday, according to Catholics for Catholics, a Phoenix-based group that organized the event. HUGE SUCCESS! Prayer Rally Officially Concludes. Over 5K strong!! Massive...



Austal USA to Build Fifth Navajo-Class Salvage Ship for the U.S. Navy

Austal USA has been awarded a fixed-price incentive contract option from the U.S. Navy worth US $71.7 million for the construction of a fifth Navajo-class Towing, Salvage and Rescue Ship. The company is now contracted for five T-ATS vessels, having received awards for T-ATS 13 and 14 in July 2022, and T-ATS 11 and 12 in October 2021. The Navajo-class will focus on long-range towing, rescue, and salvage missions for the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command. They will also provide humanitarian assistance, search and rescue, and oil spill response. The Navajo-class is intended to replace the T-ATF fleet ocean tugs and the T-ARS rescue and salvage ships in the U.S. Navy. Austal Limited Chief Executive Officer Paddy Gregg said the contract award shows how Austal USA’s steel shipbuilding capability is growing. This comes after the beginning of construction on T-ATS 11 and 12, and more recently the Auxiliary Floating Dock Medium, for the United States Navy. “Three steel vessels are now being constructed in Mobile, Alabama, along with multiple aluminium vessels and component projects,” Gregg said...



When the good people arise, the world is restored

The world is under attack! Multibillionaire criminals are setting up a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny. Sign up and learn how to defend yourself. One of the critical things that needs to happen in our time, is that good people must stand up and do what we are born for. We are not here to sit around, only care about ourselves, and wait until we can get to Heaven. The true reason good people are born on earth is to help make this world a better place. We have a calling, a gifting, a mandate to be those that put an end to evil, and establish goodness as the foundation of human society. The sole reason there is so much wickedness in our societies is because the good people have failed to establish the dimension of truth and justice in our world. We have been too busy running around in circles, instead of having a strategic mindset of occupying the key seats of influence in our nations...



Psychiatrist DEBUNKS Gender Ideology Lies

Psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman delivers a stunning rebuke of gender ideology.


Various unsorted(!) comments:


good for dr Miriam Grossman, there is more need to speak out on this madness.


Applause from this woman! You have to hear and see that several times. get that out


Miriam is honest and correct. Reality exists and we can see it with our senses.


Finally, someone with authority has dismissed McNamara's false claims promoting medical interventions on children to reassign their biological sex.


Finally. An intelligent voice on gender disphoria. Please spread the truths she speaks and more like her.


This woman is a fighter for the truth and for children who need protection from predatory adults. Bravo. Let's all stand by her side


God bless you dr. Miriam Grossman for telling the truth.


Brilliantly and perfectly set out and supported. She needs to be featured and supported by all medical boards, MSM news, schools and our lame, woke, clueless government.


Bless this woman for putting her life on the line by speaking out facts against this insurmountably EVIL trend of this despicable transgender movement.


May God watch over them and protect them!


So few psychologists in the English-speaking world seem to dare speak their minds. Thank you dr Grossman!


Thank goodness someone is talking about the whole social construct of "gender identity" madness!!! 🙌🏼 👏🏼 There are only two genders: male and female. Period.


Deepest respect and applause, Dr. Miriam Grossman Dr. McNamara needs to be reprimanded for that rude, loud sigh during that statement. Just disgusting behavior


Thank God there are still sane psychiatrists in the world


Finally a voice of reason and sanity from a psychiatrist, no less. There needs to be more doctors who speak out against it.


Thank you dr Grossman. It's about time some doctors started fighting back against these crazy schemes.


And over 1700 more...



120 People Rescued From Philippine Ferry Fire

All 120 people onboard a ferry that caught fire at sea in central Philippines on Sunday have been rescued, the coast guard said. The M/V Esperanza Star, which was carrying 65 passengers and 55 officers and crew members, caught fire while sailing from Siquijor island in the south to nearby Bohol island, the coast guard said. Coast guard firefighters onboard another vessel used a water canon and declared the fire out by around 0200 GMT, a spokesperson said. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Two coast guard vessels involved in firefighting and rescue operations were still in waters in the vicinity of the fire. The whereabouts and conditions of the rescued passengers and crew members were not disclosed...



The Plan - Video

Bombshell interview with explosive information

How the WHO grooms children for pedophiles in public schools worldwide

World renown "Health Ranger" Mike Adams, from Natural News, interviews David Sorensen about some highly explosive topics. This is truly a bombshell interview, where David blows the lid off many secrets of the evil tyrants who are trying to destroy humanity and the world, under the guise of "saving the planet". As one viewer correctly remarked: "The interview exposed what most other people don’t have the guts to say." You will hear about the supernatural entities who are behind the worldwide evil network of the so called "cabal", who run the governments behind the scenes. This information will be hard to process for some of you, but that doesn't make it less true. It also reveals a divine vision that gives tremendous hope to all of us, about the certain victory of good over evil, and the bright future we all have, if we don't give up our efforts for a better world. This is potentially a life-changing interview, that will open many eyes and activate you to become a world changer. Don't miss it. Here's what some viewers emailed me: "Through the depth of my pure heart: thank you for sharing the truth with Mike Adams. The interview exposed what most other people don’t have the guts to say." "I watched your fantastic interview on Brighteon and your website is awesome – so comprehensive!!" "Hi I just watched you on Brighteon. You said some explosive things."




This Whistleblower says Ukrainian Nazis are Harvesting Child Organs, Corroborating Earlier Russian Military Reports. Vera Vayiman, a member of the humanitarian and monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine between 2019 and 2022, collected information on underground labs. In this video she describes what she personally witnessed and recorded during that time...



Vaccinated vegetables?

Look carefully when you buy!

Typical imprints on the tomatoes, aubergines, etc

With thanks to Tesla





Watch  but 


Tensions flare in Ottawa over anti-trans protests

A week into Pride Month 2023, the clock seems to be ticking backward. It wasn’t that long ago that the fear and vulnerability that was being felt for generations in the LGBTQ2S community seemed to be slowly easing. Yet, tonight we have another sobering reminder of the hate and open aggression that still exists...




A few unsorted comments:


*Parents must unite for the good of our children


*More Canadians must join the Muslim and Christian communities in standing up to this nonsense


*It's nothing against transgender people to say that kids can't consent to puberty blockers! Please formulate your headings correctly. Adults are free to do as they please, but leave the kids alone!


*Most of the people protesting are not anti-trans people, they just don't want sexualized content being pushed on children.


*STOP CALLING IT ANTI-TRANS!!! Parents have the right to decide what their children are taught!!! I don't want my daughter to be taught that she can be a boy if she wants to and that's fine!!!


*You can be what you want to be.

You can't tell people what to think.


*Leave the kids alone.

As adults, they can choose what and who they are.

The government has no business here.


*I love that the statement "leave the kids alone" is labeled as violent.


*This reporting sucks! Doesn't match what each side is arguing for.


*Protecting children from content that is not age appropriate is not hateful and frankly none of schools' business. To be honest I see more Pride flags than Canadian flags. Of course, there has to be an environment in the school that is free of discrimination and respect. Schools should remain neutral on cultural issues and leave that to the parents. Just stick with math, science, etc


*If they left the kids alone, this wouldn't happen.


*What a terrible example of "journalism". It's not "far right" or "anti-trans" when parents want to have a say in their children's education. It is not "anti-trans" or "far right" to say that parents should be consulted when young children wish to mutilate their bodies because they have decided they are of the opposite sex. This is a really bad example of what counts as journalism in Canada, where the far left dictates the vocabulary.


*Children can not agree!!


*I feel sorry for this generation


*I love how they convey this to parents who are wrong. No one objects to the way ADULTS choose to live their lives. You do it, just leave the kids alone!


*As teachers, we watched professional development videos about sexual harassment and child abuse. only 5 years ago. I can't believe they don't even supply us with this anymore


*Finally the pushback starts.


*You can't even get a tattoo if you're under 16!


*Perhaps trans people should stay away from schools and stay away from children who are not there. Your opinion is neither necessary nor desired when it comes to a parent raising their child. Sounds like a recruitment for the Alphabet people.


*Great that you have worldwide support!


*If someone decides to change their gender, the right is theirs, as is sexual orientation. Live and let live. But stuffing children's minds with sexualized content, confusing them with terms like "gender turnover," and manipulating their bodies by offering puberty blockers is a real marvel.


and many more..



Tucker Carlson:

Trump indicted for rejecting ‘the neocon war agenda,’ betrayed by Pence and Pompeo

‘Whatever else you say about him, Trump is the one guy with an actual shot at becoming president who dissents from Washington's longstanding, pointless war agenda,’ Carlson said. ‘And for that one fact, they are trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him.’ While the indictment of former President Donald Trump is certainly political – his being President Joe Biden’s most formidable rival for the next election – even more so, it is ideological due to his dissent from the perpetually undying “neocon war agenda,” according to Tucker Carlson. In the third episode of his new show on Twitter, the former flagship Fox News host proposed Trump’s fate was sealed as early as February 16, 2016, when in a Republican primary debate he exposed virtually the entire uniparty in Washington for lying the United States into an invasion of Iraq...



‘God is queer,’ says German pastor

A German pastor has been mocked and condemned for delivering a sermon full of liberal catchphrases, including the assertion that the Christian god is “queer.” Meanwhile, record numbers of Germans are leaving the church. Speaking to attendees of the Evangelical Church Congress in Nuremberg on Sunday, Pastor Quinton Caesar declared that “now is the time to say” that “black lives always matter,” that “God is queer,” and that migrants must be welcomed to Europe, among other liberal affirmations. While his speech was met with rapturous applause by the audience, Christians online were perplexed...



Crazy incident on Mega Cruise Ship -

Waterfall on Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas from Pool Deck

I have seen a lot of crazy things happen while travelling, but never something quite like THIS! Instagram user eloy4k was onboard the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas when a freak event led to this waterfall into the ship's Central Park area. Can you believe this? Imagine if you were just sitting on your balcony on one of the largest cruise ships in the world, and all the sudden this happens! What would you do? #royalcaribbean #harmonyoftheseas #waterfall



Circa 40m Explorer:

Unleash your oceanic adventures in unparalleled comfort and style!

Embark on a remarkable journey across the world's oceans with the innovative design of the brand new Circa 40m Explorer, developed by the renowned team of Circa Marine and LOMOcean Marine of New Zealand. A vessel meticulously designed for intrepid adventurers yearning to traverse the vast oceans in comfort, elegance, and, above all, safety. Discover a realm of unparalleled elegance, comfort, and exploration as you delve into the vast expanse of the open seas. Immerse yourself in the sheer luxury of the Circa 40m Explorer, boasting spacious accommodations with generous full beam owner/VIP suite, Guest cabins to effortlessly host up to 8 guests. Experience the epitome of grandeur as you navigate the world's waterways with a dedicated crew of up to 8, ensuring your every need is met and surpassing your expectations at every turn. The Circa 40m Explorer revolutionises the concept of oceanic exploration by offering a multitude of possibilities. Picture yourself venturing forth to untouched corners of the world, armed with the capability to carry a wide range of watercraft...



Tanker Fire at Singapore Terminal Extinguished

A fire broke out on a tanker berthed at a terminal in Singapore on Wednesday, but was extinguished within about two hours with no injuries or pollution reported, maritime officials there have confirmed. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said it was informed at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday that there was a fire onboard a tanker berthed at Jurong Port Tank Terminals (JPTT). The tanker has been identified as the Indonesian-flagged Rosa Dini, a chemical/products tanker built in 2003. The MPA reports smoke was observed on the forward part of the vessel. Singapore Civil Defence Force marine and land-based firefighting forces, MPA patrol craft, and JPTT’s emergency response unit were deployed to put out the fire and ensure navigational safety. Operations were stopped at adjacent berths and a nearby vessel at berth was moved to the anchorage as a precautionary measure...



France’s Naval Group to Study New Combat XLUUV Design

On 4 May 2023, the French defence procurement agency (DGA) awarded Naval Group a new contract to study the design of a future combat extra large uncrewed underwater vehicle (XLUUV). The project is known locally as "Unmanned Combat Underwater Vehicle" or UCUV. The nine-month study will allow Naval Group to examine principal use cases and develop system architectures for an Unmanned Combat Underwater Vehicle. Aurore Neuschwander, Naval Group’s Director of Drones, Autonomous Systems and Underwater Weapons said “Naval Group is very proud to support the French Ministry of the Armed Forces in the study of this new unmanned capability, which will help to kick-start the development of high capacity autonomous systems.” Unmanned systems: the future of collaborative naval warfare...



History - The Rockefeller and Rothschild families jointly manage assets

Alliance of the moneyed nobility Rockefellers and Rothschilds form an alliance

Two of the best-known economic dynasties merge in the financial crisis. The Rothschild clan joins the wealth management of the US Rockefeller family. According to the "Financial Times", the two patriarchs arranged the deal. London – It is a merger that should cause a stir among the moneyed nobility: two successful dynasties join forces to jointly manage part of their wealth. As the "Financial Times" reports, Lord Jacob Rothschild's investment company is taking a stake in the Rockefeller clan's financial group. Accordingly, RIT Capital Partners will take a 37 percent stake in the Rockefeller Group. The transatlantic alliance brings together two of the most well-known clans in the US and Europe. The Rothschilds are one of the great European banking dynasties...



Will we do what it takes, to prevent world tyranny?

Many of you received an email with a plea to share the alarming information about Smart Cities far and wide. But the sharing button directed you to the support page instead of the actual post. Here is the link to the post. Again, I ask you to spread this, to help alert as many people as possible, to the nefarious agenda of locking the world up in Smart Cities, where everyones thoughts, emotions, and dreams will be recorded 24/7, while every little detail about everybody’s life will be monitored, through omnipresent data harvesting technologies. When I write this, I think: what kind of baloney is this? Who would ever believe such a ridiculous thing? This is just too nuts to be true. Honestly, I can’t believe it myself. But the shocking truth is that it is real and this agenda is being implemented worldwide at a speed that will overtake billions of ignorant people. Smart Cities are perhaps the greatest threat mankind has ever faced, especially because almost all governments worldwide are in on it, and it is being imposed onto the world population under the guise of “saving the planet”. It is presented as something wonderful, the best idea ever to rescue humanity from the apocalyps...




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