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‘The greatest crime against humanity’ in history:

Naomi Wolf’s 11 revelations from Pfizer vaccine documents

‘So, these are monsters, and there's no way to avoid concluding that they're focused on disrupting human reproduction,’ the author conceded about the manufacturers of the COVID jab. 'It’s ‘a bioweapon and… we're under attack.’


In an extraordinary speech synthesizing several “headline” discoveries from analyses of thousands of Pfizer documents, Dr. Naomi Wolf presented how the COVID “vaccine” enterprise intentionally sought to not only “disrupt and impair human reproduction” but “attack” and “kill” large numbers of people, particularly in the West.


Wolf, a lifelong Democrat, addressed the conservative citadel of Hillsdale College in March, confessing that events over the last three years “truly imploded” her former world view and that what matters most now is “the Constitution, liberty and freedom.”


The author and journalist who is also a co-founder and CEO of the Daily Clout explained how she and Steve Bannon of the War Room recruited 3,500 science and medical experts to help analyze tens of thousands of documents that Pfizer submitted to the FDA for use in evaluating the safety and effectiveness of their COVID injectables.


The FDA had originally argued against their release in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking to stall publication of the crucial safety data for up to 75 years, but this request was rejected by a Texas court and the first drop of documents were released on March 2, 2022.


These 3,500 recruited experts were divided into six working groups with committees at the head of them to analyze the documents and create reports that would be accessible, and understandable, to the general public.


And regarding these dozens of reports, Wolf apologized in advance for having to share that these Pfizer documents “contain evidence of the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our species.”


Providing a summary of just “some of the things that came to light,” she highlighted the following 11 points:


#1: Pfizer knew their gene-based injections had negative efficacy as early as November 2020


At least as early as May 2021, five months after the rollout of the Pfizer gene-based injections, reports began to emerge of many “breakthrough cases” where fully jabbed celebrities and then the public at large were being inflicted with cases of COVID-19. By October, studies began to confirm the ineffectiveness of the shots, and then later, by January 2022, that those who were jabbed against COVID-19 were more likely to catch it.


These findings continued to be confirmed in July 2022, December 2022, and then in January as well.


Yet, according to the analysis of the data, Wolf stated that Pfizer knew this was the case with regard to their own product in November 2020 before being broadly introduced and marketed as a remedy for COVID-19.


“Pfizer knew, for instance, one month after rollout, so that’s November of 2020, that the vaccines didn’t work to stop COVID!” she exclaimed.


She recalled how during this period the full marketing of the product was in swing, with the celebrity spokespeople encouraging all to get the shot. “The ads are in social media, the ads are on television” and “a month after rollout, Pfizer’s internal documents identify that its vaccines have vaccine failure and failure of efficacy. And they identify that the third most common side effect of the Pfizer vaccine is… COVID!”


#2: Shortly after release of the COVID injections on the market, Pfizer moved to hire 2,400 full-time employees to process the paperwork of the injured


In a January 2021 white paper analyzing the new COVID “vaccines,” America’s Frontline Doctors observed how and why the safety of such an intervention had to be assured before its being used, especially on a global population.


“In contrast to taking a medication for an actual disease,” they explained, “the person who takes a vaccine is typically completely healthy and would continue to be healthy without the vaccine. As the first rule of the Hippocratic Oath is: do no harm, vaccine safety must be guaranteed. That has not yet happened,” they observed at the time.


In her group’s examination of the Pfizer documents, Wolf declared that what was “stunning” is that around this same time, “within a month or two [of vaccine rollout], Pfizer was getting so many reports of adverse events [AEs] – meaning bad things happening to people who had been injected – that they understood they needed to hire 2,400 full-time staffers in order simply to process the paperwork” of these injuries. They also knew this was necessary “to prepare for the flood of adverse events that they knew they would get in the near future.”


Of course, many months later, evidence reveals correlations of the shot mandates with enormous increases in younger excess deaths and disabled workers, which in the United States equates to those under age 50 who took the shots having a 49 percent higher mortality rate, including all categories of the jabbed suffering a 26 percent increase. All of this results in about 600,000 excess deaths per year and a historic decline in life expectancy.


#3: Pfizer and the FDA withheld information that the shots cause heart damage in youth for four months while an aggressive propaganda campaign drove many thousands to get injected


“Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that the vaccines had caused heart damage in 35 minors within a week after the injection,” Wolf explained. This information was known by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well, as the documents were in their possession.


“But the government of the United States – and I’m embarrassed to say I voted for these people – didn’t tell parents until August of 2021 that there was an elevated risk of heart damage in healthy young adults. Four months later!” she exclaimed.


“And in those four months, what did the young adults of America receive? A constant battering with propaganda on social media, on television, in news outlets bought up by money in the CARES Act, as well as from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,” Wolf explained. “They did not tell the young adults, the healthy young adults of the United States, your generation, that this was elevating a risk of heart damage till four months later.”


#4: Rather than staying in the injection site, Pfizer knew the shot’s dangerous lipid nanoparticles quickly distribute throughout the body. And there is no evidence they ever leave


“You may recall that the CDC said that the materials of the injection stay in the injection site,” the journalist said. “And the materials are lipid nanoparticles, they are mRNA,” which means they are “industrial fat which is covered in polyethylene glycol, which is a petroleum byproduct… and spike protein.”


Yet, while it was broadly propagated that these dangerous substances stay in the injection site, “that’s not what happens to these materials! And Pfizer knew that! These materials ‘biodistribute’ – this is Pfizer’s language – throughout your body in 48 hours!” Wolf exclaimed.


First describing how “lipid nanoparticles [LNPs] are designed to cross every membrane in the human body,” which has been known for at least a decade, Wolf asked, “So where do these ingredients go?”


“They go to the brain (some of you have noticed changes in the personalities of loved ones who have taken these injections). They biodistribute to the liver, the adrenals, the spleen. And if you’re a woman, they accumulate in your ovaries,” she lamented.


“Now, these are industrial fats coated with polyethylene glycol in your ovaries,” Wolf warned. “And what’s incredibly scary for a woman is that there’s no mechanism that we’ve found by which the body gets rid of the lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries… And Pfizer knew [this].”


#5: ‘I don’t say it lightly, but it’s mass murder’: Side effects in Pfizer documents far more severe than CDC and doctors told patients


The Pfizer documents acknowledge more than 42,000 adverse events, including 1,200 deaths, in just the first three months due to what Wolf describes as “catastrophic categories” of side effects that go far beyond typical warnings given by public health authorities.


“These are not the same side effects that the CDC tells you about or your doctor tells you about,” Wolf recalled. While the CDC has often typically said recipients will have fatigue, chills and perhaps swelling at the injection site, “that’s not what’s in the Pfizer documents.”


Rather, “there’s industrial scale strokes, hemorrhages, blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, neurological disorders, dementia-type disorders. Guillain-Barré, Bell’s Palsy [and more].”


“The number one side effect is joint pain,” she said. “Did the CDC tell you about joint pain?” And another “surprising side effect is myalgia, muscle pain,” of which Wolf said she has friends now enduring, despite their prior excellent health. And this side effect is indicated “at industrial scale in the Pfizer documents.”


“I don’t say it lightly, but it’s mass murder,” she grieved. “There are 61 deaths from stroke, for example. Half of the stroke adverse events took place within 48 hours of the injection. They’re five deaths from liver damage and half of the liver damage adverse events took place within 48 hours of the injection.”


#6: Prior to it being legal, more than 1,000 children were injected, and Pfizer’s documents indicate a high rate of serious injury


In early 2021, before any Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for children, Wolf reported that Pfizer injected “62 kids, some of them as young as two months old,” with their gene-based product, 28 of whom there were no records of the results available. “We don’t know if they survived,” she said.


“Among the 34 whose records are still in the Pfizer documents, there’s a seven-year-old British girl who sustained a stroke, and there’s a two-month-old baby with liver damage,” she lamented.


“And so this is such a chilling report because it’s clear – and we did additional investigation of this – there were a thousand kids in the United States in different university hospitals, including Rochester Medical Center, that were experimented on prior to it being legal to inject children with this material,” the author lamented.


“And I can promise you, these are what society calls ‘throwaway kids.’ These are not kids whose parents have lawyers. These are not kids whose parents have a voice. We’re going to find that these are kids who are institutionalized, who are orphaned or discarded in some way,” she grieved.


#7: Pfizer documents reveal a ‘Mengele-type experiment… on how to disrupt and impair human reproduction.’ Available records of study participants who conceived children show 80% lost their babies


Highlighting what she calls “the centerpiece of what we found in the Pfizer documents,” Wolf explained that she doesn’t make reference to Nazi medical experimentation lightly, but contained in the documents is “literally [a] Mengele-type experiment at a grand scale on human reproduction, [a] 360-degree experiment on how to disrupt and impair human reproduction.”


“So, for example, in the Pfizer documents, women study participants were told not to get pregnant, which is interesting,” she observed. “It’s a respiratory disease. Why would you tell women not to get pregnant?”


Nevertheless, 270 women did conceive children of whom Pfizer reportedly “lost the records” of 234, which Wolf said is a violation of the law.


“Of the 36 [remaining] women whose pregnancies came to term, over 80 percent of them lost their babies [by] spontaneous abortion or miscarriage,” she reported.


#8: Pfizer knew there was a danger to fertility. Lipid Nanoparticles damage the placenta during pregnancy, causing early deliveries. Lots of chromosomal abnormalities as well


In addition, the Pfizer documents indicate that “shedding is real,” Wolf reported. “Pfizer defines exposure to the vaccine as skin contact, inhalation and sexual intercourse, especially [at the time of] conception.”


Since Pfizer also warned male trial participants against having sexual intercourse with childbearing-aged women and to use two forms of birth control if they did, “there was clearly something about conceiving with a vaccinated male that Pfizer was guarding against,” she said.


“So, we know now that there’s horrific damages to conception from this injection” which include the lipid nanoparticles traversing the placenta and causing children to be born prematurely, Wolf said.


She also reported that maternal fetal medicine specialist, Dr. Jim Thorpe, is “seeing, at great scale, chromosomal abnormalities in newborns of vaccinated mothers.”


These results were foreseen by some, including former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory Dr. Michael Yeadon, who, on December 1, 2020, petitioned the European Medicines Agency to halt all studies due to safety concerns, including possible damage to placentas during pregnancy. His warnings went unheeded. And though having been vilified, he has now been, unfortunately for all, vindicated.


#9: Pfizer docs show that lipid nanoparticles also enter breast milk, stunting, injuring and sometimes killing babies


Since these dangerous LNPs circulate throughout the body, especially in the recipient’s blood, Wolf explained that they make their way into breast milk.


“And nursing babies, in the Pfizer [trial] documents, sustained seizures and one baby died in the E.R. after nursing from a vaccinated mother, from multi-organ system failure,” she said. “Four of the moms, who were lactating… had breast milk that turned blue green.”


After the release of these injections into the general population, incidents of these adverse events began to publicly emerge.


One VAERS report from February 2021 describes the death of a five-month-old breast-fed infant whose mother received a second dose of Pfizer’s jab. The following day, the baby refused to nurse, developed a fever, and was later hospitalized with a rare blood disorder in which blood clots form in small blood vessels throughout the body before dying.


And in June 2021, a six-week-old breastfeeding baby became inexplicably ill with a high fever after his mother received a COVID-19 vaccine and he died weeks later with blood clots in his “severely inflamed arteries.”


Wolf went on to explain that even the National Institutes of Health (NIH) completed a separate study that found “babies nursing from vaccinated moms were having failure to thrive, not putting on weight. They were agitated and restless and sleepless.”


She believes that these dynamics have provide an indication as to why “nursing mothers have gone, in the last two years, from 34 percent of all moms to 16 percent of moms,” which indicates “something’s wrong.”


“Not only are babies in the next generation not getting that primal experience of total love, total nurture, total safety, which is so important, but there’s something that is leading moms to not be able to nurse those babies. And I think we have a clue here in the contamination of vaccinated moms’ breast milk,” Wolf opined.


“I also want to note that Bill Gates rolled out lab-grown breast milk right at the moment that women were suffering these harms to their own ability to sustain their children,” the feminist author said (more here).


#10: ‘Nazi medicine,’ a war on women’s fertility: Pfizer docs show 3 to 1 of AEs sustained by women, 16% ‘reproductive disorders.’ ‘What kind of monsters look at 16% reproductive disorders and keep going?’ Results: ‘13% to 20% drop in live births’


In examining the thrust of the Pfizer documents, Dr. Wolf concluded that an overall motive behind this enormous enterprise includes “a war against women’s ability to reproduce.”


Her team “found that of the adverse events, 72 percent of them were sustained by women. And this is constant throughout. It’s a constant 3 to 1 [ratio]” she said while also acknowledging the real harms done to men (Report 38).


“And of the 72 percent of adverse events” in women, Pfizer defines 16% of them as, “[in] their words, ‘reproductive disorders,’” while men also suffer a terrible rate but far less at 0.49 percent.


“What kind of monsters look at 16 percent reproductive disorders [in their trials] and keep going?” the longtime feminist charged.


She goes on to call the Pfizer records reminiscent of “Nazi medicine” due to how detailed their records were regarding the hundreds of thousands of adverse attacks against the reproductive organs of women. For example, the records reflect “20 different scientific names for ruining women’s menstrual cycles” she said.


“Not surprisingly, in 2022, around the world, nine months after the rollout in most of Western Europe, there’s a 13 percent to 20 percent drop in live births all over Western Europe, in North America, [in] Singapore and Australia,” she explained.


This includes “double the number of stillbirths in Scotland, a highly vaccinated country, [and] 89 stillbirths in Canada in one province when usually they have two or three,” Wolf grieved.


Calling this phenomenon an “absolute baby die-off,” the journalist went on to cite the experience of Dr. James Thorp saying how he was now experiencing “five or six miscarriages a week when before they would have two a month.”


This phenomenon is “not universal,” Wolf shared. “This drop, this murder of the next generation, is not global. It’s [focused in] Western Europe and North America.”


#11: LNPs degraded the basic factories of masculinity in boys’ testes in utero when their mother had been injected. ‘So, these are monsters, and there’s no way to avoid concluding that they’re focused on disrupting human reproduction


Furthermore, Report 37 reveals the damage done to the reproductive capacities of baby boys in their vaccinated mothers’ wombs.


Wolf explained how the Pfizer documents reveal that LNPs “degrade baby boys in utero” by traversing “the testes of fetal baby boys” and damaging “the Sertoli cells and the Leydig cells, which are basically the factories of masculinity.”


These cells “are responsible for the male hormonal balance that create things like deep voices, hair on their bodies, broad shoulders, all of the things that we associate with normal masculinity. And that is being degraded.”


“So, we don’t know if these little baby boys of vaccinated moms are going to be able to grow up to be sexually functioning adult men,” she warned.


Additionally, “Why this focus on reproduction?” Wolf asked. Why did Pfizer examine and document the impact of their injectable on the “sexual cells of the sexual organs of the rats, right? It’s a respiratory virus!”


“So, these [people] are monsters, and there’s no way to avoid concluding that they’re focused on disrupting human reproduction,” she concluded.

‘We are under attack’ with a ‘bioweapon,’ it’s ‘a mass murder situation, a war, a war crime, [and] crimes against humanity


Wolf goes on to give her personal judgments as to why this is happening, particularly in the West, and advances a conclusion similar to former pharmaceutical executive and researcher Sasha Latypova and paralegal journalist Katherine Watt, asserting that these COVID vaccines are “a bioweapon and we are under attack.”


Over the last six months, Latypova has determined through extensive documentation that U.S. government agencies, particularly the Department of Defense, along with the pharmaceutical companies and Chinese Communist Party (CCP), are involved in “a conspiracy to commit mass murder through bioterrorism and informational warfare operations worldwide.”


Echoing their findings, Wolf explained how CCP-affiliated Fosun Pharmaceutical plays a significant role in developing and distributing the Pfizer/BioNTech biological warfare agents that are marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines.”


She explained that the CCP owns the manufacturing plants “producing the injection that goes into the bodies of schoolchildren here in the United States of America,” and further how studies overseen by the CCP reveal they knew full well that LNPs damage fertility and cause myocarditis.


“To me, it is obvious,” she said, that these investigative studies were intended “to show the Chinese Communist Party how you kill Westerners without leaving fingerprints.”


Speaking of the American government’s culpability, Wolf asserted that “this is a captured [Biden] administration and captured institutions that are allowing the CCP and their allies, the World Economic Forum, [and the] Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to cripple our country.”


Emphasizing how the CCP prefers “asymmetric warfare” tactics that “kind of degrade and demoralize the [enemy] population rather than having a hot war with shooting,” the author showed how the vast majority of approximately 42,000 adverse events recorded in the Pfizer documents occurred in the Western nations.


“That’s targeting North America and Western Europe,” she emphasized.


“I believe we’re looking at a mass murder situation, a war, a war crime, [and] crimes against humanity,” Wolf assessed. And with regard to “all of these evil doers” who are responsible, “friendly as they look in their little outfits, talking to the cameras,” the author disclosed, “I hope they will all face justice in this lifetime.”

Possible treason charges; Canadian doctor: ‘It’s a time to put these bastards in jail


In service to this end, Watt has produced what she calls a “[r]esearch and organizing tool” providing evidence for the stated goal “to prosecute members of Congress, presidents, HHS and DOD secretaries and federal judges for treason under 18 USC 2381.”


Late last year, prominent Canadian medical doctor Roger Hodkinson exclaimed he was “full of vengeance” against these culprits and “it’s a time to put these bastards in jail.”


“We’ve seen the biggest kill ever in medicine’s history directly because of the intervention of these idiots into health care. And it’s the physicians, it’s not just the politicians, it’s the physicians themselves who are principally culpable because they have allowed [the] government’s jackboots to influence how they manage their patients, which has never, ever happened before,” he said.


“How can you look into the eyes of a pregnant woman and tell her that this experimental product is safe? How can you do that as a physician?!” the biotech CEO exclaimed. “Any physician that has done that should be in jail!”

‘If my people… will humble themselves and pray and seek my face… I will forgive their sin and heal their land


Facing what she described as “this abyss of human evil every single day” over the last few years, Wolf also shared how the experience has forced her to take the reality of God much more seriously.


“I know that sounds paradoxical, but I felt like this evil overtook the world in lockstep, in perfect unison in a way that I could not explain using my critical thinking,” she assessed. There was “something metaphysical about” what happened.


Feeling the world is facing “a biblical moment where humanity is being asked to choose,” Wolf, who is Jewish, has taken up reading the Bible “a lot these days,” and ended her presentation reminding her Christian audience of the promise God gave to Solomon in 2 Chronicles 7:14:


If my people, who are called by my name,

will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,

then I will hear from heaven,

and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.



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UK prime minister has vowed to reinforce rules around biological gender. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has declared that 100% of women do not have penises, after Labour Party leader Keir Starmer had previously suggested that just 99.9% of females do not possess the male reproductive organ. When asked earlier this week by the right-leaning website Conservative Home if he believed that 100% of women do not have penises, Sunak replied: “Yes, of course.” The Conservative Party prime minister, who succeeded Liz Truss after her brief stay in Downing Street last year, added that he believed that “compassion and understanding and tolerance” should be maintained for people “who are thinking about changing their gender.” The question directed at Sunak appeared to be...



Climate change a deliberate ploy to ‘destroy the country’ – former UK politician

Former Member of the European Parliament Godfrey Bloom told viewers that climate change was also ‘WEF sponsored.’ Known for his fiery temperament and controversial statements Bloom was formerly the party whip for UKIP until he was forced to resign after allegedly hitting journalist Michael Crick with a conference brochure in 2013. At a 2009 UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, Bloom applauded the 1985 bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, by calling it’s successor ship the Rainbow Warrior II ‘one of the most truly fascist ships since 1945.’ A fervent opponent of climate change policy and ideology, Bloom told his social media followers recently that climate change was ‘nonsense’ and ‘Net Zero’ – the UK government’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – was ‘absurd, impossible’ and unncessary. ‘I was on the Environment Committee in the European Union and I’ve never heard so much nonsense talked in all my life. There are ten thousand researchers in all for the European Parliament when I was there and I threw open a challenge to all researchers of every political party in every country if they could show me any correlation between atmospheric carbon dioxode and temperature and weather. ‘None could, simply because there is none. And this is why we haven’t been able to debate this on mainstream TV, which is where most people get the information. There has been no serious debate. There has been plenty of people appearing on your TV screens that have been celebrities, royals, actors and actresses, goodness knows, but very, very few independent scientists, and yet there are thousands of them – thousands of them who do not accept that man-made carbon dioxide is going to form some form of apocolyptic end to the planet. ‘It’s nonsense...



MSC Completes Sea Trial of Its New Luxury Cruise

The MSC Group has completed sea trials for its new luxury cruise line, EXPLORA JOURNEYS. The first vessel in the fleet, the EXPLORA I, has been built by Fincantieri and a naming ceremony is scheduled for July 8 in Civitavecchia, Italy. The EXPLORA I will embark on its maiden voyage from South Hampton, England, taking passengers on a 15-night journey to the Norwegian Fjords and the Arctic Circle, ending in Copenhagen, Denmark. The ship will offer one of the most spacious accommodations per guest in the luxury ocean category and has a high crew-to-passenger ratio. It boasts 11 culinary experiences, six unique restaurants, and 12 bars and lounges. Passengers will have access to three outdoor pools and one indoor pool, as well as a large indoor-outdoor wellness facility with a luxury spa...



Tanker and Crew Found Safe After Pirates Steal Cargo in Gulf of Guinea

The missing Singapore-registered tanker that was boarded at the beginning of the week has finally been located with authorities in Singapore and South Korea reporting the crewmembers are safe. A search had been ongoing since the Success 9 was boarded mid-day local time on Monday, April 10 approximately 300 nautical miles south of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority reports a distress call was detected by another commercial tanker, the Monjasa Sprinter which is also operating in the area south of Abidjan. The Monjasa tanker relayed the information to the company’s security officer who passed the details to the MPA and other authorities in the region...



Samui ferry capsized at Surat Thani, Thailand

Ferry RAJA 10 capsized and rested starboard on pier and on bottom at Surat Thani port, Surat Thani Province, Thailand, Gulf of Siam, in the morning Apr 16. Ferry is linking Surat Thani with famous islands Samui and Pha Ngan, reportedly she lost stability and capsized during mooring, before boarding started. No injures reported. RAJA 10 is to be stabilized and refloated, already said ferry’s operator...



Zelensky and team stole at least $400 million of US aid...

Corruption in Ukraine may be on par with what was seen in Afghanistan, the investigative journalist claimed. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his senior officials are skimming American taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of millions, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claimed on Wednesday. The alleged grift even includes schemes involving trade with Russia itself. Zelensky and his entourage embezzled at least $400 million from US funds meant for diesel procurement last year, Hersh claimed in a new article on Substack, citing a CIA estimate. Kiev has allegedly been buying diesel fuel, which is essential for the war effort, from Russia itself – and in the process skimming large sums of US funds earmarked for diesel payments...



118m Abeking flagship superyacht Celerius on sea trials

The 118-metre Abeking & Rasmussen superyacht Celerius, Hull 6507, has been spotted by SYT readers as she headed out on sea trials. The superyacht, which is currently the shipyard's flagship, was launched in December and has since been undergoing outfitting. These latest photographs of the yacht show that a considerable amount of work has been done since she was last captured, with her once boarded windows now fully glazed and her superstructure now complete. Celerius has a huge pool on the aft deck which could not be seen in earlier shots, she also clearly has a very large beach club. The superyacht features both interior and exterior design from Joseph Dirand Architecture, while her builder Abeking & Rasmussen completed her naval architecture...



HII is Awarded contract modification for Columbia-class SSBNs

Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) announced that its Newport News Shipbuilding division has been awarded a $567.6 million subcontract modification from General Dynamics Electric Boat to provide long-lead-time material and advance construction activities for Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines. HII is currently under contract for construction of submarine modules for Build I, the first two submarines in the class: District of Columbia (SSBN 826) and Wisconsin (SSBN 827). The advance procurement funds from this subcontract modification, awarded April 4, will allow NNS to purchase major components and commodity material and to begin advance construction on Build II, the next five submarines in the class. “This contract modification underscores the critical manufacturing work our shipbuilders do for the U.S. Navy, as major contributors to the Columbia-class. When delivered to the fleet, these submarines and their crews will protect peace and freedom around the world, in service of the nation. Our shipbuilders understand the responsibility, commitment and discipline...



127m Oceanco superyacht Koru delivered

The 127-metre Oceanco superyacht Koru has been completed and left the Netherlands in anticipation of her delivery. The impressive sailing yacht, rumoured to be owned by tech entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, departed Rotterdam on her voyage to Gibraltar. The three-masted schooner features a black hull and white superstructure with classical lines. Details surrounding Koru have been kept tightly under wraps since her sale in 2018, but her name derives from the Māori fern-leaf motif which is a symbol of creation and new beginnings to the native people of New Zealand. Also known as Oceanco Y721, Koru is the longest yacht ever to have been launched in the Netherlands. She is also the second largest sailing yacht in the world, bumping the 106.7-metre Black Pearl from her position....



Unconscious forced vaccination through food?

Researchers administer vaccine mRNA via milk

Looking for new ways to get mRNA vaccines against Covid-19 to the masses, Chinese researchers have launched a disturbing experiment: They use milk-derived exosomes as carriers of vaccine mRNA - and then administered it orally. The scientists regard their results as groundbreaking and hope to have discovered a suitable oral delivery system for mRNA in milk exosomes. Will citizens soon have to pay even more attention to what they drink and eat so as not to unknowingly take vaccines with their food? Instead of injecting vaccines intramuscularly or subcutaneously, researchers are toying with the idea of administering them orally — which would be safer, better accepted by patients, and cheaper, argue Zhang et al. in their study from December 2022. They started a first test run with mice. The renowned physician and critic of the experimental Covid vaccinations Dr. Peter McCullough recently commented on the study on Twitter...



Chinese Load Cow's Milk with mRNA Exosomes--Successfully Immunize Mice

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Assault Possible Through Food Supply

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH - The nation’s food supply can be manipulated by public health agencies to influence population outcomes. A great is example is fortification of cereal grains with folic acid — the synthetic form of folate — which successfully reduced the incidence of neural tube defects (e.g. spina bifida). Now an oral route of administration is being considered specifically for COVID-19 vaccination using mRNA in cow’s milk. Zhang and colleagues have demonstrated that a shortened mRNA code of 675 base pairs could be loaded into phospholipid packets called exosomes derived from milk and then using that same milk, be fed to mice. The mice gastrointestinal tract absorbed the exosomes and the mRNA must have made it into the blood stream and lymphatic tissue because antibodies were produced in fed mice against SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (receptor binding domain). An oral vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 RBD mRNA-bovine milk-derived exosomes induces a neutralizing antibody response in vivo...



Protesters set Macron’s favourite Paris restaurant on fire

It’s not the first time that the French president’s opponents tried to torch La Rotonde. Demonstrators protesting against Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform have set fire to the French president’s favorite Paris restaurant, La Rotonde. Some 300 rioters clashed with police outside the posh eatery on the iconic Boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris on Thursday, local media reported, citing authorities. Stones, bottles and flares were tossed at the security forces, eventually leading to the branded red awnings on the front of La Rotonde catching fire. Firefighters, who were swift to arrive on the scene, did not allow the flames to spread further and extinguished the blaze, according to the media. Macron chose La Rotonde to celebrate his victory in the presidential election in 2017. He has also visited the expensive restaurant on many other occasions...


Ein Bild, das draußen, Wasser, Himmel, Schiff enthält.

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China launches military drills around Taiwan

The Chinese military announced the launch of three days of exercises in the Taiwan Strait on Saturday. The wargames come just a day after Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen returned from the US, where she met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other lawmakers. The drills, dubbed United Sharp Sword, are “a serious warning to the Taiwan independence separatist forces and external forces’ collusion and provocation,” the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said in a statement...



Champion US female swimmer attacked and hit by trans mob

Riley Gaines had just given a speech at San Francisco State University in support of the integrity of women’s sport. In the powerful speech Gaines described the effect on her and other female swimmers from the inclusion of Lia Thomas in competitive college swimming. Thomas is a trans woman who still has his male genitalia in tact. Thomas was also allowed by sports authorities to use the women’s changing rooms. Thomas cleaned up in most events, although he tied with Gaines in a dead heat for one race, officials gave the trophy to Thomas for ‘marketing purposes’. ‘I proudly finished my career as a 12-time NCAA All-American, a five time SEC champion. I am one of the fatest 200 metre butterflyers of all time,’ said Gaines in the speech. ‘But on March 17th of last year my team mates and I, and other female swimmers from universities around the country were forced to compete against a biological male named Lia Thomas. ‘Thomas was allowed to compete in the women’s division after competing as a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s swim team for three years...



Chinese Surveillance Ship Docks in South African Port

A Chinese surveillance ship that can track rocket and spacecraft launches was docked at the eastern port of Durban this week, less than two months after South Africa drew the ire of Western nations by holding naval exercises with China and Russia. The presence of the Yuan Wang 5, which is now heading west according to data compiled by Bloomberg, has previously raised concern among China’s geopolitical rivals. In August, India objected when Sri Lanka allowed the ship to dock at its Hambantota port.  The docking of the vessel may add to fears that South Africa is moving closer to China and Russia, even though the bulk of its total trade is with Western nations. South Africa’s biggest single trading partner is China, but its flows with Russia are negligible.  “We don’t think further than our noses about future consequences,” Kobus Marais, defense spokesman, for the main opposition Democratic Alliance, said in an interview. “It’s a concern. Why would she dock, and why is she around?” On April 3, the DA criticized a decision to allow Iranian warships to dock in Cape Town...



Chinese navy ship sails between Yonaguni Island and Taiwan

Japan's Defense Ministry says a Chinese navy ship has passed through between Yonaguni Island in southwestern Japan and Taiwan. The ministry is on the alert and continues monitoring the ship. The Maritime Self-Defense Force on Tuesday spotted a Chinese missile destroyer sailing northwest in the Pacific about 60 kilometers south of Okinawa Prefecture's Yonaguni Island. The officials say the Chinese ship sailed between the island and Taiwan, entering the East China Sea. They say the ship was traveling north in the waters about 70 kilometers west of Uotsuri Island before heading to China...



Trump under arrest in New York, pleads not guilty to all charges

The former US president has entered a Manhattan courthouse to face what he calls “politically motivated” charges. Former US President Donald Trump appeared at a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday afternoon, where he was placed under arrest and accused of a series of charges. His attorneys have denounced the move as a politically motivated “witch hunt” by the local District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a registered Democrat. The nature of the charges was leaked to the press last Friday, and more details were published on Monday, indicating that Bragg is going after the 45th president for the “crime” of allegedly falsifying business records in regard to “hush money” reportedly paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election...



Eat Your Vaccines: mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply THIS MONTH

They’ve given up on a needle in every arm. Now they’re coming for what you eat.

“I’ve got documents from the NIH – from 2002 – talking about integrating vaccines into foods,” announced attorney Tom Renz in an eye-opening interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf. “They’ve been working on integrating these [vaccines] into our food supply. They’ve been working on it for at least two decades.” Mr. Renz brought the receipts in his latest Substack piece: “Here is an article published in the NIH (you know – by our government) talking about foods ‘under application’ to be genetically modified to become edible vaccines – FROM 2013,” he wrote. “The fact that food can be altered to act as a vaccine is not disputable.” And according to attorney Renz’s recent tweet, “lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH.” “Gates, the WHO, a ton of these universities: they’re all talking about including mRNA vaccinations as part of the food. They’re going to modify the genes of these foods to make them mRNA vaccines,” he warned in this video. But Missouri HB 1169 seeks to counter such an effort. It’s been described as “one of the most controversial bills in history,” but all it is – is a labeling bill. It doesn’t ban anything. You have every right to know if a food product is a gene therapy product. So, if this bill gets passed, it’s a major victory for informed consent and, in all likelihood, our well-being. The entire two-page bill is available to read on DailyClout. Here’s an excerpt:     Any product that has been created to act as, or exposed to processes that could result in the product potentially acting as, a gene therapy or that could otherwise possibly impact, alter, or introduce genetic material or a genetic change into the user of the product, individuals exposed to the product, or individuals exposed to others who have used the product shall be conspicuously labeled with the words “Potential Gene Therapy Product” unless the product is known to be a gene therapy product. Reasonable steps shall be taken to ensure the potential purchaser or user of the product is made aware of the presence of this label. If a product is known to be a gene therapy product, the product shall be conspicuously labeled with the words “Gene Therapy Product”. The provisions of this section shall be liberally construed in favor of disclosure of any potential gene therapy product...



mRNA vaccine - The mRNA Platform: What It Is, What It Means

Back in the spring of 2020 we learned that Operation Warp Speed was hard at work creating a vaccine faster than one had ever been created before. From the decades-long history of vaccine development, we knew that vaccines took 5 to 10 years to make. The subsequent clinical trials could take longer. How was this possible? When did this scientific leap take place? What was this fantastic new technology that would make such rapid development a reality? We quickly learned that the new vaccine would use something called mRNA technology. And there were several companies ready to make it happen. The way mRNA works is not like the way any vaccine worked before. Formerly, vaccines were created by taking a weakened or dead form of the virus and injecting that into humans. The human body would create antibodies to fight and beat the weakened virus, thus giving the body the instructions to create antibodies against it if the full force virus were to ever attack. The individual was immune. This is not what mRNA does. The CDC literally changed the definition of vaccine so that mRNA fit the category. We saw this happen two years ago, comparing old and new versions of what they posted on their website...



Royal Huisman unveils new images and details of 81m sailing yacht Sea Eagle II

Delivered in 2020 from the Netherlands, the 81-metre superyacht Sea Eagle II immediately earned her place amongst the top 10 largest sailing yachts in the world. Her builder, Royal Huisman, has released a new collection of never-before-seen images of the contemporary flybridge schooner, catapulting her once again into the spotlight.Sea Eagle yacht sailing. Sea Eagle II arrived on the superyacht scene during the global pandemic and is characterised by her contemporary lines and plumb bow. Designed by Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design, she features a long waterline and powerful Panamax rig....



“Disingenuous” Conversion Therapy Ban Will “Criminalise Parents”

for Protecting Their Children From LGBT Ideology

The Scottish Government’s plans for a wide-ranging ban on LGBT ‘conversion therapy’ will terrorise parents for “simply trying to help their children navigate normal adolescence” and criminalise Christians for “teaching what Christians have always taught” and should be dropped, church leaders in Scotland have said in a letter to the new Minister for Equality Emma Roddick. The Scotsman has the story...



Inside The $8,000,000,000 Mega Yachts

Whether it's cities floating on the oceans or just a superyacht covered in gold, the rich have an affinity for spending on large seafaring vessels. This has increased since 2020, and the demand is currently higher than the supply. Check out this video to find out which megayachts are the most expensive in the world right now...



Masks Give Me Panic Attacks –

But the NHS Refused to Exempt Me, Leaving Me Cut Off From Support and Suicidal

I have spent almost half my life ‘within’ the NHS mental health system. For over 15 years I have needed and depended upon its services and support. If I reach a state of crisis, I have to attend their facilities. And I have been many times. I have had severe depression, self-harmed and attempted to take my own life on several occasions. Over the years I have seen both the good and not-so-good sides of the institution. I have been the subject of physical restraint procedures, now disallowed, such as being forced face-down onto a bed. But I have also been the recipient of individual acts of kindness, and the official protocols have improved as well. In fact, notwithstanding some blips, I believe I was getting ‘better’. I saw the power and positivity of ‘good mental health’ practices, and before March 2020 was doing a course with the aim of becoming a counsellor...



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WHO health codes – new „stigmatizing labels“ with genocide potential!

ince January 2023, health and Covid vaccination status codes have been available at the instigation of WHO. Depending on the code there could be travel restrictions and the like. Are special treatments and exclusions, even genocide, on the horizon? Now things are getting exciting: At the G20 Summit in 2022, the heads of state and government of the 20 largest economies announced the following common objective: a global digital immunization passport system is to be introduced based on WHO standards. International travel would only be possible for those with a digital vaccine passport ID on their cell phone. Top WEF advisor Yuval Noah Harari has already announced that this monitoring technology will not only be installed on cell phones but as a next step also “under the skin”...



Is COSCO China’s Secret Invasion Fleet?

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is reportedly utilizing civilian roll-on/roll-off (RO-RO) ferries, operated by prominent maritime companies such as COSCO, to bolster its amphibious landing capabilities, potentially in preparation for a prospective invasion of Taiwan.This development, which has received little international attention, may have significant implications for the balance of power in the region. According to a new Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) article by Conor Kennedy, the PLA has been modifying civilian RO-RO ferries with new stern ramps, enabling them to launch and recover military combat vehicles directly onto beaches from offshore. This strategy might address the PLA’s longstanding shortfall in amphibious assault forces, allowing them to quickly close the gap in their organic sea lift capacity...



R/V Petrel, Current Situation, Ownership by US Navy, How it Happened, Salvage Plans

In this episode, Sal Mercogliano - maritime historian at Campbell University (@campbelledu) and former merchant mariner - discusses the rolling over of the R/V Petrel, formerly owned by Peter Allen and responsible for some of the greatest underwater discoveries of the last decade, in a drydock in Leith, Scotland.  An update on the current personnel in hospital; clarification on the current ownership of the vessel; why the vessel rolled in the drydock and potential scenarios in how to salvage the ship. 



UN To Start Taking Deep-Sea Mining Applications This July

The International Seabed Authority will start accepting applications in July from companies that want to mine the ocean’s floor, a decision that came after the U.N. body spent the past two weeks debating standards for the new and controversial practice. Deep-sea mining would extract cobalt, copper, nickel, and manganese – key battery materials – from potato-sized rocks called “polymetallic nodules” on the ocean’s floor at depths of 4 to 6 km (2.5 to 4 miles). They are abundant in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ) in the North Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Mexico...



Who Is the Institute for the Study of War?

Attention Students! Before we begin, that’s not a typographical error in the title. Whenever one investigates a "think tank," "study group," "not-for-profit," "non-governmental organization," or other such meddlesome troublemakers it needs to start with who rather than what. The people involved make the difference betwixt a mere charity and a nefarious character. As will be seen below, the folks at The "Institute" For The Study Of War are about as sinister as they get. Why Does the Establishment Sound Familiar...



What nobody knows, but everyone should know

What is the secret reason for the unrelenting attempts to destroy Donald J. Trump? What is the Deep State afraid of? What are the secrets Trump knows about them? And what are the secrets they know about him? The following posts unveil insights about Trump, that very few people have knowledge of. This changes everything...



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