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Dr Michael Yeadon: Why I Don’t Believe There Ever Was a Covid Virus

Doctor Michael Yeadon has published over 40 original research articles and since 2011 has consulted to more than 20 biotechnology companies. Prior to consulting as an independent, he was Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the A&R Research Unit of Pfizer.


Throughout the last few plandemic years he has provided us with rational, scientific information and has shown the government version of “science” to be a farce. Unfortunately, after much vilifying and attempts to silence him, in February 2021 Dr. Yeadon even had to take himself off the Twitter platform saying that he had also been relentlessly targeted in private.


It’s so sad to see his comment “I’m a gentle person and ill-equipped to handle this kind of nastiness.” He clearly had been through so much, but with great strength and integrity continued to bring his knowledge and expertise to the fight against medical tyranny.


Earlier this year, Dr Yeadon, wrote a letter that was published in the Conservative Woman, despite the letter being published months ago, his views are extremely valuable and well worth sharing even now, especially as it is a view that many of us share, that still is being silenced.


Why I Don’t Believe There Ever Was a Covid Virus


By Dr Mike Yeadon March 22, 2023 --- “I’VE grown increasingly frustrated about the way debate is controlled around the topic of origins of the alleged novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, and I have come to disbelieve it’s ever been in circulation, causing massive scale illness and death. Concerningly, almost no one will entertain this possibility, despite the fact that molecular biology is the easiest discipline in which to cheat. That’s because you really cannot do it without computers, and sequencing requires complex algorithms and, importantly, assumptions. Tweaking algorithms and assumptions, you can hugely alter the conclusions.


This raises the question of why there is such an emphasis on the media storm around Fauci, Wuhan and a possible lab escape. After all, the ‘perpetrators’ have significant control over the media. There’s no independent journalism at present. It is not as though they need to embarrass the establishment.


I put it to readers that they’ve chosen to do so. So who do I mean by ‘they’ and ‘the perpetrators?  There are a number of candidates competing for this position, with their drug company accomplices, several of whom are named in Paula Jardine’s excellent five-part series for TCW, Anatomy of the sinister Covid project. High on the list is the ‘enabling’ World Economic Forum and their many political acolytes including Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern. But that doesn’t answer the question why are they focusing on the genesis of the virus. In my view, they are doing their darnedest to make sure you regard this event exactly as they want you to. Specifically, that there was a novel virus.


I’m not alone in believing that myself at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, but over time I’ve seen sufficient evidence to cast strong doubt on that idea. Additionally, when considered as part of a global coup d’état, I have put myself in the position of the most senior, hidden perpetrators. In a Q&A, they would learn that the effect of a released novel pathogen couldn’t be predicted accurately. It might burn out rapidly. Or it might turn out to be quite a lot more lethal than they’d expected, demolishing advanced civilisations. Those top decision-makers would, I submit, conclude that this natural risk is intolerable to them. They crave total control, and the wide range of possible outcomes from a deliberate release militates against this plan of action: ‘No, we’re not going to do this. Come back with a plan with very much reduced uncertainty on outcomes.’


The alternative I think they’ve used is to add one more lie to the tall stack of lies which has surrounded this entire affair. This lie is that there has ever been in circulation a novel respiratory virus which, crucially, caused massive-scale illness and deaths. In fact, there hasn’t.


Instead, we have been told there was this frightening, novel pathogen and ramped up the stress-inducing fear porn to 11, and held it there. This fits with cheating about genetic sequences, PCR test protocols (probes, primers, amplification and annealing conditions, cycles), ignoring contaminating genetic materials from not only human and claimed viral sources, but also bacterial and fungal sources. Why for example did they need to insert the sampling sticks right into our sinuses? Was it to maximise non-human genetic sequences?


Notice the soft evidence that our political and cultural leaders, including the late Queen, were happy to meet and greet one another without testing, masking or social distancing. They had no fear. In the scenario above, a few people would have known there was no new hazard in their environment. If there really was a lethal pathogen stalking the land, I don’t believe they’d have had the courage or the need to act nonchalantly and risk exposure to the virus.


Most convincingly for me is the US all-cause mortality (ACM) data by state, sex, age and date of occurrence, as analysed by Denis Rancourt and colleagues. The pattern of increased ACM is inconsistent with the presence of a novel respiratory virus as the main cause. If I’m correct that there was no novel virus, what a genius move it was to pretend there was! Now they want you only to consider how this ‘killer virus’ got into the human population.


Was it a natural emergence (you know, a wild bat bit a pangolin and this ended up being sold at a wet market in Wuhan) or was it hubristically created by a Chinese researcher, enabled along the way by a researcher at the University of North Carolina funded by Fauci, together making an end run around a presidential pause on such work? Then there’s the question as to whether the arrival of the virus in the general public was down to carelessness and a lab leak, or did someone deliberately spread it?


I also need to point out that the perpetrators have hermetic control of the mass media via a Big Tech and government stranglehold documented in part here, here and here. That’s why they’ve found it so easy to censor people like me. If a story appears on multiple TV networks, it’s because they’re either OK with it or it has been actively planted. It won’t be genuine. They never tell the truth. I don’t think they’ve told the truth since this coup began and probably much earlier. Most so-called journalists have lost sight of what truth ever was.


I believe that the perpetrators (who could be all or any of Gates, Fauci, Farrar, Vallance, CEPI, EcoHealth Alliance, DARPA and numerous others) planted the controversy about the origins of SARS-CoV-2  because a little embarrassment of the establishment was a small price to persuade most of us that there surely must be a novel virus when there isn’t. (And they have got away with it to date.)  I have colleagues who do not believe what we’ve been told (i.e. that a virus has been experimentally constructed) is even possible technologically. I don’t have the background to assess that idea. But the rest hangs together for me in a way that no other explanation does.


To this point, an ex-pharmaceutical industry executive Sasha Latypova, speaking with Robert F Kennedy Jr on his podcast of last Thursday, March 16, describes the extensive evidence of the contracts and relationships that were in place before the Covid era. Contracts were signed for billions of dollars in February 2020. Not only would the required production never happen (from a standing start, to sign such a large commitment is ridiculous) but it cannot be done. She estimated that approximately one kilogram of DNA was required.


There isn’t that much medicinal grade DNA on the planet at any one time. That’s because it’s hard to do, very expensive, wholly bespoke and difficult to store for long periods. Also, the amounts of any specific DNA sequence required and held in store by commercial suppliers would be milligrams or perhaps grams at a stretch. So it was always completely unfeasible, regardless of how much money was thrown at the problem, to have accomplished what they claim to have done in a short time.


Consequently, no other conclusion is supported by the facts than that it’s a huge crime, extensively planned. In itself, that rules out a natural emergence of a pathogen, unless divine providence occurred. Logically we’re left with a leak or, as I argue, a lie plus a PsyOp. The former may or may not be possible, but what isn’t arguable is that something like this could be done and would be likely to run smoothly, with a real pathogen. Almost any outcome but the one presumably wanted is likely if a pathogen is released. I can reach no other conclusion than that it’s fake.


In closing, I’m not saying people weren’t sick or that they didn’t die in huge numbers. I’m arguing only about the causes of illnesses and deaths. People were made sick and some killed by all the pre-existing causes, amplified by fear, resulting in immunosuppression and then a host of revolting actions. Note even the official overlap of signs and symptoms of ‘Covid-19’ and existing illnesses.


Notably, they chopped antibiotic prescriptions in the US by 50 per cent during 2020. They ensured large numbers of frail elderly people were mechanically ventilated, a procedure which, in such subjects, is close to contraindicated. Some were administered remdesivir, which is a poison for the kidneys. In care homes, they were given midazolam and morphine, respiratory depressant drugs which in combination are all but contraindicated in patients with breathing difficulties. If used, close monitoring is required, most usually automated alarm systems attached to vital cardiorespiratory monitoring, including fingertip monitoring for blood gases. That didn’t happen in care homes.


I believe the main reason for the lies about the novel virus is a desire for total predictability and control, with the clearly articulated intention of transforming society; beginning by dismantling the financial system through lockdowns and furlough, while the immediate practical goal of lockdown was to provide the causus belli for injecting as many people as possible with materials designed not to induce immunity, but to demand repeat inoculation, to cause injury and death, and to control freedom of movement.


I’m sure they’re pretty content with getting at least one needle into 6,000,000,000 people.


Note that though an estimated 10-15million have been killed with poisonous ‘vaccines’, these are the but first of many mRNA injections to come. The indications are that ways to force you to accept ten more have been anticipated, because that’s the number of doses your government has agreed to purchase. Purchasing what? Well, it’s already been mooted that all existing vaccines are to be reformatted as mRNA types.


If this happens, I don’t believe anyone injected ten more times is likely to escape death or severe, life-limiting illnesses. Inducing your body to manufacture non-self proteins will axiomatically induce an autoimmune attack by your own body. Your disease will be related to where the injected dose goes and of course the consistency of that injected product.


They’ve been horribly erratic so far. It’s not certain they ever could have been made and launched if they had been subject to the usual quality requirements and not granted ’emergency use’ authorisations. Of course, as we now know, the regulators played an important role beyond lying for the US military, the organisation which made the original orders for ‘vaccines’, and set all the contractual conditions for companies such as Moderna and Pfizer.


The chickens are coming home to roost right now in the banking system.


As I always say, I cannot know much for sure. I don’t have a copy of the script of this, the greatest crime in history. But, whatever Covid actually is, I don’t believe that what was called influenza disappeared conveniently in early 2020. It’s another lie. It’s what they do. It’s all they do.


To those who sense that all is not well but are unwilling to make the psychological leap to the diabolical world I believe we’re now living in, I point out the asymmetry of risk. If you follow the official narrative and I’m right, you and your children will lose all your freedoms and probably your lives. If you believe what I’m saying and I’m wrong, you’ll be laughed at. These options aren’t faintly balanced. A rational actor should cease believing what we’re being told. It’s not a safe position, keeping your counsel and your head down. It’s the most dangerous thing you could do.



‘A good win for Dr Goodwin’: NZ Doctor’s Appeal of Covid Misinformation Suspension Won

The decision from Judge Kevin Kelly of the Wellington District Court, released last week, has seen Dr Alison Goodwin’s January 2022 suspension by the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) reversed. The case, filed on 9 Feb 2022, was heard 16 months later on 28 Jun 2023. The announcement came last week much to Dr Goodwin’s delight, “I am very happy to have this result. It has been a long and arduous couple of years”. In 2021 as the mRNA vaccine rolled out, Dr Goodwin simply adhered to MCNZ’s pre-existing Statement on Informed Consent, rather than its new Guidance Statement. She started speaking about risks, alternatives and uncertainties (as required for true informed consent) since the public messaging was only about purported benefits of the covid vaccine. As a doctor for over 30 years, most recently a General Practitioner whilst also training in lifestyle medicine, Dr Goodwin provided information, the majority being from official government sources, to interested members of the public both online and at popular public meetings, and encouraged people to look at it. Information such as...



Malaysian Firefighters Control Container Fire on Vessel off Port Klang

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is reporting that it was able to contain a box fire aboard a containership at anchor off Port Klang with only minimal damage and no injury to the vessel’s crew.  The cleanup operation was still underway after the fire over the weekend and an investigation has started to determine the origin of the fire. The containership KMTC Shenzhen (39,829 dwt), owned by Korea Marine Transport Co. (KMTC) operates on the company’s inter-Asia routes from Korea. It departed Korea at the end of July making stops in Qingdao and Singapore in China and departing from Hong Kong on August 8 according to its AIS signal. It was in the Acheh anchorage off Port Klang, Malaysia. Maritime officials received the fire alarm from the vessel shortly after 0100 local time on August 12 and reported that two fireboats from Malaysian Maritime along with the local fire department and marine services agency sent additional resources to the vessel. They were using the water cannons on the fire which was toward the front of the container stacks. After about two hours they reported that the fire was under control and not spreading...



Luxury yacht destroyed by fire, Balearic islands

Fire erupted on board of luxury yacht, identified as IRMAO, in the afternoon Aug 12 at Formentero La Savina marina anchorage, Balearic islands. Fire quickly engulfed the yacht, 12 passengers and 5 crew barely escaped burning boat. 1 suffered minor burns. Yacht was reportedly, towed further off to sea, to burn in peace, so to say. Luxury motor yacht IRMAO, length 27 meters, GT 106, built 1995 (2020 refitted), 12 guests, 7 crew...



NFPA 303, Fire Protection Standard for Marinas and Boatyards

Reduce hazards around marinas and boatyards by complying with NFPA 303 requirements. Injuries from fire and electrical shock and environmental damage resulting from spilled hazardous materials are a significant concern in and around marinas and related facilities. NFPA 303, Fire Protection Standard for Marinas and Boatyards, helps protect people and property by offering strategies and provisions for establishing an acceptable level of safety...



RV - Over 100 firefighters respond to massive fire at boatyard in Massachusetts

A massive boatyard in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts on Friday filled the skies above Buzzard’s Bay with black smoke and damaged dozens of boats and cars as well as several structures, CNN affiliate WCVB reported. “We had a tremendous amount of fire in the main building and surrounding buildings,” Mattapoisett Fire Chief Andrew Murray said in a news conference held near the boatyard. At least four people were injured in the fire, including three firefighters, according to Murray. Over 100 firefighters responded to the blaze. Fireboats were called in as well, pumping ocean water, he added...



Ohio nurse diagnosed with transverse myelitis after COVID vaccine sues former employer

An Ohio nurse permanently injured by Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine after her employer threatened her with the loss of health benefits if she refused to be vaccinated is suing her former employer and Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, alleging her vaccine injuries were work-related. Danielle Baker, a 44-year-old Ohio native, found fulfillment in her career as a certified hospice and palliative care registered nurse – a job she performed for two decades, including on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic – until her employer “encouraged” staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine in spring 2021. Fearing for her job and future career, Baker reluctantly received the first of two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on June 4, 2021. Within 18 days of her first dose, she experienced extreme pain in her lower...



FSO Safer: Red Sea’s ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Diffused

The United Nations on Friday announced the successful removal of more than 1 million barrels of oil from the decaying FSO Safer tanker off Yemen, averting a worst case scenario oil spill that would have devastated coastal communities and created a crisis in vital Red Sea shipping lanes. The ship-to-ship transfer of oil to a replacement vessel was concluded at 1800 local time on Friday by a team from SMIT, a subsidiary of Boskalis. As much of the 1.14 million barrels of oil on board has been extracted as possible, but less than 2 percent of the original cargo remains mixed in with sediment that will be removed during the final cleaning of the vessel...



Crimes of the COVID cult

Cancelled doctors SPEAK OUT

The mainstream media narrative surrounding the COVID-19 virus gained cult-like ascendancy each passing day throughout the so-called pandemic and the advancement of novel “warp-speed,” abortion-tainted vaccines. Doctors and laymen alike adhered to mainstream talking points with religious fervor — constituting crimes against the truth and best practices in medicine and science. Now, in an exclusive presentation given only to LifeSiteNews journalists, cancelled frontline doctors are speaking about their experiences and detailing the cultish COVID-19 discipleship in the medical field. Watch now as Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Christopher Shoemaker, and virologist Dr. Byram Bridle give insightful testimony about the true health of the medical community and their cancellation by the culture of death’s globalist COVID-19 agenda...



Europe’s summer of climate hysteria

If the British weather were a person with bank accounts, it would by now likely find itself, like Nigel Farage, ‘de-banked’ for political incorrectness. While the BBC has gone into hysterics over the hot summer in southern Europe, further north the British weather has stubbornly refused to co-operate with the Green warming narrative. Temperatures for much of the summer have barely reached those of a winter’s day in Canberra. Much of the British media has tied itself in knots trying to explain why, if the world just had its hottest July ever, and is, in the words of UN Secretary-General Gutteres, ‘boiling’, everyone in Britain is wearing jumpers and has the heating on...

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‘Death sentence’: FDA slammed for approving Remdesivir

to treat COVID patients with kidney problems

Thousands of Americans, possibly hundreds of thousands, have been killed by the Remdesivir Protocol, a nightmarish sequence in which a patient is isolated in the hospital, bullied into taking Remdesivir, ventilated, and then sedated to death.Remdesivir may be the most despised drug in American history, earning the nickname Run Death Is Near for its lethal record during COVID. Experts claimed that it would stop COVID; instead, it stopped kidney function, then blasted the liver and other organs. Now this reviled destroyer of kidneys has been approved by the FDA for COVID treatment of kidney patients. Does anybody else feel as if the FDA is shoving its power in our faces and laughing at us...



Flip – Part of marine history

World's Strangest Research Vessel Heads for Scrapyard After 60 Years

The Scripps Instition of Oceanography's innovative Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP) has been towed off into the sunset for the last time. It may well have been the strangest, most recognizable research vessel ever built - and its users remember that it was exceptionally effective. For more than 50 years, FLIP provided a stable research station at sea for Scripps' scientists and their colleagues from around the world. The one-of-a-kind vessel (technically a platform) could be partially flooded to sink the stern and change the orientation of its buoyancy. In less than an hour, it could transition seamlessly from a horizontal barge for transit into a vertical spar platform for stationary operation. To refloat from vertical to horizontal mode, the crew would pump out the ballast tanks with compressed air, and the vessel's stern would rise back up to the surface...



India Proceeds with New Submarines, Surface Ships Development

An Indian public sector shipyard has indicated that projects for Next Generation Destroyers, Project 76 submarines and Project 17B frigates, among others, are at various stages of discussion. India ‘s state-owned shipyard Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) has revealed details about various projects the yard is participating in during a quarterly interaction with investors. New Submarines for India. Fifth Kalvari class Scorpene submarine INS Vagir...



122m Lürssen superyacht JAG launched

The Germany-based yacht builder Lürssen has this morning launched the 122-metre superyacht Jag from her Schacht-Audorf facility. The impressive superyacht was sold during the Monaco Yacht Show in 2019, by Moran Yacht & Ship, which also compiled her technical specifications...



New Zealand, Whangarei Okara Marina

Construction work begins with spectacular technology

In order not to disrupt the heavy traffic on Okara Drive and Port Road for days, the remains of the mangrove are transported away by helicopter. The marina will be built in the upper Hatea River, on the seaward/downstream side of the Te Matau ā Pohe bascule bridge. Being in the center of Northland's cruising grounds, you can be close to the spectacular sailing and fishing of  Great Barrier Island, The Bay of Islands, Auckland and Whangarei Harbour. It is walking distance from the restaurants, shopping and entertainment of Whangarei's Town Basin. The sheltered location provides safe, comfortable berthage with easy access. Just 9 minutes to the aorport. Six competitively priced boat yards and a great selection of marine services surround it. The marina will benefit the local boating public and also give re-fit work opportunities to Whangarei’s expanding marine specialist industry, providing both employment and economic development. It will cater for a blend of permanent local boats and seasonal visitors, in particular welcoming the hundreds of overseas yachts who sail down to visit New Zealand. The project is included in both the Whangarei District Council 20/20 momentum plan, and due to its significant economic development benefits, also in the Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan. The independent economic impact report has predicted that when the marina berths are fully occupied we will experience an ongoing economic impact of $9.5M/annum and the indirect generation of 94 new jobs...



RV - Philippines to Acquire Landing Dock Vessels for $108 Million

The Philippine Navy will acquire two landing dock vessels worth 5.56 billion Philippine pesos ($108 million) to boost its transport and logistics capabilities, Manila-based television channel News5 reported on Tuesday. Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana has issued tenders for large transport vessels similar to BRP Tarlac and BRP Davao del Sur, the largest in the navy’s inventory. Additionally, the Department of National Defense (DND) is expected to open tenders for other craft. These include two landing craft utilities and four rigid-hulled inflatable boats to support maritime operations...



Greek Shipowner to Pay $2.25 Million for Safety and Environmental Crimes on U.S.-Bound Tanker

A U.S. District Court judge in Rhode Island has sentenced Zeus Lines Management S.A., the Greek company that owned and operated the Galissas, to pay $2.25 million over for safety and environmental violations aboard the tanker bound for the U.S. The tanker’s captain and chief engineer have also been sentenced to probation. The violations, which included failing to report a hazardous condition and illegally dumping oily bilge water into the ocean without proper processing, were discovered during a U.S. Coast Guard Port State Control inspection in February 2022 after the tanker arrived in the Rhode Island following a transatlantic voyage from Rotterdam...



Pentagon eyeing Australia as missile testing ground

Washington isn’t the first foreign power to use the country as a firing range. The US could test its hypersonic missiles in Australia, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said on Wednesday. Such a move, under the three-member Australia, UK, US (AUKUS) pact, would represent a significant expansion of Washington’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region. China has accused the US of using the pact to “play up conflict and confrontation” with Beijing. “One thing Australia has in spades is long distances and relatively unpopulated land,” Wormuth told the AFP news agency. “A challenge for us in the United States when it comes to hypersonics … is to find open spaces in the United States where we can actually test these weapons.” “Australia obviously has a tremendous amount of territory where that testing is a little bit more doable, so I think that’s a unique thing … that the Australians bring to the table,” she added...



This Is How Much Money Volodymyr Zelensky Is Actually Worth

Volodymyr Zelensky is the president of Ukraine, a comedian, and a media production businessman, who has a net worth of several million dollars — speculation spans from $1 million to staggering $900 million. Enjoying a comfortable middle-class childhood, Zelensky studied to be a lawyer but fell in love with comedy instead — approximately at the same time he fell in love with his future wife, Olena Zelenska. Zelensky, Zelenska, and friends produced live comedy shows while traveling widely across Ukraine and former Soviet Countries. Soon after, they founded Kvartal 95, a production company which soon became a success. Creating TV shows, films, and other entertainment, they created "Servant of the People" show in 2015, which became a decisive moment of Zelensky's future career. Performing as a teacher who accidentally becomes a Ukrainian president, Zelensky got heavily involved in the role, to the point he decided to run for the presidency in real life. Out of Kvartal 95, a new political party, named after the TV show, swept the Ukrainian public. Zelensky left his career as an entertainer and stepped into national and international politics, surrounded by his colleagues from show business. While fighting against the corruption in the country, he founded several offshore companies and made connections with various oligarchs, one especially.

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China Asks Philippines To Remove Its Grounded Ship

from Second Thomas Shoal In South China Sea

China informed the Philippines on Monday to remove a grounded warship in the Second Thomas Shoal, South China Sea, after successfully blocking two Manila supply vessels with water cannons during the weekend as both sides started asserting claims on the area. The Philippines further accused China’s coast guard of blocking and water-cannoning a military supply vessel from the Philippines on what it declared as a routine troop resupply and rotation mission on Saturday for the Philippine-based warship, a rusty World War II-era American vessel that a handful of troops live aboard...



Brittany Ferries ferry mass crew poisoning, the ship called Brest in emergency

Brittany Ferries ferry PONT AVEN had to interrupt her voyage from Santander Spain to Plymouth UK early in the morning Aug 8, reporting mass crew poisoning. 34 crew members fell sick with symptoms of food poisoning. The ship called Brest, she was docked there at around 0945 UTC Aug 8, and boarded by emergency agencies teams. Not clear if all or any sick crew were in need of hospitalization, the ship was still at Brest as of 1320 UTC, with specialists and medics monitoring crew and trying to figure out poisoning source. None of 982 passengers on board were affected...



Over 3,000 US Navy Sailors and Marines Arrive in Middle East Amid Iranian Threat to Shipping

More than 3,000 U.S. Navy Sailors and Marines arrived in the Middle East this week as part of a pre-announced deployment to the region coming amid heightened threats against commercial shipping from Iran near the Strait of Hormuz. The additional forces arrived aboard amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 50) and dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50), which have now entered the Red Sea after transiting from the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal. In addition to more troops, the Navy ships bring additional aviation and naval assets useful for protecting freedom of navigation. An amphibious assault ship can carry more than two dozen rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, including MV-22 Osprey and AV-8B Harrier jets, in addition to several amphibious landing craft. A dock landing ship also supports operations for various rotary-wing aircraft, tactical vehicles and amphibious landing craft...



Britain begins detaining migrants on barge ...

The British government on Monday began housing asylum seekers on a hulking barge moored on the Dorset Coast in an effort to cut down on the high costs of housing migrants in hotels — currently running at about $7.6 million a day — and to deter others from attempting the dangerous English Channel crossing. The arrival of a small group of asylum seekers onto the football-field-sized Bibby Stockholm, an engineless barge registered in Barbados, was a highly symbolic moment in Britain’s debate over migration. The government wants to use barges and former military facilities to address a recent surge in irregular entry...



Conflict over Spratly Islands:

China warns US against meddling in Asian Pacific border dispute

The Chinese coast guard recently used water cannons against Filipino ships on a disputed reef in the Pacific. Beijing demanded the evacuation of the Spratly Islands controlled by Filipino troops. The Philippines has long used an old warship there for the makeshift outpost. In the wake of the dispute between China and the Philippines over the transport of construction materials through Manila to a grounded warship on the disputed Ren'ai Jiao reef, several Western countries, most notably the US, have backed the Philippines' actions in the South China Sea and condemned China's reactions. The Chinese Coast Guard recently used water cannons against Filipino ships on the reef. Beijing calls for clearance of Philippine-controlled reef



Philippine President Says No Promise Made to China to Remove Grounded Warship

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr on Wednesday denied making an agreement with China to remove a grounded warship that serves as a military outpost in South China Sea, and said if there ever were such a deal, it should be considered rescinded. The Philippines maintains a handful of troops aboard the World War Two-era Sierra Madre at the Second Thomas Shoal, known by Manila as Ayungin shoal, which is located inside its 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ). China on Monday accused the Philippines of reneging on a promise made “explicitly” to remove the ship, which was grounded in 1999 to bolster its territorial claims in one of the world’s most contested areas. “I’m not aware of any such arrangement or agreement that the Philippines will remove from its own territory its ship,” Marcos said in a video statement...



The lithium delusion: a big problem with big batteries

The development of lithium-ion batteries has changed the concept of energy storage. As their use expands, a potential downside is becoming more apparent, with resulting fires proving difficult to control and human lives being put at risk. House fires, car fires, and ship fires emphasise the scale of the problem. A recent fire on the Japanese cargo ship Fremantle Highway demonstrated the potential threat. The ship, which was carrying 3,793 cars of which 398 are EVs, burst into flames on July 26. One crew member died and 20 of 22 required hospitalisation. The fire, although its source is yet to be confirmed, is suspected to have come from lithium-ion batteries. It burned for 5 days, but fortunately the damage did not extend below the waterline. The stricken vessel has been safely towed to port. Fighting these fires on land is difficult enough, but in the confines of a ship, is hazardous in the extreme...



How Jacinda Ardern was played by the Covid puppetmasters

By Guy Hatchard - REVELATIONS reported last weekend by the Australian, a leading broadsheet owned by the Murdoch group, have huge implications for pandemic policy in New Zealand. They should completely change public perceptions and understanding of the Covid landscape. These implications include legal liability, safety of public health measures, future pandemic responses and personal health choices. The paper led with an investigative article entitled ‘Covid Cover-Up: How Science was Silenced’ covering an apparent chilling admission of guilt from Robert Kadlec, former Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Health at the US Department of Health and the principal architect of 21st century US biosecurity policy. Kadlec told the Australian that he, Dr Anthony Fauci, then head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Francis Collins, then director of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) privately discussed how to turn down the heat on China in the early days of the pandemic by playing down concerns about a lab leak from Wuhan...



Disease X, Covid, and medical greed:

this has been happening for years

Years ago, I wrote an article for this publication called, Digital darkness: the third apocalypse. In it, I included a discussion about ‘conditioning’ in which global bureaucracies were ‘training’ leaders to respond in a predictable manner to unpredictable scenarios – such as a catastrophic disease outbreak. It sounds like a great idea until you realise that bespoke and varied solutions made by unpredictable governments is how we solve problems as a species. Tightly controlled, regimented answers lead to public health disasters, such as we saw during Covid under the godly command of the World Health Organisation and its deeply vested interests. Sitting beneath this problem is that of corporate interest. Big Pharma requires predictable responses from government so that it can monetise the next pandemic (even more so than the last one). A product sitting on a pharmacy shelf, or even better, mandated by the state as part of a health passport, is worth a fortune that would make Alexander the Great quiver with desire. The concept of ‘Disease X’ – which the internet seems to have discovered yesterday – is to have a solution 99 per cent finished and ready for market. The push for mRNA allows for the creation of ‘pending’ vaccines that can be tweaked at the last minute and released into the wild...



The world’s largest yacht support vessels

Yacht support vessels have become an increasingly popular way for yacht owners to elevate the experience of owning and being onboard a yacht. They can be used as a tender garage to store additional tenders and toys, as a helipad for adventures further out, or even as accommodation for extra crew and specialist staff. SuperYacht Times takes a closer look at the world’s largest yacht support vessels currently in operation.OK yacht support vessel anchored. Karmarine Shipyard completed the transformation of the 1982 semi-submersible support yacht, previously known as AS Super Servant 3, in January 2022. OK can be described as both a support yacht and a  “world-girdling” expedition motor yacht. OK was originally built by Oshima Shipbuilding and features an exterior style by Bozca Design. The 146-metre vessel boasts an impressive 3,300 square-metres of open space on her aft deck and is able to provide accommodation for 70 different toys, including a 46-metre sailing yacht, multiple tenders, buggies, amphibious vehicles and a sea plane. OK can also accommodate up to 20 guests and includes a glass-wrapped sun deck Jacuzzi, an outdoor cinema, a tennis court, a botanic garden and four large aquariums. M2 support yacht in Sardinia...



Coast Guard Reports Progress in Grande Costa D’Avorio Salvage

The U.S. Coast Guard has announced progress in the salvage and recovery operation on board the Grande Costa D’Avorio following last month’s fatal fire in Port Newark, New Jersey. Monday’s update from the Coast Guard revealed that all vehicles have been removed from the cargo decks of the ship, as well as all 134 freestanding containers that were located beyond the area impacted by the fire. The Coast Guard said salvage and post fire recovery operations continue “at an efficient pace” with cargo removal operations ongoing. Teams have conducted risk assessments for environmental protection and maintaining ship stability. At this stage, the vessel remains in a stable condition and no fuel oil or hazardous material has released...



Obama fantasized about sex with men,

‘fictionalized’ his life story, biographer says in explosive interview

'He’s not normal – as in not a normal politician or a normal human being,' David Garrow says of the 44th President of the United States. Former President Barack Obama is celebrity-obsessed, more similar in personality to his successor Donald Trump than many would care to admit, and used to “repeatedly fantasize” about having sex with other men, says biographer David Garrow among a litany of bombshell claims in a new interview. On August 2, Tablet Magazine published an extensive interview with Garrow, a Pulitzer-winning biographer whose subjects have included Obama and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr...



Australian politicians grill Pfizer and Moderna execs over COVID jab heart injuries

Pharma executives evaded questions from Australian politicians on Thursday regarding heart injuries caused by the Covid jabs and claimed that people were not forced to take the injections. In a Senate hearing on August 3, Senator Gerard Rennick from the Liberal Party of Australia asked two Pfizer representatives whether their company “understand[s] why the vaccines cause myocarditis and pericarditis? And if not, how can it guarantee that it’s not also injuring other organs? And can you explain the process why the vaccine causes myocarditis and pericarditis?” The Pfizer representative gave an evasive answer, saying...



Growing concern mRNA heart damage in adolescents may be permanent

Experts have known of post-COVID jab heart-scarring for up to 6 months, but new Hong Kong study shows its still there at one year. A new study by Yu and Colleagues in Hong Kong confirms 58% of adolescents with mRNA COVID jab induced heart abnormalities continued to suffer from the conditions one year after the jab. The new findings have experts fearing COVID jab heart damage in the age group could be permanent. Expert cardiologist Peter McCullough shared his interpretation of the study’s finding on his Substack today..



The pyramid of power that controls humanity

The following diagram shows a basic overview of the worldwide power structure of evil, which has penetrated every aspect of human society. This overview was made based upon direct information from a large number of whistleblowers from the elites, as well as intel from retired police detectives, military generals, and many more. I reveal this in the hope that it will assist in the worldwide downfall of these nefarious networks, since their #1 strength is the ignorance of the population. As long as they operate beyond the awareness of the public, they can continue unchecked. That's why I implore all readers to please not hesitate to share this, but have the courage to spread it far and wide, as that is what will eventually shatter these networks' stronghold over humanity. As long as they can operate in total darkness, meaning no one can see them, they can continue their operations unchecked. Once this is brought into the light, meaning the world becomes aware of it, they can no longer hide and will be held accountable for their innumerable crimes against humanity and all of creation. So please be brave and spread this information...



Germany tries to ban government parody account

Berlin directly petitioned Twitter to remove an account making fun of “feminist” Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. The Germany Foreign Ministry pushed Twitter to temporarily ban a parody account lampooning Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, Bild reported on Monday. The fake Baerbock apparently triggered a crisis among diplomats by tweeting about the coup in Niger. Although the @Baerbockpress Twitter account only has 55,000 followers compared to the real foreign minister’s 600,000, its satirical posts – making fun of the Green politician’s fondness for jet travel, her poor English, and her liberal worldview – regularly clock up more likes and shares than anything Baerbock herself posts. “Our economy isn’t growing any more, but our feminism is growing every day,” the account tweeted on Saturday. Another post from Saturday promised “diplomatic immunity abroad with immediate effect” for all of Baerbock’s followers...


Nuclear-powered submarine Krasnoyarsk


Russian nuclear-powered sub to test-fire cruise missiles in state trials...

The latest Project 885M (Yasen-M) nuclear-powered submarine Krasnoyarsk will conduct three test-launches of Kalibr-PL and Oniks cruise missiles during state trials in August-September this year, a source close to the Russian Navy told TASS on Thursday. "During joint state trials, the nuclear-powered submarine Krasnoyarsk will perform three combat training launches of Kalibr and Oniks missiles from its submerged position in the Barents Sea," the source said. One test launch will involve a salvo firing of both Kalibr and Oniks cruise missiles, the source specified. After the state trials and an inspection of its equipment, the Krasnoyarsk sub built at the Sevmash Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) will be delivered to the Russian Navy by the yearend. Its transit to the Pacific Fleet to its permanent naval base is scheduled for 2024, the source said...



Suez Canal Tugboat Sinks After Collision With Tanker

A Suez Canal tugboat sank on Saturday and one of its crew was missing after it collided with a Hong Kong-flagged LPG tanker though shipping traffic in the strategically important waterway was largely unaffected, the canal authority said. Convoys of ships passing through the canal from the north were not affected, while the passage of ships travelling from the south returned to normal by about midnight on Saturday, Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said in a statement. The tanker, Chinagas Legend, is waiting in Port Said until the completion of procedures related to the accident, (SCA) head Osama Rabie said in an earlier statement...



'Disease X': UK scientists begin developing vaccines against new pandemic

UK scientists have begun developing vaccines as an insurance against a new pandemic caused by an unknown "Disease X". The work is being carried out at the government's high-security Porton Down laboratory complex in Wiltshire by a team of more than 200 scientists. They have drawn up a threat list of animal viruses that are capable of infecting humans and could in future spread rapidly around the world. Which of them will break through and trigger the next pandemic is unknown, which is why it's referred to only as "Disease X"...



High level slave of the elites, speaks out

Nathalie Augustina was a world-famous fashion model in the 1980's who was mind-controlled by the CIA to be a sexslave for the highest level of the elites: royal families, heads of state, commanders of the military, Hollywood celebrities, etc. She was trafficked to big names in the movie and music industry, as well as the top locations where world rulers gather, such as Davos. After breaking free from this nefarious web, Nathalie was assisted by the renowned reporter Robin de Ruiter (who in 2008 accurately predicted the 2020 pandemic in astonishing detail) to reveal these crimes in a book. Robin however left out key information, which is too dangerous to reveal publicly...



Dr. med. Andreas Heisler about the status of CoV in 2023 in a straight talk

Where is the world heading in the midst of the CoV-plot? By the Editor | The CoV-plot rests on a total of three dimensions: a medical dimension, a political dimension, and a legal dimension. In each of these areas pressing and burning questions have meanwhile arisen: Unser-Mitteleuropa spoke exclusively to Dr. med. Andreas Heisler, President of the Swiss-based independent medical and health network ALETHEIA – which has been supported by more than 12,000 members at this stage. ALETHEIA was founded in summer 2020 after the break-out of the «CoV Plandemic» to counter the incredible excesses and encroachments of the governmental CoV-regime with an increased sense of reality as well as civic responsibility. After our article about Dr. med. Heisler’s assessment of the situation a year ago, Unser-Mitteleuropa has asked Dr. med. Heisler to provide our readers an up-date and overview with regard to the state of the «CoV-Crime of the Century»:...



‘Broken red election promise’:

Labor votes against Australian COVID inquiry

A motion put forward by the United Australian Party (UAP) to hold an inquiry into COVID was narrowly defeated 28-29 in the Senate. UAP Senator Gerard Rennick blamed the Labor Party and the Greens for the defeat. This was despite Prime Minister Anthony Albanese promising a Royal Commission or other inquiry into governmental actions during the COVID crisis in the lead up to last year’s Australian general election, when he was leader of the opposition. In January 2022 Albanese told the National Press Club that it was, ‘beyond doubt we will need an assessment. When we get towards the end [of the pandemic], then you’d give consideration to that. Whether that would be a Royal Commission or some form of inquiry, it will need to happen.’ Rennick tweeted, ‘[w]hen the Coalition was in power there was an ongoing Senate inquiry into Covid that Labor pushed for, yet now they are in power they don’t want to analyse the government overreach.’ The UAP had called for a wide-ranging inquiry or Royal Commission into COVID, that would cover PCR testing, mRNA injection safety and efficacy, COVID origins, media fearmongering and WHO COVID case counting methods, among other things.

‘This just proves that Labor were more than happy to weaponise COVID to gain power and didn’t actually care about the people,’ said Rennick...



Australian Intelligence Agency Funding Research To Merge Human Brain Cells With AI

Australia's Office of National Intelligence, the equivalent of the US Director of National Intelligence, is funding a project to study ways of merging human brain cells with artificial intelligence. A team of researchers collaborating with Melbourne-based startup Cortical Labs received a $600,000 grant to merge biology with AI. The team has already demonstrated how roughly 800,000 brain cells in a Petri dish is capable of playing a game of "Pong." "This new technology capability in the future may eventually surpass the performance of existing, purely silicon-based hardware," said team lead Adeel Razi, an associate professor at Monarch University...



Sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Naval Drone Hits Russian Military Tanker

A Ukrainian sea drone full of explosives struck a Russian fuel tanker overnight near a bridge linking Russia to annexed Crimea, the second attack in 24 hours, both sides said on Saturday. No one was hurt, but the Crimean Bridge and ferry transport were suspended for several hours, according to Russian-installed officials in Crimea, which Moscow seized from Ukraine in 2014. A Ukrainian intelligence source told Reuters that the drone with 450 kg of explosives hit the SIG vessel as it transported fuel for the Russian military in Ukrainian territorial waters. “The tanker was well loaded with fuel, so the ‘fireworks’ were seen from afar,” the source said, of the joint operation by Ukraine’s navy and security service...



And yet vaccination continues!!!

Dr Ryan Cole: 'The authorities knew the vaccines cause cancer' 

So-called turbo cancer after the Covid vaccination is still not recognized by the establishment as a problematic side effect of the experimental gene therapy drugs, although it has long caused great concern among experts. In an explosive article, the “EpochTimes” recently gave experts from the USA the opportunity to have their say: They are convinced that the authorities have known for a long time that the preparations, which were supposed to be distributed with all their might, even though there were no corresponding safety studies, were cancer can trigger...



Saudi Red Sea Authority signs MoUs with Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

and Monaco Yacht Club to establish maritime cooperation

The Memorandums of Understanding were signed on this week at the Monaco Yacht Club headquarters. Representing the parties were His Excellency the Acting CEO of Saudi Red Sea Authority Mohammed Al-Asiri, Olivier Wenden of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and Bernard D’Alessandri of Monaco Yacht Club.Yacht Club de Monaco Photo: Yacht Club de Monaco His Excellency the Acting CEO of Saudi Red Sea Authority Mohammed Al-Asiri described the MoUs as “strategic partnerships”, saying, “The two Memorandums of Understanding aim to improve cooperation with global maritime entities in order to achieve our goals in developing the maritime sectors, ensuring the protection of the natural environment and encouraging coastal tourism in the Kingdom, including developing it economically.” Accompanied by a delegation...



Letters from surviving victims of the satanic elites

In the previous email we saw how an insider from the financial elites, Ronald Bernard, revealed how in the inner circles of the banking imperiums Luciferianism is practiced, a religion that includes child sacrifice. This is confirmed by former directors of the CIA, FBI, police, gendarmerie, military, detectives, eye witnesses, judges, and many surviving victims in our evidence report about sexual abuse and murder by high level officials. I also have in my possession several personal letters from women who escaped the cruel circles of the elites, where they have been raped thousands of times...



Trump says he will launch investigations into Biden if re-elected

Former US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that if he is re-elected, he will launch an investigation into wrongdoings of current US President Joe Biden and his family. “From the first day in office I will appoint a special prosecutor to study each and every one of the many claims being brought forth by Congress concerning all of the crooked acts including the bribes from China and many other countries that go into the coffers of the Biden crime family,” Trump said during a speech at the Republican Party’s dinner in South Carolina...



Car freighter "Fremantle Highway" arrived in Eemshaven

Damaged car freighter: After days of worrying, the car freighter is towed into the port of Eemshaven. The badly damaged car freighter arrived in Eemshaven in the Netherlands after being towed 64 kilometers. The ship is to be unloaded here. This means that the danger to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea has been averted. The car freighter, which was severely damaged by a major fire in the North Sea, arrived in Eemshaven in the Netherlands on Thursday afternoon. He was pulled into the seaport by two tugboats and accompanied by other boats. After a good week, the Fremantle Highway is safe. It should also be unloaded in Eemshaven...

With thanks to Aphrodite



From sea to sky: Iconic helipads onboard superyachts

Luxury meets utility in the realm of superyachts, as an increasing demand for helipads enhances onboard experiences. According to Nigel Watson, Director of Luviera, this helps to “maintain continuity of travel experience” and increases opportunities for guests. In today’s world, owners or guests onboard “may fly from their home to their jet by helicopter, the jet flies to an airport close to the yacht, and the helicopter collects the guests and flies them to the vessel, therefore, making helicopter operations by day and night an invaluable asset onboard a superyacht, especially for those looking for privacy and ease when travelling”. Victorious yacht helideck...



Boskalis starts FSO Safer salvage operation off Yemen

Years of indecision primarily caused by the fallout from Yemen’s civil war that have turned the FSO Safer into what the New Yorker in 2021 called ‘The Ship that became a Bomb,’ appear finally about to end. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) said this week it was playing a key supporting role in the United Nations-coordinated initiative aimed at preventing an oil spill from the deteriorating vessel. “On 30 May 2023 Boskalis’ multipurpose support vessel Ndeavor arrived at the site of the FSO Safer with the salvage team and equipment onboard. Critical work will now start to assess the FSO Safer, inert the oil tanks and ready the vessel for the oil transfer operation,” the IMO said. The plan is for an oil tanker now in Djibouti to come alongside the FSO Safer once Boskalis completes its inspection and stabilises the cargo to prevent the possibility of explosion...



Evidence for Aerosol Transfer of SARS-CoV2-specific Humoral Immunity

...Introduction - The vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 have maintained remarkable efficacy against severe disease and death in those vaccinated regardless of variant emergence, Omicron included 1. Less appreciated than the systemic immunity generated by the vaccines are the high levels of antibody (IgG and IgA) found within the nasal cavity and saliva of vaccinees. This outcome is found in both humans and primates, and in response to both mRNA and protein-based vaccines 2,3. Respiratory transmission of viral infection is proof that oral/nasal cavity constituents can be communicated through aerosols and/or respiratory droplets. As such, it would stand to reason that antibody present within the oral/nasal environment may also be aerosolized to some degree. Results - The extended mandates for mask wearing in both social and work environments provided a unique opportunity to evaluate the possibility of aerosolized antibody expiration from vaccinated individuals. Utilizing a flow cytometry-based Multiplex Microsphere Immunoassay (MMIA) to detect SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies (Fig 1A and B) 4,5 and a method previously used to elute antibody from rehydrated dried blood spots (DBS), we identified anti-SARS-CoV-2 specific antibodies eluted from surgical face masks worn by vaccinated lab members donated at the end of one workday. Consistent with the results reported by others, we identified both IgG and IgA in saliva from vaccinated individuals (Fig 1C and D). It was therefore not surprising to detect both IgG and IgA following elution of antibody from face masks...


Ein Bild, das Transport, Himmel, Wasserfahrzeug, draußen enthält.

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Memories of the Pallas disaster are awakened

Strong wind threatens: "Fremantle Highway" has to go to a port,frachter732.html

The salvage company wants to tow the wrecked car freighter "Fremantle Highway" to Eemshaven in the Netherlands as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence as the wind is expected to pick up and turn north-west. Tremendous forces would be exerted on the ship's towering sides, salvage company Boskalis warned on Wednesday. This makes it difficult for the tugboats to keep the ship in a stable position. Should the freighter drift away, it would move toward the coast. The port in Eemshaven was said to be the quickest to reach. Some of the cargo could be taken off board there. Around 800 of the loaded vehicles should still be reasonably intact. It is still unclear whether the fire on board has gone out. The ship is stable enough to be towed, according to the salvage company. For this, however, another towing connection would have to be attached. According to the Dutch authorities, it has not yet been decided which port the freighter will go to...

Meridian: The City of Emden will certainly not be happy about future emissions!



Rolls-Royce Confirms a ‘Small Number’ of Vehicles on Burned Out Fremantle Highway

BMW AG’s Rolls-Royce has a small number of its exclusive cars aboard the ship that went up in flames off the Dutch coast a week ago. The maker of €500,000 luxury vehicles is informing affected clients personally, a spokesperson said Wednesday in an email. While both BMW and Mercedes-Benz Group AG confirmed they have several hundred cars on the Fremantle Highway, neither have offered specific breakdowns by brand or model. The ship’s operator disclosed last week that a total of 3,783 cars and construction vehicles are on board. Smoke cleared from the vessel on Tuesday, indicating the fire may have ceased, and Dutch authorities ultimately want to tow it to a port...



Australia's (ex) Prime Minister Julia Gillard should be the queen of the world...

What she said takes a lot of courage and confidence. All civilized countries in the world should adopt this attitude. Prime Minister says: “Muslims demanding Sharia law have been told to leave Australia by Wednesday as Australia views fanatical Muslims as terrorists. Every mosque will be searched and the Muslims will cooperate with us. All Muslims who have immigrated to Australia from other countries must adapt and change according to our country and not expect us to change accordingly. If they can't do that, they should leave Australia. Many Australians fear that we may offend a particular religion... but rest assured that whatever is happening is for the betterment of the lives of Australia and its people. We speak English here, not Arabic, Urdu or any other Islamic language. So if you want to stay in our country, learn English. In Australia we believe in Jesus who is our God and we believe in God. Just because we believe in and follow Christianity and not some other religion doesn't make us a community, that's why pictures of God and religious books are everywhere. If you don't like it, you can leave Australia and go anywhere in the world. Australia is our country, our country and this is our culture. We don't follow your religion, but we respect your feelings. So if you want to read Quran and pray, please don't make noise by using speakers and read out loud. Please DO NOT read the Quran or pray in our schools, offices or public places. You can do this from the comfort of your own home or in a mosque, which is not a problem for us. If you have any issues with our national flag or anthem, religion or lifestyle please leave Australia immediately and never return....

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The top of the pyramid:

In the previous emails we saw how the financial elites who rule the world, operate from within sovereign states, that are above the law.  They are ancient bloodlines of royalty and nobility, who believe they "own" humanity. Are these concealed families the highest level of the pyramid of power that controls the world? No. There is more to reveal... This next level of information can be especially challenging for some readers because it is so out of this world - quite literally. In order to help you understand the reality of what you are about to learn, I will first give some basic historic background. When we look at world history, there is one thing that stands out: In every culture, everywhere on earth, one thing has always been at the heart of every society: the worship of demonic entities. Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Rome, and Greece were deeply embedded in spiritual practices which usually involved two things: sexual abuse and human sacrifice. This applies to every part of the world, be it Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe - it is literally worldwide...



Trump indictment shows free, fair 2024 election no longer possible, Watchdog says

Former president Donald Trump was indicted for a third time on Tuesday, this time on charges related to alleged illegal efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Trump has denied any wrongdoing, while his campaign has compared the political “persecutions” of him and his supporters to “Nazi Germany in the 1930s.” The new charges against Donald Trump offer conclusive proof that there can be no talk of a free and fair election in 2024, Tom Fitton, president of conservative legal and election watchdog group Judicial Watch believes. “This indictment is a naked threat and act of intimidation by the Democratic Party against any and all of their political opponents. The message from the Biden regime is: ‘We will put you in jail if you dispute elections’. A free and fair 2024 election is officially impossible,” Fitton wrote in a release following Tuesday’s indictment...



US rejects Australian plea to drop Assange case

Secretary of State Antony Blinken insisted that the WikiLeaks founder caused “serious harm” to US national security. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has confirmed that Australia has raised the case of Julian Assange’s continued prosecution, but declared that Washington will not cease seeking the extradition of the former WikiLeaks boss and intends to try him for espionage. Speaking alongside Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong in Brisbane on Saturday, Blinken said that while he understands “the concerns and views of Australians,” Assange’s alleged actions “risked very serious harm to our national security, to the benefit of our adversaries, and put named human sources at grave risk – grave risk – of physical harm, and grave risk of detention.” Assange, he said, was “charged with very serious criminal conduct” and had allegedly taken part in “one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of our country.” An Australian citizen, Julian Assange is currently being held in London’s Belmarsh Prison. He is fighting extradition to the US, where he faces 17 charges under the Espionage Act and potentially a 175-year prison sentence. Human-rights and press-freedom activists have demanded his release, citing his deteriorating mental and physical health, while Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said in May that he was “working through diplomatic channels” to press the US into dropping the case.



Rowan Dean: ‘What is Woke?’

I’ve always fancied myself as one of those Christmas Cracker riddle writers – what a great job that would be… Anyway, here’s one I made up all by myself the other day. Question: What do you call the most successful American female swimmer of all time? Answer: a man. Last week, in Washington, Paula Scanlan gave testimony to House Judiciary Committee hearings entitled, The Dangers and Due Process Violations of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’. She gave this testimony as a young woman whose entire childhood had been devoted towards her goal of being a swimming champion. Indeed, Scanlan still holds the New England Independent School League record in the 400-yard freestyle relay. These hearings have been set up by the Republicans to examine and expose how children are being potentially coerced by adults in positions of authority into life-altering gender transition procedures. They also explore the impact this is having on those around them...



He did not receive an organ donation:

Unvaccinated Canadian died at 35 - then they wanted his organs

Since the introduction of experimental gene therapy drugs against Covid-19, cases of refused organ transplants for unvaccinated people have repeatedly made headlines. In May, tragedy struck in Canada, a stronghold of compulsory vaccination, when a 35-year-old man died after being refused a kidney transplant because of his vaccination status. Unbelievable: While he was dying, the family man's wife was immediately contacted to secure the man's organs. He wasn't good enough as a recipient - but for vaccinated donors one likes to take the organs of the unvaccinated... Garnet Harper of Sudbury, Ontario, lived to be only 35 years old. He died on May 22, 2023 after a serious battle with kidney disease. Thanks to the guidelines of the organ donation network "Trillium Gift of Life Networks", there could not be an organ transplant from a donor organ for him - because Harper was unvaccinated. And with conviction...



Evaluation of live births in Germany:

Each booster vaccination led to a new decline

 Prof. Dr. As early as December, Werner Bergholz warned of a significant decline in live births in Germany. His latest evaluation shows no prospect of improvement - quite the opposite: the curve continues to fall. How long do politicians and the mainstream want to continue to ignore any effect of the Covid mass vaccinations? Latest evaluation of the decline in live births - The attempt to enlighten the population in time in the tireless "race against time" gave way to the expectation that "time will tell" as the forced ultima ratio. The enlighteners of the first hour were bitterly aware that if the warnings about the potential harm of the "vaccination" are scoffed at, the next few years at the latest will teach us about the consequences of the Mores vaccination campaign. The MWGFD member and the former expert of the expert panel for the evaluation of the Corona measures, Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz, despite the fact that his warnings went unheeded, feels he has a moral obligation to...



Who is behind the agenda for world domination?

When we look at the crazy plans of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and the United Nations, we have to wonder who comes up with this kind of insanity? Especially when we see how pedophilia is being normalized, men are encouraged to dress like women, and toddlers are coerced into having their sex surgically changed, even without their parents' consent. Where does all this perversion and cruelty come from? In order to find the answer, we must look behind the curtain of the public world theatre. We must understand that organizations like the World Economic Forum are in reality a storefront for entities who operate behind the scenes. This was explained during an international Grand Jury composed of eleven lawyers and a judge, during which the official agenda of world domination by financial elites was revealed by expert former agents of the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the US and British Military and Intelligence Agencies. One of the expert witnesses was Alex Thomson, a former officer of Britain’s Signals Intelligence Agency, GCHQ, the partner agency to NSA (National Security Agency, USA). As an intelligence officer, Alex learned about the British strategy for world domination...



Fire Out On Fremantle Highway

The fire on board the car carrier Fremantle Highway has diminished to the point that there is no indication that it is still burning as the ship remains at its temporary anchorage 16 kilometers from the islands of Schiermonnikoog and Ameland in the North Sea. Rijkswaterstaat, an agency of the Dutch government, continues its response to the incident and reports that the Fremantle Highway remains stable at its temporary anchorage with a tug connected. The oil recovery vessel, MS Arca, patrols nearby looking for any sign of oil pollution. So far there has been none. At its temporary anchorage away from shipping lanes, salvors from Multraship and Smit Salvage have been able to board the vessel for an initial inspection. Rijkswaterstaat reports that “there are no indications that there is still a fire” and the ship remains intact below the waterline...



Fire-stricken Fremantle Highway taken under tow, arrives at temporary anchorage

Towing of the Fremantle Highway, a pure car and truck carrier which has been burning off the Dutch coast for days, has been finally launched. The car carrier was taken under tow on Sunday afternoon as the smoke from the vessel subsided considerably, Rijkswaterstaat, a government agency overseeing water management, transportation infrastructure, and environmental protection in the Netherlands, said in an update. An additional towage line was put in place with two tugs starting to tow the stricken car carrier in a slow and controlled manner, going approximately 3 knots, 5.5 km/h. Local salvage companies Multraship and Smit Salvage are undertaking the salvage operation...



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